Royalty Payments Sample Clauses

Royalty Payments. (i) Royalties shall accrue when Licensed Products are invoiced, or if not invoiced, when delivered to a third party or Affiliate.
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Royalty Payments. Royalties accruing to Pfizer will be paid to Pfizer quarterly within forty-five (45) days after the end of each Agreement Quarter. Licensee will make all payments under this Agreement by wire transfer to an account of Pfizer designated by written notice from Pfizer. All royalties due to Pfizer will be payable in United States dollars. When Licensed Products are sold for monies other than United States dollars, the earned royalties will first be determined in the foreign currency of the country in which the sale was made and then converted into equivalent United States funds. The exchange rate will be that rate quoted in The Wall Street Journal on the last Business Day of the reporting period. Licensee shall bear the expense of any bank charges or any other transaction costs incurred in connection with payment under this Section 7 and will effect payment of such amount that will result in Pfizer receiving the full amount calculated for any payment with no deduction of any type. Each royalty payment shall be accompanied by a statement setting forth the elements and calculation of the royalty amount in the format specified by Pfizer. For clarity, any sale of Compound, Product and/or Licensed Product between Licensee and other MPP Licensee(s) other than for end use by such other MPP Licensee(s) shall be exempt from any royalty payment.
Royalty Payments. All payments of royalty fees shall be computed by the Licensees on a monthly basis, and shall be due and payable by wire transfer to a bank account designated by Shengqu by the 30th day of the month after the month in which Shengqu confirms the royalty statement under Clause 3.3.
Royalty Payments. Licensee agrees to pay and shall pay to TSRI with each Royalty Report the amount of royalty and/or Sublicense Payments due with respect to such quarter. If multiple technologies are covered by the licenses granted hereunder, Licensee shall specify which Licensed Patent Rights and Licensed Biological Materials are utilized for each Licensed Product or Licensed Process included in the Royalty Report. All payments due hereunder shall be deemed received when funds are credited to TSRI’s bank account and shall be payable by check or wire transfer in United States Dollars.
Royalty Payments. Royalties under this Agreement shall be paid within ninety (90) days in the case of no sublicense, and one hundred twenty (120) days, in the case of royalties received from a sublicensee, following the last day of the Calendar Quarter in which the royalties and other amounts accrue. The last such payment shall be made within ninety (90) days after termination of this Agreement. Payments shall be deemed paid as of the day on which they are received by Licensor in the manner designated by Section 3.4. Licensor and Licensee agree to negotiate in good faith any future implication on royalties caused by withholding taxes.
Royalty Payments. 7.01. Royalties earned hereunder will be accrued semi-annually and paid, less all advances, taxes, and any other charges, within sixty (60) days following each June 30th and December 31st for the preceding six (6) month period, in accordance with G2's regular accounting practices. G2 shall, however, have the right to establish reasonable reserves for returns and exchanges, said reserves not to exceed thirty percent (30%). Each reserve established hereunder shall be liquidated at the end of the following semi-annual period. If G2 makes any overpayment of royalties (e.g., by reason of an accounting error or paying royalties on Records returned later), G2 shall have the right to offset such overpayment against any subsequent payment due to Artist from G2.
Royalty Payments. Licensee shall have the option of paying the above royalties in US Dollars, Japanese Yen or Euros, according to the terms of this Section. By designating the appropriate box below, Licensee may choose to pay royalties on either a "Worldwide" or "Regional" basis. Such designation shall be binding throughout the term of this Agreement for all of Licensee's Software Titles. If Licensee elects to pay on a Worldwide basis, it shall pay royalties in US Dollars regardless of where the Finished Product Units are distributed or manufactured. If Licensee elects to pay on a Regional basis, it shall pay royalties in US Dollars, Japanese Yen or Euros in accordance with the table set forth in Section 6.1 but subject to the rest of this Section 6.2:
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Royalty Payments. Contractor shall pay to City a royalty of [insert number in words] percent ([insert number] %) of all fees received by Contractor for the licensing [or sale] of the Programs, or portions thereof until the total amount of payments received by City total [insert amount in words] dollars ($ [insert amount as number]) at which time such royalty payments shall cease.
Royalty Payments. Royalty payments shall be made to Genentech quarterly within ninety (90) days following the end of each calendar quarter for which royalties are due. Each royalty payment shall be accompanied by a report summarizing the total Net Sales during the relevant three-month period, and the calculation of royalties, if any, due thereon pursuant to Section 8.3.
Royalty Payments. Running royalties shall be payable on a quarterly basis, within sixty (60) days after the end of each Calendar Quarter, based upon the Net Sales during such Calendar Quarter. Royalties shall be calculated in accordance with GAAP and with the terms of this Article 7. Only one royalty payment shall be due on Net Sales even though the sale or use of the Licensed Product may be covered by more than one Patent or Know-How in a country.
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