Explanation Sample Clauses

Explanation i. The Total Consideration of Apartment above includes the booking amount paid by the allottee to the Promoter towards the [Apartment/Plot];
Explanation. NCTCOG will make this Master Service Agreement available to other governmental entities, Participating Entities, and non-profit agencies in Texas and the rest of the United States through its SHARE cooperative purchasing program. The Contractor is able to market the Services under this Agreement to any Participating Entity with emphasis that competitive solicitation is not required when the Participating Entity purchases off of a cooperative purchasing program such as SHARE. However, each Participating Entity will make the decision that it feels is in compliance with its own purchasing requirements. The Contractor realizes substantial efficiencies through their ability to offer pricing through the SHARE Cooperative and that will increase the sales opportunities as well as reduce the need to repeatedly respond to Participating Entities’ Requests for Proposals. From these efficiencies, Contractor will pay an administrative fee to SHARE calculated as a percentage of sales processed through the SHARE Master Services Agreement. This administrative fee is not an added cost to SHARE participants. This administrative fee covers the costs of solicitation of the contract, marketing and facilitation, as well as offsets expenses incurred by SHARE.
Explanation. In calculation of net worth, you may include equity in personal property and real estate other than your principal residence, including cash, short term investments, stocks and securities. Equity in personal property and real estate should be based on the fair market value of such property less debt secured by such property.
Explanation. (i) The Total Price includes the booking amount paid by the Allottee to the Promoter towards the Said Apartment And Appurtenances.
Explanation. In the event the Environmental Consultant is unable to certify to any of the statements in the above certification, the Environmental Consultant shall provide an immediate written explanation to the School District administrator named in Paragraph 7.1 of this Contract.
Explanation. 4.2.1 Estimates by the Professional of the construction cost in excess of the budget furnished by the Owner to the Professional must be accompanied by a full and complete explanation detailing conditions that contributed to the cost in excess of the budget.
Explanation. 1. For the purpose of considering the limit of the committees on which a director can serve, all public limited companies, whether listed or not, shall be included and all other companies including private limited companies, foreign companies and companies under Section 25 of the Companies Act shall be excluded.
Explanation. This Article defines the relationship between the express terms of the collective bargaining agreement and the rights of the Employer. Simply put, unless specifically addressed otherwise by way of a limiting term or condition in the Agreement, the Employer has the control of the workplace and exclusive right to direct the workforce. Items one (1) through fifteen (15) serve to illustrate with specificity the types of rights the Employer has unless otherwise limited.