Quality of the Sample Clauses

Quality of the. Work All of the Work shall be performed to the satisfaction of the Contractor, the Architect/Engineer, Engineer and Owner and/or their authorized representatives. Any Work of Subcontractor (whether or not incorporated into the Work) which fails to comply with the Contract Documents shall be removed and replaced by Subcontractor, at Subcontractor's own cost and expense, within 24 hours after written notice from Contractor to such effect. Subcontractor at all times shall keep the Premises free from accumulations of waste materials and rubbish occasioned by its Work. If Subcontractor fails to comply with these provisions, Contractor may, at its sole discretion, perform such work and charge Subcontractor.
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Quality of the plan for using and disseminating knowledge EGEE will be a provider of computing and data access services as pervasive in nature as the research networking services provided by the GÉANT and NREN networks. Other EGEE activities focus on the development and operational aspects of the service. The Networking activities described in the next sections focus on the creation and support of a community of EGEE users across Europe that is as inclusive as possible. Just as the EGEE services will build on and integrate national facilities, so too will EGEE’s Training & Induction and Dissemination & Outreach activities. These activities will be responsible for the wide dissemination of information about the project to research and industrial organisations that may benefit from EGEE. The goal is to ensure that potential users in all disciplines are attracted to use EGEE. The Application Identification and Support activity will support the induction of new users, new communities and new virtual organisations into EGEE community. It will develop and disseminate appropriate information to these groups proactively addressing them and their needs. This activity will deal primarily with expert representatives of communities. The goal is to ensure that all EGEE users are well supported. The activity will assimilate and evaluate records of the work and provide information to the requirements and planning activities. The Policy and International Cooperation activity will contribute to dissemination of EGEE results beyond Europe, and help to set international standards that ensure the Grid is widely adopted. To achieve a sufficient rate of induction of new users and to support existing users and developers, an extensive organisation is necessary. Two sites, the UK National e-Science Centre and XXXXXX, will lead this organisation, recruiting, assisting and overseeing other sites, which will provide services more locally using materials developed at the lead site. Each partner site is expected to have an existing track record in training and outreach and to offer facilities for hosting networking events.
Quality of the. Goods shall meet "Technical Specifications" enclosed to the present Contract and State Standard GO ST-10117-91.
Quality of the. Tenderer’s Proposal
Quality of the. COATING 11

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  • Quality of Services (a) The Consultant shall be responsible for the professional quality, technical accuracy, and the coordination of all designs, drawings, specifications, and other services furnished pursuant to this Agreement.

  • QUALITY OF CARE (a) The SUDRF shall assure that any and all eligible beneficiaries receive substance use treatment that complies with the standards in Article 3.3, above, and the TRICARE/CHAMPUS Standards for Inpatient Rehabilitation and Partial Hospitalization for the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders.

  • Equality of Treatment Unless otherwise provided in this Agreement, the persons specified in Article 3, who ordinarily reside in the territory of a Contracting State, shall receive equal treatment with nationals of that Contracting State in the application of the legislation of that Contracting State.

  • Quality of Work Consultant agrees that all Services performed under this Agreement will conform to the specifications of the College, be free from errors, and be of professional quality according to applicable industry standards. Upon notice by the College, Consultant will promptly correct any defects without charge to the College unless the request is considered new work by both parties.

  • QUALITY OF GOODS 5.1 The Supplier warrants that on delivery, and for a period of 12 months from the date of delivery (warranty period), the Goods shall:

  • Technical Feasibility of String While ICANN has encouraged and will continue to encourage universal acceptance of all top-­‐level domain strings across the Internet, certain top-­‐level domain strings may encounter difficulty in acceptance by ISPs and webhosters and/or validation by web applications. Registry Operator shall be responsible for ensuring to its satisfaction the technical feasibility of the TLD string prior to entering into this Agreement.

  • Quality of Title Each Loan, together with the Related Security related thereto, shall, at all times, be owned by the Borrower free and clear of any Lien except as provided in Section 4.2(a)(iii), and upon each Funding, the Collateral Agent as agent for the Secured Parties shall acquire a valid and perfected first priority security interest in such Loans, the Related Security related thereto and all Collections then existing or thereafter arising, free and clear of any Lien, except as provided in Section 4.2(a)(iii). No effective financing statement or other instrument similar in effect covering any Loan or Dealer Agreement shall at any time be on file in any recording office except such as may be filed (i) in favor of the Borrower in accordance with the Contribution Agreement or (ii) in favor of the Collateral Agent in accordance with this Agreement.

  • Quality of Service Contractor shall perform its services with care, skill, and diligence, in accordance with the applicable professional standards currently recognized by such profession, and shall be responsible for the professional quality, technical accuracy, completeness, and coordination of all reports, designs, drawings, plans, information, specifications, and/or other items and services furnished under this Agreement. Contractor shall, without additional compensation, correct or revise any errors or deficiencies immediately upon discovery in its reports, drawings, specifications, designs, and/or other related items or services.

  • Quality of Materials and Workmanship Unless otherwise specified, all materials shall be new, and both workmanship and materials shall be of good quality. The Contractor shall, if required, furnish satisfactory evidence as to the kind and quality of materials and work. The burden of proof is on the Contractor.

  • Quality Monitoring 4.2.1. To prepare a Quality Assurance (QA) Plan