Liability or expense definition

Liability or expense means, with respect to any obligation of yours to indemnify or reimburse us or any agent of ours, any liability, loss, cost or expense (for example, an attorney’s fee or disbursement, whether the attorney is hired for advice, litigation or any other purpose, or a cost of investigation or litigation).

Examples of Liability or expense in a sentence

  • The Administrative Agent shall not be required under any circumstances to take any action that, in its judgment, (a) is contrary to any provision of the Loan Documents or Applicable Law or (b) would expose it to any Liability or expense against which it has not been indemnified to its satisfaction.

  • Based on available data, no endocrine system-related effects have been identified with consumption of 6- BA.

  • Loss means all damage, loss, cost, Claim, Liability or expense (including legal costs and expenses of whatsoever nature or description).

  • Seller and Seller’s Predecessors are not a party to or bound by any order, and have not entered into any agreement with any Person, regarding any remedial action or environmental Liability or expense with respect to the Cinema, or in connection with any Liability under any Environmental Law or Laws for which Buyer would be liable after Closing.

  • Any claim for reimbursement under this insurance of any Liability or expense must be made by the Assured within twelve months of discharging or paying it.

  • All Losses shall bear interest at a rate per annum equal to the Prime Rate, calculated and payable monthly, both before and after judgment, with interest on overdue interest at the same rate, from the date that the Indemnified Party disbursed funds, suffered damages or losses or incurred a loss, Liability or expense in respect of a Loss, to the date of payment by the Indemnifier to the Indemnified Party.

  • There is no right of recovery under this insurance in respect of any Liability or expense recoverable under any other insurance but for any terms in that other insurance which seek to exclude or limit Liability on the basis of double insurance.

  • There is no right of recovery under this insurance in respect of any Liability or expense recoverable under any other insurance but for any excess or deductible applicable to the recovery under that other insurance.

  • Each Securityholder shall, only to the extent of such Securityholder’s Pro Rata Percentage, indemnify and defend the Representative and hold the Representative harmless against any Loss, damage, cost, Liability or expense actually incurred without fraud, gross negligence or willful misconduct by the Representative and arising out of or in connection with the acceptance, performance or administration of the Representative’s duties under this Agreement.

  • The Agent shall not be required under any circumstances to take any action that, in its judgment, (a) is contrary to any provision of the Loan Instruments or Applicable Law or (b) would expose it to any Liability or expense against which it has not been indemnified to its satisfaction.

Related to Liability or expense

  • Maximum Liability has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 10.10.

  • Liability Cap has the meaning ascribed to it in paragraph 1 of Schedule 9;

  • Net Liability as used herein is defined as the Company's gross liability remaining after cessions, if any, to other pro rata reinsurers.

  • Indemnification Obligations means each of the Debtors’ indemnification obligations in place as of the Effective Date, whether in the bylaws, certificates of incorporation or formation, limited liability company agreements, other organizational or formation documents, board resolutions, management or indemnification agreements, or employment or other contracts, for their current and former directors, officers, managers, employees, attorneys, accountants, investment bankers, and other professionals and agents of the Debtors, as applicable.

  • Proportionate Liability means the proportion of any judgment that, had the Settling Defendants not settled, the Ontario Court or Quebec Court, as applicable, would have apportioned to the Releasees.

  • Product Liabilities means all claims, Liabilities and Proceedings related to or arising from actual or alleged harm, injury, damage or death to persons, animals, property or business, irrespective of the legal theory asserted, and resulting from or alleged to result from the use, sale or manufacture of the Products.

  • Compensable injury means an injury by accident arising out of and in the course of hazardous employment which must be established by medical evidence supported by objective medical findings.

  • Indemnification Obligation means any existing or future obligation of any Debtor to indemnify current and former directors, officers, members, managers, agents or employees of any of the Debtors who served in such capacity, with respect to or based upon such service or any act or omission taken or not taken in any of such capacities, or for or on behalf of any Debtor, whether pursuant to agreement, the Debtors’ respective memoranda, articles or certificates of incorporation or formation, corporate charters, bylaws, operating agreements, limited liability company agreements, or similar corporate or organizational documents or other applicable contract or law in effect as of the Effective Date, excluding any obligation to indemnify any of the foregoing parties with respect to any act or omission for or on behalf of the Debtors arising out of any act or omission determined by a Final Order to constitute actual fraud, willful misconduct, or gross negligence.

  • Economic damages means objectively verifiable monetary losses, including medical expenses, loss of earnings, burial costs, loss of use of property, cost of replacement or repair, cost of obtaining substitute domestic services, loss of employment, and loss of business or employment opportunities.

  • Noneconomic damages ’ means damages for phys-

  • Product Liability means any liability, claim or expense, including but not limited to attorneys’ fees and medical expenses, arising in whole or in part out of a breach of any express or implied product warranty by the Company, strict liability in tort, negligent manufacture of product, negligent provision of services, product recall, or any other allegation of liability arising from the design, testing, manufacture, packaging, labeling (including instructions for use), or sale of products.

  • Damages means any loss, claim, damage, liability, costs and expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable attorney's fees and disbursements and costs and expenses of expert witnesses and investigation).

  • Punitive Damages are those damages awarded as a penalty, the amount of which is neither governed nor fixed by statute.

  • Special Damages shall have the meaning as set forth in Section 5.07.

  • Non-Cash Compensation Expense means any non-cash expenses and costs that result from the issuance of stock-based awards, partnership interest-based awards and similar incentive based compensation awards or arrangements.

  • Indemnity Obligations means all obligations of the Company to Indemnitee under this Agreement, including the Company’s obligations to provide indemnification to Indemnitee and advance Expenses to Indemnitee under this Agreement.

  • BRRD Liability means a liability in respect of which the relevant Write Down and Conversion Powers in the applicable Bail-in Legislation may be exercised.

  • Hovercraft Liability This policy does not cover "hovercraft liability".

  • Gross Liability Value means, with respect to any Liability of the Partnership described in Treasury Regulation Section 1.752-7(b)(3)(i), the amount of cash that a willing assignor would pay to a willing assignee to assume such Liability in an arm’s-length transaction.

  • Excluded Hedge Liability or Liabilities means, with respect to each Borrower and Guarantor, each of its Swap Obligations if, and only to the extent that, all or any portion of this Agreement or any Other Document that relates to such Swap Obligation is or becomes illegal under the CEA, or any rule, regulation or order of the CFTC, solely by virtue of such Borrower’s and/or Guarantor’s failure to qualify as an Eligible Contract Participant on the Eligibility Date for such Swap. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in the foregoing or in any other provision of this Agreement or any Other Document, the foregoing is subject to the following provisos: (a) if a Swap Obligation arises under a master agreement governing more than one Swap, this definition shall apply only to the portion of such Swap Obligation that is attributable to Swaps for which such guaranty or security interest is or becomes illegal under the CEA, or any rule, regulations or order of the CFTC, solely as a result of the failure by such Borrower or Guarantor for any reason to qualify as an Eligible Contract Participant on the Eligibility Date for such Swap; (b) if a guarantee of a Swap Obligation would cause such obligation to be an Excluded Hedge Liability but the grant of a security interest would not cause such obligation to be an Excluded Hedge Liability, such Swap Obligation shall constitute an Excluded Hedge Liability for purposes of the guaranty but not for purposes of the grant of the security interest; and (c) if there is more than one Borrower or Guarantor executing this Agreement or the Other Documents and a Swap Obligation would be an Excluded Hedge Liability with respect to one or more of such Persons, but not all of them, the definition of Excluded Hedge Liability or Liabilities with respect to each such Person shall only be deemed applicable to (i) the particular Swap Obligations that constitute Excluded Hedge Liabilities with respect to such Person, and (ii) the particular Person with respect to which such Swap Obligations constitute Excluded Hedge Liabilities.

  • Liability means any liability (whether known or unknown, whether asserted or unasserted, whether absolute or contingent, whether accrued or unaccrued, whether liquidated or unliquidated, and whether due or to become due), including any liability for Taxes.

  • Compensatory Damages are those amounts awarded to compensate for the actual damages sustained, and are not awarded as a penalty, nor fixed in amount by statute.

  • Direct Damage has the meaning given to it in clause 26.2;

  • Contingent Liability means any agreement, undertaking or arrangement by which any Person guarantees, endorses or otherwise becomes or is contingently liable upon (by direct or indirect agreement, contingent or otherwise, to provide funds for payment, to supply funds to, or otherwise to invest in, a debtor, or otherwise to assure a creditor against loss) the indebtedness, obligation or any other liability of any other Person (other than by endorsements of instruments in the course of collection), or guarantees the payment of dividends or other distributions upon the shares of any other Person. The amount of any Person’s obligation under any Contingent Liability shall (subject to any limitation set forth therein) be deemed to be the outstanding principal amount (or maximum outstanding principal amount, if larger) of the debt, obligation or other liability guaranteed thereby.

  • Injury/Injured means a bodily injury caused by an accident occurring while the Insured’s coverage under this Policy is in force and resulting directly and independently of all other causes of Loss covered by this Policy. The injury must be verified by a Physician.

  • Bodily injury means bodily injury, sickness or disease sustained by a person, including death resulting from any of these at any time.