Assigning Lender definition

Assigning Lender means as specified in Section 13.8(b).
Assigning Lender means a Lender that sells a participation to an Approved Participant.
Assigning Lender has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 2.14(a).

Examples of Assigning Lender in a sentence

  • The Assigning Lender has assumed a Lender’s Commitment in the amount of EUR [ ].

  • Each of the Assigning Lender and the Applicant agrees that it will hold in trust for the other party any interest, fees and other amounts which it may receive to which the other party is entitled pursuant to the preceding sentence and pay to the other party any such amounts which it may receive promptly upon receipt.

  • Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, no Borrower shall, at any time, be obligated to pay under Section 2.14(e) to any Lender that is a Purchaser, assignee or transferee any sum in excess of the sum which such Borrower would have been obligated to pay to the Lender that was the Assigning Lender, assignor or transferor had such assignment or transfer not been effected.

  • Any interest, fees and other payments accrued to the Effective Date with respect to the Assigning Lender’s interest under the Loan Documents shall be for the account of the Assigning Lender.

  • No amendment, modification, termination, or waiver of any provision of this Agreement will be effective without the written concurrence of Assigning Lender, Administrative Agent and Additional Lender.

More Definitions of Assigning Lender

Assigning Lender has the meaning specified in Section 13.02(a).
Assigning Lender. Is defined in Section 16.1(b).
Assigning Lender. As defined in Section 10.1(a).
Assigning Lender has the meaning set forth in the definition ofRequired Lenders”.
Assigning Lender has the meaning given in Clause 31.2.
Assigning Lender is defined in Section 14.3.
Assigning Lender means as specified in Section 13.8(b). ---------------- ---------------