Mental Health Services Sample Clauses

Mental Health Services. This agreement covers medically necessary services for the treatment of mental health disorders in a general or specialty hospital or outpatient facilities that are: • reviewed and approved by us; and • licensed under the laws of the State of Rhode Island or by the state in which the facility is located as a general or specialty hospital or outpatient facility. We review network and non-network programs, hospitals and inpatient facilities, and the specific services provided to decide whether a preauthorization, hospital or inpatient facility, or specific services rendered meets our program requirements, content and criteria. If our program content and criteria are not met, the services are not covered under this agreement. Our program content and criteria are defined below.
Mental Health Services. Inpatient, intermediate and outpatient mental health services are covered when Medically Necessary and may be covered when a Member is admitted to a Hospital or Other Health Care Facility.
Mental Health Services. Grantee will receive allocated funding to secure Mental Health Services and Programs for youth under Xxxxxxx’s supervision. Services may include screening, assessment, diagnoses, evaluation, or treatment of youth with Mental Health Needs. The Department’s provision of State Aid Grant Mental Health Services funds shall not be understood to limit the use of other state and local funds for mental health services. State Aid Grant Mental Health Services funds may be used for all mental health services and programs as defined herein, however these funds may not be used to supplant local funds or for unallowable expenditure. Youth served by State Aid Grant Mental Health Services funds must meet the definition of Target Population for Mental Health Services provided in the Contract.
Mental Health Services. Some mental health services require Prior Authorization. The In-network Behavioral Health Practitioners/Providers will be responsible for obtaining Prior Authorization, when required. For Out-of-network Services, Members need to contact our Behavioral Health Department to obtain Prior Authorization, when required. Please refer to the Prior Authorization Section for services that require Prior Authorization. Behavioral Health Department directly at (000) 000-0000 or 0-000-000-0000. For assistance with accessing or for questions related to mental health services, you may do the following: • Schedule an appointment with a behavioral health provider • Call your primary care provider (PCP). • Call our Behavioral Health Department directly at (000) 000-0000 or 0-000-000-0000. Partial Hospitalization can be substituted for the Inpatient mental health services when our Behavioral Health Department approves the Prior Authorization request. Partial Hospitalization is a non-residential, Hospital-based day program that includes various daily and weekly therapies. Acute medical detoxification benefits are Covered under Inpatient and Outpatient Medical services found in the Benefits Section. Some services require Prior Authorization except when requesting emergency services.
Mental Health Services a. Contractor shall provide Mental Health Services for each client pre-approved for Mental Health Services by the BHRS Deputy Director of Child and Youth Services or designee and to the extent medically necessary.
Mental Health Services. Outlines the volume of activity and related funds as well as funding for admitted and non-admitted mental health services and TTR to be provided in accordance with the terms agreed in the Mental Health Head Agreement. Apportioned Financial Products, HSS-RRFOC and PW-RRFOC are identified separately. Detailed funding allocations and relevant terms will be provided in the Mental Health Commission Service Agreement.
Mental Health Services. At a minimum, such procedures should address conditions associated with making and accepting client referrals. If Grantee provides all of the services listed above in a specific geographic area, no such agreement is necessary for that area. Grantee must maintain complete records of all referrals made. These procedures must be finalized and in place within thirty (30) days of the effective date of this Contract.
Mental Health Services. This section reflects the budget allocation for Mental Health Services whether funded on an ABF basis or through specific block funding. The principles for funding the ABF component are consistent with those described above for all other ABF services. From 2016/17, Mental Health Non-Admitted services will continue to be shadow funded, which does not adversely impact any Districts/Networks, using NSW Mental Health Non-Admitted Interim classification. This interim classification has been developed in consultation with clinicians and aims to improve counting and costing processes in preparation for the national mental health classification, which was developed by IHPA and is being implemented in NSW during 2017/18. This change will also improve transparency of funding allocation and remove barriers to transfer activity between admitted and non-admitted settings. For 2016/17, Districts/Networks are funded at their Mental Health Non- Admitted PAC calculated using this classification. As in previous years, a separate transition grant has been identified for Mental Health Admitted stream to maintain the visibility of Government funding commitments for these services. Any Mental Health Transition grant in this section has been calculated in accordance with the principles described below (refer to Row Section F). It is important to note that some Mental Health resources are also included in row section D which contains Mental Health services resources allocated to Block Funded Hospitals (Small Hospitals) and Teaching, Training and Research, row section E which contains Mental Health services resources deemed to be out of scope for the National Health Reform Agreement (NHRA), such as some child and adolescent services and row section G gross-up as NWAU values have been discounted for the relative contributions sourced from other funding streams such as private health insurance.
Mental Health Services. CONTRACTOR shall ensure that inmate mental health care is delivered in a manner that complies with all State and federal laws. Throughout the term of the contract, CONTRACTOR shall utilize the mental health grading assignment system utilized by the FDC and shall comply with the FDC rules, policies, procedures, and HSBs for mental health service provision.
Mental Health Services. Children Quarter 4 CARE Report III Final Line 800 / Child and Youth Service Target.