Payments of Sample Clauses

Payments of all amounts owing hereunder with respect to any Claim shall be made immediately after the settlement between the parties of the third party Claim.
Payments of. Principal and Interest.
Payments of. Liquidated Damages

Related to Payments of

  • Payments From and after the Effective Date, the Administrative Agent shall make all payments in respect of the Assigned Interest (including payments of principal, interest, fees and other amounts) to the Assignor for amounts which have accrued to but excluding the Effective Date and to the Assignee for amounts which have accrued from and after the Effective Date.

  • Payments; Fees Agent may, in its discretion, receive and retain any amounts payable to a Defaulting Lender under the Loan Documents, and a Defaulting Lender shall be deemed to have assigned to Agent such amounts until all Obligations owing to Agent, non-Defaulting Lenders and other Secured Parties have been paid in full. Agent may apply such amounts to the Defaulting Lender’s defaulted obligations, use the funds to Cash Collateralize such Lender’s Fronting Exposure, or readvance the amounts to Borrowers hereunder. A Lender shall not be entitled to receive any fees accruing hereunder during the period in which it is a Defaulting Lender, and the unfunded portion of its Commitment shall be disregarded for purposes of calculating the unused line fee under Section 3.2.1. If any LC Obligations owing to a Defaulted Lender are reallocated to other Lenders, fees attributable to such LC Obligations under Section 3.2.2 shall be paid to such Lenders. Agent shall be paid all fees attributable to LC Obligations that are not reallocated.

  • Payments of Interest Interest on each Loan shall be due and payable in arrears on each Interest Payment Date applicable thereto and at such other times as may be specified herein. Interest hereunder shall be due and payable in accordance with the terms hereof before and after judgment, and before and after the commencement of any proceeding under any Debtor Relief Law.

  • Payments Over Any Common Collateral or Receivables Collateral or proceeds thereof received by the New First Lien Collateral Agent or any New First Lien Secured Party in connection with the exercise of any right or remedy (including set-off or credit bid) or in any Insolvency Proceeding relating to the Common Collateral not expressly permitted by this Agreement or prior to the Discharge of ABL Obligations shall be segregated and held in trust for the benefit of and forthwith paid over to the ABL Collateral Agent (and/or its designees) for the benefit of the ABL Secured Parties in the same form as received, with any necessary endorsements or as a court of competent jurisdiction may otherwise direct. The ABL Collateral Agent is hereby authorized to make any such endorsements as agent for the New First Lien Collateral Agent or the New First Lien Secured Parties. This authorization is coupled with an interest and is irrevocable.

  • Payments of Principal and Interest (a) The Class A‑1 Notes, the Class A‑2a Notes, the Class A-2b Notes, the Class A-3 Notes, the Class A-4 Notes and the Class B Notes shall accrue interest during each Interest Period at the Class A‑1 Rate, the Class A‑2a Rate, the Class A-2b Rate, the Class A-3 Rate, the Class A-4 Rate and the Class B Rate, respectively, and such interest shall be payable on each related Payment Date as specified in such Notes, pursuant to Section 5.06 of the Sale and Servicing Agreement and Section 3.01 hereof. Any installment of interest or principal payable on any Note that is punctually paid or duly provided for by the Issuer on the applicable Payment Date shall be paid to the Person in whose name such Note (or one or more Predecessor Notes) is registered on the Record Date by wire transfer in immediately available funds to the account designated by such Person.

  • Payments of Principal and Interest Prepayments Fees Section 3.01 Repayment of Loans 35 Section 3.02 Interest 35 Section 3.03 Alternate Rate of Interest 36 Section 3.04 Prepayments 37 Section 3.05 Fees 38 ARTICLE IV PAYMENTS; PRO RATA TREATMENT; SHARING OF SET-OFFS

  • Optional Payments The Borrower may from time to time and at any time upon at least one (1) Business Day’s prior written notice repay or prepay, without penalty or premium all or any part of outstanding Floating Rate Advances in an aggregate minimum amount of $10,000,000 and in integral multiples of $1,000,000 in excess thereof. Eurodollar Rate Advances may be voluntarily repaid or prepaid prior to the last day of the applicable Interest Period, subject to the indemnification provisions contained in Section 4.4, provided, that the Borrower may not so prepay Eurodollar Rate Advances unless it shall have provided at least three (3) Business Days’ prior written notice to the Administrative Agent of such prepayment and provided, further, that optional prepayments of Eurodollar Rate Advances made pursuant to Section 2.1 shall be for the entire amount of the outstanding Eurodollar Rate Advance.

  • Overdue Payments Lessee shall pay interest on all overdue payments of Rent or other monetary amounts due hereunder at the rate of fifteen percent (15%) per annum or the highest rate allowed by law, whichever is less, accruing from the date such Rent or other monetary amounts were properly due and payable.

  • Payments of Interest and Principal (a) Any installment of interest or principal, if any, payable on any Class A(2019-1) Note which is punctually paid or duly provided for by the Issuer and the Indenture Trustee on the applicable Interest Payment Date or Principal Payment Date shall be paid by the Paying Agent to the Person in whose name such Class A(2019-1) Note (or one or more Predecessor Notes) is registered on the Record Date, by wire transfer of immediately available funds to such Person’s account as has been designated by written instructions received by the Paying Agent from such Person not later than the close of business on the third Business Day preceding the date of payment or, if no such account has been so designated, by check mailed first-class, postage prepaid to such Person’s address as it appears on the Note Register on such Record Date, except that with respect to Notes registered on the Record Date in the name of the nominee of Cede & Co., payment shall be made by wire transfer in immediately available funds to the account designated by such nominee.

  • Annual Payments The Settling Distributors shall make eighteen (18) Annual Payments, each comprised of base and incentive payments as provided in this Section IV, as well as fifty percent (50%) of the amount of any Settlement Fund Administrator costs and fees that exceed the available interest accrued in the Settlement Fund as provided in Section V.C.5, and as determined by the Settlement Fund Administrator as set forth in this Agreement.