New Equipment definition

New Equipment means equipment for which, by the cut-off date, neither of the following events has occurred:
New Equipment means except for any equipment or modified equipment to which 567—subrule 23.1(2) applies, any equipment or control equipment not under construction or for which components have not been purchased on or before September 23, 1970, and any equipment which is altered or modified after such date, which may cause the emission of air contaminants or eliminate, reduce or control the emission of air contaminants.
New Equipment means Equipment which has not previously been used other than in tests of that Equipment. “Operator” means an employee or contractor of Company who performs Services for Customer at a Worksite. “Rental Terms” means the terms in Part A of these Terms and Conditions.

Examples of New Equipment in a sentence

  • Operational Readiness Services; New Equipment Warranty Maintenance 50% discount, Post-Warranty Maintenance 10% discount.

  • I.13 IFB-032.1 New Equipment (Nov 2006) Unless otherwise specified in this invitation for bids, all products offered by Bidders must be new or remanufactured.

  • New Equipment: Obtain equipment roughing drawings and dimensions, then prepare roughing-in-drawings.

  • In 2021, our New Equipment segment had sales of $6.4 billion and operating profit of $459 million.

  • The following description of our business should be read in conjunction with Item 7 in this Form 10-K, including the information contained therein under the heading "Business Overview." Description of Business by Segment Our Company is organized into two segments, New Equipment and Service, which, for the year ended December 31, 2021, contributed 45% and 55% of our net sales, and 21% and 79% of our segment operating profit, respectively.

More Definitions of New Equipment

New Equipment means, for purposes of determining whether a dealer is a single line dealer, any equipment that could be returned to the supplier upon a termination of a dealer agreement pursuant to W.S. 40‑20‑120 and 40‑20‑121;
New Equipment means equipment that has not been sold previously to a person other than a distributor or wholesaler or equipment dealer for resale.
New Equipment means, for purposes of determining whether
New Equipment means systems subject to F.9 which were manufactured after January 1, 1985. "Normal treatment distance" means:
New Equipment means, for purposes of
New Equipment means any Systems obtained by AMD on behalf of Spansion, as requested by Spansion pursuant to the procurement provisions of Exhibit 4.1.
New Equipment means, for purposes of determining whether a dealer is a single-line dealer, equipment that can be returned to the supplier following termination of a dealer agreement under Subchapter H.