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  • This includes but is not limited to transportation from one Hospital to another Hospital and from a Hospital to a Rehabilitation facility or Skilled Nursing Facility.

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Rehabilitation facility means a facility that is operated for the primary purpose of assisting in the
Rehabilitation facility means a facility, or a designated unit of a facility, licensed, certified or accredited to provide Rehabilitation Therapy including:
Rehabilitation facility means any facility or Hospital that is licensed in the state in which it is operating to provide rehabilitation services, therapy or retraining to you or your Insured Dependent to enable you or your Insured Dependent to walk, communicate, and/or function as a member of society.
Rehabilitation facility means a facility, or a distinct part of a facility which provides rehabilitative care, meets any licensing or certification standards established by the jurisdiction where it is located, and makes charges for its services.
Rehabilitation facility means a Rehabilitation facility. – A public or private
Rehabilitation facility means a fa- cility which is operated for the pri- mary purpose of assisting in the reha- bilitation of disabled persons through an integrated program of medical eval- uation and services, and psychological, social, or vocational evaluation and services, under competent professional supervision, and in the case of which the major portion of the required eval- uation and services is furnished within the facility; and either the facility is operated in connection with a hospital, or all medical and related health serv- ices are prescribed by, or are under the general direction of persons licensed to practice medicine or surgery in the State.
Rehabilitation facility means an inpatient facility licensed in West Virginia