Section 12.2 Sample Clauses

Section 12.2. 41 The District shall provide tort liability coverage for all employees subject to this Agreement.
Section 12.2. 31 It is mutually agreed that vacations shall be granted at the request of the employee, provided the employee's 32 absence will not disrupt the normal activities of the School District, and provided further, that no employee 33 shall be denied accrued vacation credit due to District employment needs. Employees shall normally request 34 vacations at least five (5) days in advance.
Section 12.2. 11 All employees in classifications subject to this Agreement who are hired at a time subsequent to the 12 effective date of this Agreement, shall, as a condition of employment, become members in good 13 standing of the Union within thirty (30) days of the effective date of this Agreement or within thirty 14 (30) days of the hire date, whichever is applicable. Such employee shall then maintain his membership 15 in the Union in accordance with the previous Section.
Section 12.2. 7 Deductions for premiums for transportation assistants who are on a ten (10) month pay schedule will 8 be made from the employee's June 30 paycheck to cover premiums for July and August and from the 9 employee's July 31 paycheck to cover premiums for September provided the employee is required to 10 pay the full amount of any medical premium owing in order to assure continuous coverage.
Section 12.2. 25 The seniority rights of an employee shall be lost for the following reasons:
Section 12.2. 39 The employer agrees to follow SEBB eligibility rules for employees who are anticipated to work six 40 hundred and thirty (630) hours or more per school year. 41
Section 12.2. 29 Employees whose work year is less than two hundred sixty (260) days shall be notified of the District's