OTHER OCCUPANTS. Landlord shall have no liability to Tenant for loss or damages arising out of the acts or inaction of other tenants or occupants.
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OTHER OCCUPANTS. OTHER OCCUPANTS in the unit must be either:
OTHER OCCUPANTS. The Apartment is designed and organized to serve as multi-tenant unit for a USU student/visiting scholar along with his/her spouse and/or children. At least one of the Resident’s legal spouse or at least one of the Resident’s children (or xxxx over which the Resident has legal guardianship) (the “Other Occupants”) must reside within the Apartment for the Resident to remain eligible for on-campus family housing. Resident represents and warrants that the Resident’s spousal and/or parent/guardian relationships to the Other Occupants designated on the application or in HRL records are accurate and are lawfully recognized relationships. A change in status (i.e. divorce or custody change) could result in this Contract being terminated by USU. Resident agrees to inform HRL of any such changes relating to the Other Occupants that occur during the Term (births, deaths, etc.). Only the Resident and the Other Occupants may occupy the Apartment, except as provided for in Section 7(d). A Resident who is unmarried or expecting a child (by birth or legal adoption/guardianship) at the Execution Date, may enter into this Contract; provided, however, that marriage, birth, adoption, etc. is scheduled to occur by the “preferred move-in date” designated in the application and the Resident and Other Occupant(s) together assume residence of the Apartment within two (2) months of the Move-in Date. If any situation relating to Other Occupants changes and results in the Resident no longer being eligible for on-campus student housing, then the Resident retains the responsibility to submit a Petition to Terminate Contract under Section 10, otherwise USU may terminate the Contract for cause.
OTHER OCCUPANTS. 1.1. The Landlord agrees that the following person(s) may occupy the Property with the Tenant(s):  The children of the Tenant or other dependents who are under 18 years of age at the start of the Tenancy.  The following adults: Full name: Full name: Insert additional signature blocks if there is more than one party to this Agreement. hereinafter referred to as “Members of the Tenant’s Household”
OTHER OCCUPANTS. The Landlord agrees that in addition to the Tenant(s), the Leased Premises may be occupied only by the following other persons:
OTHER OCCUPANTS. Subject to availability, Tenant agrees that all applications for membership in the Club submitted by employees or principals of any of the tenants in the Development shall be automatically and promptly accepted provided that each such individual shall observe the rules and regulations reasonably promulgated by Tenant from time to time with respect to the use of the Club which rules and regulations shall be consistent with the rules and regulations customarily promulgated by operators of first-class coed athletic clubs and shall not be enforced in a discriminatory manner.
OTHER OCCUPANTS. 8. The Landlord and the Tenant agree that the premises may be occupied by the Tenants listed above only, unless the Landlord consents in writing to the occupation of the premises by some other or an additional person or persons.
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OTHER OCCUPANTS. The following other occupant(s) may reside in the Premises but shall not be considered parties to this Lease:
OTHER OCCUPANTS. 1. Chamber shall not allow any portion of this structure to be occupied by any other person or entity for other than short-term event rentals or space sharing as outlined in N2 below.
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