Any jurisdiction definition

Any jurisdiction means any state, the District of Columbia or territory of the United States of America or any other nation.
Any jurisdiction means any jurisdiction inside or outside of Canada.
Any jurisdiction means any country, place, state or territory, within or outside Australia, within which judgments of a court or other legal authority can be enforced.

Examples of Any jurisdiction in a sentence

  • Any jurisdiction using such contracts shall place its own order(s) directly with the successful contractor(s).

  • Any jurisdiction using such contracts shall place its own order(s) directly with the successful bidder(s).

  • Any jurisdiction or entity using the resultant contract(s) may enter into its own contract with the successful Contractors(s).

  • Any jurisdiction using this contract shall place its own order with the successful Bidder(s).

  • Any jurisdiction conferred on a court or tribunal under this section is without prejudice to jurisdiction exercisable apart from this section by that or any other court or tribunal.

  • Any jurisdiction using such contract(s) shall place its own order(s) directly with the successful Contractor(s).

  • If authorized by the bidder(s), resultant contract(s) will be extended to any or all of the listed jurisdictions as designated by the bidder to purchase at contract prices in accordance with contract terms.B. Any jurisdiction utilizing such contract(s) will place its own order(s) directly with the successful contractor.

  • Any jurisdiction may amend the State Building Code provided the amendments do not reduce the minimum performance standards of the codes.

  • Any jurisdiction in which your driving privileges have ever been suspended or revoked.

  • Any jurisdiction can contract with another jurisdiction or an inspection agency to provide the mandated enforcement activities.

Related to Any jurisdiction

  • Laws means, collectively, all international, foreign, Federal, state and local statutes, treaties, rules, guidelines, regulations, ordinances, codes and administrative or judicial precedents or authorities, including the interpretation or administration thereof by any Governmental Authority charged with the enforcement, interpretation or administration thereof, and all applicable administrative orders, directed duties, requests, licenses, authorizations and permits of, and agreements with, any Governmental Authority, in each case whether or not having the force of law.

  • Partner Jurisdiction means a jurisdiction that has in effect an agreement with the United States to facilitate the implementation of FATCA. The IRS shall publish a list identifying all Partner Jurisdictions.