Non-U.S Sample Clauses

Non-U.S. Lender”) shall deliver to the Borrower and the Administrative Agent (or, in the case of a Participant, to the Lender from which the related participation shall have been purchased) two copies of either U.S. Internal Revenue Service Form W-8BEN or Form W-8ECI, or, in the case of a Non-U.S. Lender claiming exemption from U.S. federal withholding tax under Section 871(h) or 88l(c) of the Code with respect to payments ofportfolio interest”, as defined by the Code, a statement substantially in the form of Exhibit G and a Form W-8BEN, or any subsequent versions thereof or successors thereto properly completed and duly executed by such Non-U.S. Lender claiming complete exemption from, or a reduced rate of, U.S. federal withholding tax on all payments by the Borrower under this Agreement and the other Loan Documents. Such forms shall be delivered by each Non-U.S. Lender on or before the date it becomes a party to this Agreement (or, in the case of any Participant, on or before the date such Participant purchases the related participation). In addition, each Non-U.S. Lender shall deliver such forms promptly upon the obsolescence or invalidity of any form previously delivered by such Non-U.S. Lender. Each Non-U.S. Lender shall promptly notify the Borrower at any time it determines that it is no longer in a position to provide any previously delivered certificate to the Borrower (or any other form of certification adopted by the U.S. taxing authorities for such purpose). Notwithstanding any other provision of this paragraph, a Non-U.S. Lender shall not be required to deliver any form pursuant to this paragraph that such Non-U.S. Lender is not legally able to deliver.
Non-U.S. Taxes. ***** will pay all non-U.S. taxes related to royalty payments. These payments are not deductible from any payments due to Stanford.
Non-U.S. Person: A Person that is not a U.S. Person.
Non-U.S. Recipient”) shall deliver to Borrower Representative and Agent (or any Lender granting a participation in case the Non-U.S. Recipient is a Participant) on or prior to the date on which such Non-U.S. Person becomes a party to this Agreement or a Participant (and from time to time thereafter upon the reasonable request of Borrower Representative or Agent but only if such Non-U.S. Recipient is legally entitled to do so), whichever of the following is applicable: (A) executed originals of Internal Revenue Service Form W-8BEN claiming eligibility for benefits of an income tax treaty to which the United States is a party; (B) executed originals of Internal Revenue Service Form W-8ECI; (C) executed originals of Internal Revenue Service Form W-8IMY and all required supporting documentation; (D) each Non-U.S. Recipient claiming the benefits of the exemption for portfolio interest under section 881(c) of the Code, shall provide (x) a certificate to the effect that such Non-U.S. Recipient is not (1) a “bank” within the meaning of section 881(c)(3)(A) of the Code, (2) a “10 percent shareholder” of Borrowers within the meaning of section 881(c)(3)(B) of the Code, or (3) a “controlled foreign corporation” described in section 881(c)(3)(C) of the Code and (y) executed originals of Internal Revenue Service Form W-8BEN; and/or (E) executed originals of any other form prescribed by applicable law (including FATCA) as a basis for claiming exemption from or a reduction in United States Federal withholding tax together with such supplementary documentation as may be prescribed by applicable law to permit Borrower Representative or Agent to determine the withholding or deduction required to be made. Each Non-U.S. Recipient shall promptly notify Borrower Representative and Agent (or any Lender granting a participation if the Non-U.S. Recipient is a Participant) of any change in circumstances which would modify or render invalid any claimed exemption or reduction.
Non-U.S. Assignee. If the assignment is to be made to an assignee that is organized under the laws of any jurisdiction other than the United States or any state thereof, the assignor Lender shall cause such assignee, at least five Business Days prior to the effective date of such assignment, (i) to represent to the assignor Lender (for the benefit of the assignor Lender, Agent and Borrower) that under applicable law and treaties no taxes will be required to be withheld by Agent, Borrower or the assignor with respect to any payments to be made to such assignee in respect of the Loans hereunder, (ii) to furnish to the assignor Lender (and, in the case of any assignee registered in the Register (as defined below), Agent and Borrower) either (A) U.S. Internal Revenue Service Form W-8ECI or U.S. Internal Revenue Service Form W-8BEN or (B) United States Internal Revenue Service Form W-8 or W-9, as applicable (wherein such assignee claims entitlement to complete exemption from U.S. federal withholding tax on all interest payments hereunder), and (iii) to agree (for the benefit of the assignor, Agent and Borrower) to provide to the assignor Lender (and, in the case of any assignee registered in the Register, to Agent and Borrower) a new Form W-8ECI or Form W-8BEN or Form W-8 or W-9, as applicable, upon the expiration or obsolescence of any previously delivered form and comparable statements in accordance with applicable U.S. laws and regulations and amendments duly executed and completed by such assignee, and to comply from time to time with all applicable U.S. laws and regulations with regard to such withholding tax exemption.
Non-U.S. Investors The discussion below is applicable solely to Non-U.S. Persons investing directly with the Company. The Company will be required to withhold U.S. Federal income tax at the rate of up to thirty percent (30%), or lower treaty rate, if applicable on a Non-U.S. Person’s distributive share of any U.S. source Distributions the Company realizes and certain limited types of U.S. source interest. Withholding generally is not currently required with respect to gain from the sale of portfolio securities. The Company will, however, be required to withhold on the amount of gain realized on the disposition of a “U.S. real property interest” included in a Non-U.S. Person’s Distribution at a rate of up to thirty-five percent (35%). Each Non-U.S. Person that invests in this Offering will be required to file a U.S. Federal income tax return reporting such gain. The Gain realized on the sale of all or any portion of a Membership Interest will, to the extent such gain is attributable to U.S. real property interests, be subject to U.S. income tax. The Company will be required to withhold U.S. Federal income tax at the highest rate applicable for any “effectively connected taxable income” (as that term is defined by the IRS) allocated to a Non-U.S. Person, and the amount withheld will be available as a credit against the tax shown on such Person’s return. The computation of income effectively connected with the Company may be different from the computation of the Non-U.S. Person’s effectively connected income (because, for example, when computing the Company’s effectively connected income, net operating Losses from prior years are not available to offset the Company’s current income), so in any given year the Company may be required to withhold tax with respect to its Non-U.S. Person-Investors in excess of their individual Federal income tax liability for the year. If a Non-U.S. Person invests through an entity, it may be subject to the thirty percent (30%) branch profits tax on its effectively connected income. The branch profits tax is a tax on the “dividend equivalent amount” of a non-U.S. corporation (which may apply in the case of a limited liability company), which is approximately equal to the amount of such Company’s earnings and profits attributable to effectively connected income that is not treated as reinvested in the U.S. The effect of the branch profits tax is to increase the maximum U.S. Federal income tax rate on effectively connected income from thirty...
Non-U.S. Taxes The Company may be subject to withholding and other taxes imposed by, and the Non U.S. Person might be subject to, taxation and reporting requirements in non U.S. jurisdictions. It is possible that tax conventions between such countries and the U.S. (or another jurisdiction in which a Non U.S. Member is a resident) might reduce or eliminate certain of such taxes. Xxxxxxx Homes Xxxxxxx Loans | 61 Company Operating Agreement It is also possible that in some cases, if the Non U.S. Person is a taxable Member, it might be entitled to claim U.S. tax credits or deduction with respect to such taxes, subject to certain limitations under applicable law. The Company will treat any such tax withheld from or otherwise payable with respect to income allocated to the Company as cash the Company received and will treat the Non U.S. Person as receiving a payment equal to the portion of such tax that is attributable to it. Similar provisions would apply in the case of taxes the Company is required to withhold. Xxxxxxx Homes Xxxxxxx Loans | 62 Company Operating Agreement Appendix D: Definitions The following definitions are an integral and intermingled part of Xxxxxxx Homes Xxxxxxx Loans, LLC in your understanding of the terms, meaning, this Agreement and other Agreement(s), and the relevant Regulation A Offering appertaining thereunto. These defined terms are capitalized in this Agreement. The singular form of any term defined below shall include the plural form and the plural form shall include the singular. Whenever they appear capitalized in this Agreement, the following terms shall have the meanings set forth below unless the context clearly requires a different interpretation: Act means Georgia Limited Liability Company Act, as codified in the Georgia Code, Title 14, Chapter 11 and may be amended from time to time, unless a superseding Act governing limited liability companies is enacted by the state legislature and given retroactive effect or repeals this Act in such a manner that it can no longer be applied to interpret this Agreement, in which case Act shall automatically refer to the new Act. Additional Capital Contributions mean any contribution to the capital of the Company in cash, property, or services by a Member made subsequent to the Members initial Capital Contribution.
Non-U.S. Employees. Eligible Employees who are citizens or residents of a non-U.S. jurisdiction (without regard to whether they also are citizens or residents of the United States or resident aliens (within the meaning of Code Section 7701(b)(1)(A))) may be excluded from participation in this Plan or an Offering if the participation of such Eligible Employees is prohibited under the laws of the applicable jurisdiction or if complying with the laws of the applicable jurisdiction would cause this Plan or an Offering to violate Code Section 423. In the case of the Non-423 Component, an Eligible Employee may be excluded from participation in this Plan or an Offering if the Administrator has determined that participation of such Eligible Employee is not advisable or practicable.
Non-U.S. Person: any Person, other than a United States person as defined in Code Section 7701(a)(30).