Standards of Practice Sample Clauses

Standards of Practice. Standards of practice of CONTRACTOR shall be determined by the professional standards of CONTRACTOR’s trade or field of expertise and all applicable provisions of law and other rules and regulations of any and all governmental authorities relating to provision of services as defined in this Agreement.
Standards of Practice. The Company agrees to perform a limited visual inspection of the systems and components included in the inspection as they exist at the time of the inspection and for which a fee has been agreed upon. Home Inspectors, including the Company, are governed by the rules in the New Jersey Administrative Code contained at N.J.A.C. §13:40-15 and the Company and its inspector(s) shall comply with these rules. Failure to comply with these rules may subject the Company and its inspector(s) to discipline. The inspection is limited by the exceptions and exclusions as contained in the Standards of Practice, N.J.A.C. §13:40-15.16, and this Pre-Inspection Agreement.
Standards of Practice. The scope of this inspection is defined and limited by the standards, limitations, exceptions and exclusions as contained in the Standards of Practice of the North Carolina Home Inspector Licensure Board (“NC SoP”) and this Pre-Inspection Agreement. The Company will not perform engineering, architectural, plumbing, electrical or any other job function requiring an occupational license in the jurisdiction where the inspection is taking place. Home inspections done in accordance with the NC SoP are not technically exhaustive.
Standards of Practice. MSEG will perform the Services in a manner consistent with the level of care and skill ordinarily exercised by members of the profession currently practicing in the same locality under similar conditions. MSEG makes no other representation or warranty regarding its Services. CLIENT may not infer any additional or different representation or warranty by MSEG from any report, opinion, document or other communication made by or on behalf of MSEG.
Standards of Practice. In those circumstances when the University requires an employee to have and to maintain professional accreditation as a condition of employment (such as Registered Psychologist, Medical Doctor, Chartered Accountant), the University will pay the professional accreditation fee. Such a condition of employment must be included in the employee’s position description. If an employee is part-time, and works elsewhere that requires the same professional accreditation (this includes self-employment), the professional accreditation fee will be paid on a pro-rated basis. Pro-ration shall be on the basis of percentage of FTE (full-time equivalent) at UBC. New employees have the responsibility to have the requisite professional accreditation upon commencing employment. The University’s obligation applies during the course of employment.
Standards of Practice. The parties agree that the Standards of Practice “TREC” Texas Real Estate Commission shall define the standard of duty and the conditions, limitations, scope, and exclusions of the inspection and are incorporated by reference herein.
Standards of Practice. Forced Labor Licensee and all Sub-Contractors must certify that neither of them uses any forced labor - prison, indentured, bonded or otherwise. Child Labor Licensee and all Sub-Contractors must certify that no person shall be employed at an age younger than: (a) fifteen (15) years of age (or 14 where the law of the country allows), or (b) the age for completing compulsory education in the country of operations, where such age is higher than fifteen (15) years of age. Harassment or Abuse Licensee and all Sub-Contractors must certify that every employee shall be treated with respect and dignity, and that no employee shall be subject to any physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse. Nondiscrimination Licensee and all Sub-Contractors must certify that no person shall be subject to any discrimination in employment, including hiring, salary, benefits, advancement, discipline, termination or retirement, on the basis of race, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political opinion, social or ethnic origin, or any other characteristic that is protected by applicable law. Health and Safety Licensee and all Sub-Contractors must certify that workers will be provided a safe and healthy working environment to prevent accidents and injury to health arising out of, linked with, or occurring in the course of work or as a result of the operation of contractors’ facilities. Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining Licensee and all Sub-Contractors must certify that, as applicable, employees’ rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining will be recognized and respected.
Standards of Practice. You represent you have read our Residential Standards of Practice and Commercial Standards of Practice, and you will perform all inspections in accordance with them, except where your jurisdiction requires a different standard.
Standards of Practice. Section IIIA of the CONTRACT, setting out the category or special terms and conditions. with reference to SCOPE and the performance of SCOPE, the sound standards, principles, and practices that are recognised and generally accepted in the international oil, gas, and petrochemical industry. SUBCONTRACT any contract between CONTRACTOR and a SUBCONTRACTOR or between a SUBCONTRACTOR and another SUBCONTRACTOR of any tier for the performance of any part of SCOPE, including any call off under framework agreements and supply agreements for materials. SUBCONTRACTOR any party to a SUBCONTRACT, other than COMPANY and CONTRACTOR, including any employers of AGENCY PERSONNEL (except as explicitly provided otherwise). TAXES all taxes, duties, levies, import, export, customs, stamp or excise duties (including clearing and brokerage charges), charges, surcharges, withholdings, deductions, or contributions that are imposed or assessed by any competent authority of the country where SCOPE is supplied or any other country in accordance with APPLICABLE LAWS. TRADE CONTROL LAWS all APPLICABLE LAWS concerning the import, export, or re-export of goods, SOFTWARE, or technology, or their direct product, including:
Standards of Practice. Seller Parties shall operate and conduct all aspects of the Business for which it has responsibility in accordance with applicable law and professional and ethical standards. Seller Parties shall act in a manner consistent with past practice to cause each Clinical Provider to: (a) interact in a courteous, positive and constructive manner with patients and the Support Personnel; (b) conduct all activities at the Center in compliance with applicable laws and regulations; (c) promote high standards of quality of care, business ethics and integrity; (d) maintain the confidentiality of patient information and protect confidential and proprietary information of Buyer; (e) conduct activities and relationships with others so as to avoid conflicts of interest, in appearance or fact; (f) conduct business transactions with suppliers, contractors, vendors and other third parties at arms-length and free from offers or solicitation of gifts and favors, or other improper inducements; and (g) exercise responsible and reasonable stewardship to preserve and protect the assets and commercial relationships of the Business and make productive and effective use of the resources located at the Center.