Professional Performance Sample Clauses

Professional Performance. The primary criterion for promotion in rank for academic librarians shall be the ability to perform at a high professional level in areas which contribute to the educational and research mission of the Library and the University, such as reference service, collection development, bibliographic organization and control. Factors that may be considered include: performance of professional responsibilities and all related activities, e.g. subject and bibliographic expertise, informal instruction in research methods and library use, managing the operations of a unit of the library; consistency of performance; ability to innovate; other contributions to the activities of the libraries through significant service on internal committees and task forces.
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Professional Performance. Ridge warrants to Client that the Services shall be performed in a diligent, professional and workmanlike manner and by competent and skilled personnel duly qualified to carry out their responsibilities required for the applicable service.
Professional Performance. Tenant agrees to perform services under this Agreement at the highest professional standards, and to the satisfaction of Park City.
Professional Performance. Professional represents and warrants that all Services under this Agreement shall be performed in a professional manner and shall conform to the customs and standards of practice observed on similar, successfully completed projects by specialists in the Services to be provided. Professional shall adhere to accepted professional standards as set forth by relevant professional associations and shall perform all Services required under this Agreement in a manner consistent with generally accepted professional customs, procedures and standards for such Services. All work or products completed by Professional shall be completed using the best practices available for the profession and shall be free from any defects. Professional agrees that, if a Service is not so performed, in addition to all of its obligations under this Agreement and at law, Professional shall re-perform or replace unsatisfactory Service at no additional expense to City.
Professional Performance. It is understood by the Parties that LPA is solely responsible for the professional performance and ability of LPA and the project consultant(s) in the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of this project. Any review or examination by State, or acceptance or use of the work product of LPA or the project consultant(s) will not be considered to be a full and comprehensive review or examination and will not be considered an approval, for funding or for any other purpose, of the work product of LPA and the project consultant(s) which would relieve LPA from any expense or liability that would be connected with LPA’s sole responsibility for the propriety and integrity of the professional work to be accomplished by LPA for the project.
Professional Performance. All health care professionals covered by this Agreement shall not be required to perform duties that are inappropriate to their respective professional discipline.
Professional Performance. The Consultant understands that the State in this Master Agreement and the LPA in any Task Order will rely on the professional training, experience, performance and ability of the Consultant. Examination by the LPA, State, or FHWA, or acceptance or use of, or acquiescence in the Consultant’s work product, will not be considered to be a full and comprehensive examination and will not be considered approval of the Consultant’s work product which would relieve the Consultant from liability or expense that would be connected with the Consultant's sole responsibility for the propriety and integrity of the professional work to be accomplished by the Consultant pursuant to this Master Agreement and any Task Order issued by an LPA. The Consultant further understands that acceptance or approval of any of the work of the Consultant by the LPA or State or of payment, partial or final, will not constitute a waiver of any rights of the LPA or State to recover from the Consultant, damages that are caused by the Consultant due to error, omission, or negligence of the Consultant in its work. That further, if due to error, omission, or negligence of the Consultant, the work product of the Consultant is found to be in error or there are omissions therein revealed during or after the construction of the project and revision, reconsideration or reworking of the Consultant’s work product is necessary, the Consultant shall make such revisions without expense to the LPA or State. The Consultant shall respond to the notice of any errors, omissions or negligence within 24 hours and give immediate attention to necessary corrections. If the Consultant discovers errors in its work, it shall notify the LPA and State of the errors within 24 hours. Failure of the Consultant to notify the LPA or State will constitute a breach of this Master Agreement.
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Professional Performance. The Association recognizes that abuses of sick leave or other leaves, chronic tardiness or absence, willful deficiencies in professional performance, or other violations of discipline by a teacher reflect adversely upon the teaching profession and create undesirable conditions in the school building. Alleged breaches of discipline or professional behavior shall be promptly reported to the offending teacher and to the Association. The Association will use its best efforts to correct breaches of professional behavior by any teacher.
Professional Performance. InnerWorkings represents and warrants that the Services rendered to ServiceMaster and its Stores in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and any Work Orders will be performed in a professional, competent and workmanlike manner.
Professional Performance. XXXXX shall perform the duties of Chief Probation Officer as set forth in Title 2 Chapter 38 of the Siskiyou County Code, as it now provides or may hereafter be amended, and such the duties as may be prescribed by COUNTY’s Board of Supervisors, or by law, in a professional manner and to the satisfaction of COUNTY’s Board of Supervisors. XXXXX may pursue professional development, including but not limited to national, regional, state and local conferences and government groups and committees subject to approval by the Board of Supervisors. Authorized memberships shall include the annual dues for, paid for by the County.
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