State service definition

State service means an organisation listed in Schedule 1 of the State Service Act 2000.
State service means all employees of state departments, agencies, and institutions as defined in Mississippi Code Annotated §§ 25-9-101 et seq., except § 25-9-107(c).
State service means an organisation listed in Schedule 1 of the State Service Act 2000. (b) Entitlement (i) After 12 months continuous service parents are entitled to a combined period of up to 52 weeks unpaid parental leave on a shared basis in relation to the birth or adoption of a child. For females, maternity leave may be taken and for males paternity leave may be taken. Adoption leave may be taken in the case of adoption. (ii) Parental leave is only available to one parent at a time in a single unbroken period, except both parents are entitled to access simultaneous parental leave in the following circumstances:

Examples of State service in a sentence

  • Information pertaining to reporting obligations may be found by going to the Division of Labor and Industry website and clicking on Living Wage for State Service Contracts.

  • Day porter will report to work at the James Williams State Service Center and will perform daily work requirements.

  • Except where otherwise specifically determined by this award, or subject to the provisions of the State Service Act 2000, an employee, while holding a position within a classification or level in respect of which a salary is prescribed by this award and who for not less than twelve months has been in receipt of a salary less than the maximum salary prescribed for such classification, shall be entitled to receive the annual increment prescribed for such classification until the maximum salary is reached.

  • Selection CriteriaEmployment in the State Service is governed by the State Service Act 2000 and employment decisions must be based on merit.

  • A project is any entity that receives MEP funds and provides services directly to migrant children in accordance with the State Service Delivery Plan and State approved subgrant applications or contracts.

More Definitions of State service

State service means the employee's total period of state service as an eligible employee, including
State service means all employees of state departments, agencies and institutions as defined herein, except those officers and employees excluded by this chapter.
State service means service performed as a state employee that is creditable under the state employees' retirement act, Act No. 240 of the Public Acts of 1943, being sections 38.1 to 38.48 of the Michigan Compiled Laws.
State service means a payment of money, the grant of a state license or permit, or the provision of another valuable item or service under any of the following programs and provisions of law:
State service means service with the State by:
State service means all offices and positions in the employ of the state other than those of commissioned, warrant and enlisted personnel in the military and naval services thereof. However, as provided in ORS 396.330, the term includes members of the Oregon National Guard or Oregon Civil Defense Force who are not serving pursuant to provisions of Title 10 or 32 of the United States Code and who are employed as state employees in the Oregon Military Department. [Amended by 1959 c.690 §1; 1969 c.80 §30; 1975 c.147 §9; 1979 c.302 §4; 1979 c.468 §4a; 1995 c.114 §1; 2005 c.22 §182; 2017 c.472 §2]
State service means employment in the executive branch of state government, including state supported schools, agencies and universities; public parish school systems; public student employment; membership on a public board or commission; and employment in the legislative and judicial branches. To constitute state service, the service or employment must have been performed for a Louisiana public entity. Contract service does not constitute state service.