Reemployment Sample Clauses

Reemployment. Former state employees who are re-employed within five (5) years of leaving state service will be granted all unused sick leave credits they had at separation.
Reemployment. Former state employees who are reemployed within five (5) years of leaving state service will be granted all unused and unpaid sick leave credits they had at separation. If an employee is reemployed after retiring from state service, when the employee subsequently retires or dies, only unused sick leave accrued since the date of reemployment minus sick leave taken within the same period will be eligible for sick leave separation cash out, in accordance with 12.7 above.
Reemployment. In accordance with Government Code Sections 19997.11 and 19997.12, the State shall establish a reemployment list by class for all employees who are laid off. Such lists shall take precedence over all other types of employment lists for the classes in which employees were laid off. Employees shall be certified from department or subdivisional reemployment lists in accordance with Section 19056 of the Government Code.
Reemployment. All persons who have been laid off as a result of a reduction in workforce shall have their names placed on a Reemployment Eligible List for the classification in which they were employed immediately prior to being laid off. There shall be two Reemployment Eligible Lists: one which includes only the names of the laid off employees within a department or agency, and the other which has the names of all other County employees who were laid off. The department/agency reemployment list shall have priority over the Countywide reemployment list. Eligibles on the Reemployment List shall be ranked in reverse order of the order of layoff. Each person's name shall remain on such list for a period of two (2) years following the date that their name was placed on such eligible list, or until they have been re-employed, or until their name has been removed from the eligible list in accordance with the provisions of Section 716 of the Ventura County Personnel Rules and Regulations, whichever occurs first. Eligibles on the reemployment list shall be reappointed to vacant positions as they occur in the classification and agency/department in which they were employed immediately prior to layoff. Such eligibles shall be interviewed for consideration for reappointment to vacant positions in other agencies/departments in the classification in which they were employed immediately prior to layoff.
Reemployment. An employee who separated from a position in good standing may be reemployed within two (2) years to a position in the same or lower classification upon approval of the Appointing Authority. The employee must meet the minimum and special qualifications of the position and must make written application for reemployment.
Reemployment. 1. For a period of one (1) year following the date of a medical separation, a medically separated former non-probationary career employee may be selected for a position without the requirement that the position be publicized. However, if the former employee is receiving disability benefits from a retirement system to which the University contributes the period shall be three (3) years from the date benefits commenced. In order to be eligible for rehire under this Article, the medically separated employee must provide a medical certification from a University-approved medical physician describing in detail the medically separated employee's ability to return to work.