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Repairs. Tenant shall, at Tenant’s own expense, keep the Premises, including all improvements, fixtures, furnishings, and systems and equipment to the extent located therein (including plumbing fixtures and equipment such as dishwashers, garbage disposals, refrigerators, coffee makers and Insta Hot and similar dispensers), and the portion of the floor or floors of the Building on which the Premises are located, in good order, repair and condition at all times during the Lease Term. In addition, Tenant shall, at Tenant’s own expense, but under the supervision and subject to the prior approval of Landlord, and within any reasonable period of time specified by Landlord, promptly and adequately repair all damage to the Premises and replace or repair all damaged, broken, or worn fixtures and appurtenances, except for damage caused by ordinary wear and tear or beyond the reasonable control of Tenant; provided however, that, at Landlord’s option, or if Tenant fails to make such repairs, Landlord may, but need not, make such repairs and replacements, and Tenant shall pay Landlord the cost thereof, including a fifteen percent (15%) supervisory fee forthwith upon being billed therefor. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Landlord shall be responsible for repairs to the exterior walls, foundation and roof of the Building, the structural portions of the floors of the Building, and the base building systems and equipment of the Building, except to the extent that such repairs are required due to the negligence or willful misconduct of Tenant; provided, however, that if such repairs are due to the negligence or willful misconduct of Tenant, Landlord shall nevertheless make such repairs at Tenant’s expense, or, if covered by Landlord’s insurance, Tenant shall only be obligated to pay any deductible in connection therewith. Landlord may, but shall not be required to, enter the Premises at all reasonable times to make such repairs, alterations, improvements or additions to the Premises or to the Project or to any equipment located in the Project as Landlord shall desire or deem necessary or as Landlord may be required to do by governmental or quasi-governmental authority or court order or decree. Tenant hereby waives any and all rights under and benefits of subsection 1 of Section 1932 and Sections 1941 and 1942 of the California Civil Code or under any similar law, statute, or ordinance now or hereafter in effect.
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Repairs. In the event of a breakdown of the electrical or mechanical systems, LANDLORD shall not be liable for damages or personal discomfort; however, LANDLORD shall carry out repairs with reasonable diligence. If SUBTENANT hires a service person without the consent of LANDLORD, the xxxx of service will be the responsibility of SUBTENANT. CARE OF RENTED PREMISES SUBTENANT agrees to keep the Rented Premises in a reasonable state of cleanliness and shall be liable for the costs of repair of damage to the Rented Premises or residential complex caused by the willful or negligent conduct of SUBTENANT, other occupants of the Premises or persons who are permitted in the residential complex by SUBTENANT. SUBTENANT shall also be responsible for replacing all light bulbs and unclogging of toilets. Should a plumber be required to unclog the toilet(s) and it is found to be SUBTENANT’S fault, the charge for the plumber will be the SUBTENANT’S responsibility. SUBTENANT shall not make any alterations to, or decorate the Premises, without LANDLORD’s prior written approval and shall, upon termination of tenancy, remove any alterations and decorating and restore the Premises to the same condition as it was in on the date of commencement of this Tenancy Agreement, reasonable wear and tear excepted. See Schedule 2 - Damage/Other Charges for charges that may apply. MAINTENANCE SUBTENANT covenants to advise LANDLORD, via e-mail, of any repairs or maintenance required to be done by LANDLORD. It is agreed that any request for maintenance or repairs not made via e-mail shall not be the subject of any legal proceeding by SUBTENANT against ORIGINAL TENANT or LANDLORD in a court of law or before a tribunal of competent jurisdiction. It is further agreed that, upon written notice to LANDLORD of any repairs or maintenance that LANDLORD is required to undertake by law or under this Agreement, SUBTENANT, except in the case of an emergency, shall not call on any person not employed by LANDLORD to affect any repair or maintenance of the Premises.
Repairs. (a) The Tenant shall take good care of the premises and the fixtures, appurtenances, equipment and facilities therein and shall make, as and when needed, all repairs in and about the premises required to keep them in good order and condition; such repairs to be equal in quality to the original work; provided, that the Tenant shall not be obligated for structural or exterior repairs to the building or for repairs to the systems and facilities of the building for the use or service of tenants generally (including the plumbing, heating and electrical systems), other than fixtures, appurtenances, equipment and facilities in the premises, except where structural or exterior repairs or repairs to such systems and facilities are made necessary by reason of one or more of the occurrences described below in clauses (i) through (iv) of this Article THIRD (a). Should the Tenant fail to repair any condition in or about the premises or the fixtures, appurtenances, equipment and facilities therein which is of such a nature that its neglect would be reasonably likely to result in damage or danger to the building, its fixtures, appurtenances, facilities and equipment, or to its occupants (of which nature the Landlord shall be the sole judge) or, in the case of repairs of any other nature, should the Tenant have failed to make the required repairs or to have begun, in good faith, the work necessary to make them within five (5) days after notice from the Landlord of the condition requiring repair, then in either case, the Landlord may (but shall have no obligation to) immediately enter the premises and make the required repairs at the expense of the Tenant. The Landlord may (but shall have no obligation to) make, at the expense of the Tenant, any repairs to the building or to its fixtures, appurtenances, facilities or equipment, whether of a structural or any other nature, which are required by reason of damage or injury due (i) to the negligence or the wilful acts of the Tenant or Tenant's employees, agents, contractors, licensees or visitors; (ii) to the moving, into or out of the building, of property being delivered to or taken from the premises by Tenant, Tenant's agents, employees, contractors, licensees or visitors; (iii) to the installation, repair or removal of the property of the Tenant in the premises by Tenant or Tenant's agents, employees, contractors, licensees or visitors; or (iv) to the negligent or willfully incorrect operation of any machinery equipment, o...
Repairs. During the Lease term, Tenant shall make, at Tenant's expense, all necessary repairs to the Leased Premises. Repairs shall include such items as routine repairs of floors, walls, ceilings, and other parts of the Leased Premises damaged or worn through normal occupancy, except for major mechanical systems or the roof, subject to the obligations of the parties otherwise set forth in this Lease.
Repairs. Tenant shall be financially responsible for all repairs necessitated during the term of this Lease as a result of Tenant’ negligence. This includes backed up plumbing lines that are a result of tenant negligence, such as putting grease down sink drains or overfilling toilets with toilet tissue or other objects, frozen pipes due to heat being turned off. The Tenant is required to keep the Heat on in the winter months, including any holiday breaks at no less than 60 degrees. If the Landlord finds that the tenant has turned off heat during the winter months and this has resulted in damage to the building, the Tenant will be full responsible for the repairs. Tenant is responsible for unclogging toilets. Tenant shall not make any repairs or improvements (this includes painting) to the home or apartment but shall notify Landlord who shall arrange for such repairs and then xxxx Tenant for the reasonable expense incurred thereby. Tenant shall immediately pay to Landlord the reasonable cost of any such repair.
Repairs. The Tenant shall take good care of the Demised Premises and shall make all necessary non-structural repairs to the interior thereof except for repairs of damage resulting from causes outside of the Demised Premises, e.g. leaks or overflows in neighboring space. Landlord shall maintain, repair or replace all HVAC, plumbing and electrical fixtures and circuitry (other than fixtures installed by the Tenant) and shall promptly repair all roof leaks. Landlord shall maintain and repair the common areas of the building including hallways, entry, vestibule, bathrooms, and the exterior of the building including the parking lot and landscaping at the Landlord's expense. Upon the expiration or at the termination of this lease, the Tenant shall surrender the Demised Premises to the Landlord in as good condition as at the commencement of the term, ordinary wear and tear excepted. Tenant is prohibited from making any structural improvements, alterations or additions to the Demised Premises without first obtaining the written approval therefore from the Landlord, and all such improvements, alterations or additions made by the Tenant shall be the property of the Landlord, at no expense to the Landlord, and shall remain upon and be surrendered with the Demised Premises, as part thereof, at the expiration or termination of this lease. In the event that any mechanics' lien is filed against the Demised Premises as a result of any repairs, improvements, alterations or additions made by the Tenant, the Landlord, at its option, after ten (10) days written notice to the Tenant, may terminate this lease and/or may pay the said lien, without inquiring into the validity thereof, and the Tenant shall forthwith reimburse the total expense incurred by the Landlord in discharging the said lien as additional rent hereunder on the first day of the next month following such payment by Xxxxxxxx. Landlord shall have the right to install and maintain in the Demised Premises all utility lines and electric wiring and all other appliances necessary for the operation of the balance of the building of which the Demised Premises form a part, and shall have access to the Demised Premises at all reasonable times after prior reasonable notice to Tenant, and in cases of emergency at any time without prior notice, for the purpose of examining same or of making such repairs or changes as the Landlord may deem necessary. No claim shall be made by, or compensation paid to the Tenant by the Landlord by reas...
Repairs. 4.2.1 Keep the Property including all of the Landlord’s machinery and equipment clean and tidy and in good and tenantable condition, repair and decorative order, (reasonable wear and tear, items which the Landlord is responsible to maintain, and damage for which the Landlord has agreed to insure, excepted).
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Repairs. All repairs and treatments will be completed by a vendor approved by the Seller, and will be subject to the Seller's satisfaction only. If the Seller has agreed to pay for treatment of wood infesting organisms, the Seller shall treat only active infestation. Neither the Purchaser, nor its representatives, shall enter upon the Property to make any repairs and/or treatments prior to closing. The Purchaser shall inspect the repairs and/or treatments as set forth in paragraph 5(a) or is deemed to have waived such inspection and any objections to the repairs and/or treatments. The Purchaser acknowledges that all repairs and treatments are done for the benefit of the Seller and not for the benefit of the Purchaser and that the Purchaser has inspected or has been given the opportunity to inspect repairs and treatments. Any repairs or treatments made or caused to be made by the Seller shall be completed prior to closing. Under no circumstances shall the Seller be required to make any repairs or treatments after the Settlement Date. The Purchaser acknowledges that closing on this transaction shall be deemed the Purchaser’s reaffirmation that the Purchaser is satisfied with the condition of the Property and with all repairs and treatments to the Property and waives all claims related to such condition and to the quality of the repairs or treatments to the Property. Any repairs or treatments shall be performed for functional purposes only and exact restoration of appearance or cosmetic items following any repairs or treatments shall not be required. The Seller shall not be obligated to obtain or provide to the Purchaser any receipts for repairs, or treatments, written statements indicating dates or types of repairs and/ or treatments or copies of such receipts or statements nor any other documentation regarding any repairs or treatments to the Property. THE SELLER DOES NOT WARRANT OR GUARANTEE ANY WORK, REPAIRS OR TREATMENTS TO THE PROPERTY. THE PURCHASER AGREES TO EXECUTE AND DELIVER TO THE SELLER AT CLOSING XXXXXX MAE’S WAIVER & RELEASE 2012.
Repairs. 16.1 Any Repair Event requiring repairs that would cost an amount of up to $100 including GST needs no authorisation from Apollo and all that is necessary for full reimbursement to You from Apollo is a proper receipt for the amount of the repairs. If the Repair Event is expected to cost an amount exceeding $100 including GST then You must notify Xxxxxx and obtain Xxxxxx’s consent before the repairs are carried out.
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