Continuing Employee definition

Continuing Employee has the meaning set forth in Section 6.7(a).
Continuing Employee means each individual who is an employee of the Company or any of its Subsidiaries immediately prior to the Effective Time and continues to be an employee of Parent or one of its Subsidiaries (including the Surviving Corporation and its Subsidiaries) immediately following the Effective Time.
Continuing Employee shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.11(b).

Examples of Continuing Employee in a sentence

  • A Continuing Employee who returns to work from parental leave shall be returned to the position held prior to the leave.

  • During the duration of the apprenticeship program, the apprentice will be considered to be a Continuing Employee under the UWOSA Collective Agreement.

  • Where a Continuing Employee works in a temporary assignment, the employee shall retain their status as a Continuing Employee.

  • A Continuing Employee who works the prescribed hours outlined in Article 4 – Hours of Work.

  • It points to a number of interest- ing findings: first, irrespective of country or economic period considered, credit constraints (labeled ‘Applied and rejected’) were only of little importance, while constraints of establishments that would have needed external funds but restrained from applying for bank loans (labeled ‘Not applied but need‘) dominated.

More Definitions of Continuing Employee

Continuing Employee has the meaning set forth in Section 8.09(a).
Continuing Employee shall have the meaning given to that term in Section 5.11(a).
Continuing Employee means any employee of the Company as of immediately prior to the Closing who continues in employment with Buyer or its Subsidiaries (including, after the Closing, the Company) after the Closing.
Continuing Employee shall have the meaning as set forth in Section 7.9(a) of the Agreement.
Continuing Employee is defined in Section 6.3(a) of the Agreement.
Continuing Employee means an Employee who is either full-time or part-time and not a Limited Term Employee.
Continuing Employee. Section 5.7(a)