Parts of the Sample Clauses

Parts of the. Contract Software are compiled under use of the software MATLAB that was licensed from The MathWorks Inc. In no event shall The MathWorks Inc. be liable for any dam- ages that occur in connection with the use of the Contract Software.
Parts of the works which the Contractor is to design This project will include the design and manufacture of support structures to support the pipe work and New CLC valve.
Parts of the. Parking Lot 4, are monitored by video for security reasons (automatic payment machines, entrance and exit turnstiles). The surveillance images are stored for a duration of 72 hours. We indicate that we are offering a panoramic webcam between the Krimml Worlds of Water and the car park 4 which takes constantly pictures for weather and nature documentation. These cureent pictures is published on the website. Further information can be found in our privacy policy (xxxxx://xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxx- xxxxxx.xx/xx/xx/xxxxxxx/xxxxxxxxxxxxx).
Parts of the works which the Contractor is to design