Material Management Sample Clauses

Material Management. Supplier shall ship all Consigned Material via any nationally recognized carrier selected by Company and Supplier. At the beginning of each 12 month period of this Consignment Arrangement or otherwise agreed to by Company and Supplier, Company shall issue to Supplier a "Master Purchase Order" for each Consigned Material. The Master Purchase Order shall contain Company's twelve (12) month good faith estimated annual usage for each Consigned Material. The estimated annual usage will be provided by the Company solely for administrative purpose and shall not constitute a commitment by the Company to purchase from Supplier the amount set forth in the estimated annual usage. Each week the Company shall send to Supplier a Forecast (the "Weekly Consignment Forecast") for each Consigned Material. The Weekly Consignment Forecast shall contain an updated twelve (12) month forecast, including the Company's good faith weekly estimated requirements for a minimum of the next 26 weeks, for each Consigned Material. Such Forecast shall be issued by the Company solely for Supplier's Material planning purposes and shall not constitute a commitment by the Company to purchase from Supplier the amount of Material set forth in such Weekly Consignment Forecast. The Weekly Consignment Forecast may differ from the Master Purchase Order estimated annual usage. In addition, the Weekly Consignment Forecast shall (a) show the quantities delivered by Supplier that are currently in Consigned Material storage (as hereinafter defined) and (b) list by part number the amount of Material withdrawn by Company from Consigned Material storage during such week and the balance of such Consigned Material Storage. Supplier shall invoice Company each month for Consigned Material withdrawn by Company in the previous month. Supplier shall review the Weekly Consignment Forecast and shall adjust Consigned Material Storage Stock support levels and Supplier's work in process as set forth herein for the mutually agreed to quantities. Supplier shall manufacture and ship enough Material into Consigned Material Storage so that Consigned Material Storage contains the following: one (1) week forecast plus a level of safety stock not to exceed the next three (3) weeks of Company's forecast for such part numbers based on the then current Weekly Consignment Forecast. Company's commitment to purchase Consigned Material shall be only those quantities withdrawn by Company from Consigned Material Storage and as set fort...
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Material Management a. The facility must process all incoming Metro area waste that meets the facility’s acceptance criteria into finished compost.
Material Management. 4.1 NSGT will comply with the following obligations to ensure good component material management for the Products, (a) perform component level failure analysis, (b) make its best efforts to work with Xtera’s other related vendors of the Products to reduce component lead-times and costs, and (c) implement materials management consistent with standard industry inventory management practices, including but not be limited to the use of, FIFO, minimum order quantities, and long lead-time component management.
Material Management. With the exception of Materials that are included in the Firm Fixed Price Work, the Contractor shall manage and charge all Material costs to a specific TO using CAFM. Contractor shall not charge the Judicial Council for any Materials until the Materials are utilized for a specific TO or accepted by the Judicial Council as part of a bench stockauthorization.
Material Management. 9.1. Service Provider shall supply all Materials for the Maintenance Services performed under this Agreement unless advised otherwise by Customer at list 15 days prior to the Engine scheduled Kitting Date and accepted by Service Provider in written. Customer Furnished Materials shall be equipped with proper documentation including but not limited to:
Material Management. The third major component of a proper TSSSA is Material Management. The contractor shall be responsible for all material management and shall plan material needs using material and maintenance projections which shall be developed by the Contractor. With a TSSSA, the full responsibilities of material management can reside with the contractor. The material management component of a TSSSA may include any or all of the following: Inventory Management, Reliability & Availability, Overhauls & Repairs and Full Material Management.
Material Management. SUPPLIER will, at a minimum, at no additional cost to Buyer, comply with the following obligations to ensure good Component material management for the Products: (a) ensure Component level failure analysis is performed by the vendor; (b) expedite Component returns, failure analysis and corrective actions regarding defective Components with the vendors and promptly communicate this information to BUYER; (c) actively work with vendors to reduce Component Leadtime and costs; (d) address poor Component yields with vendors and promptly provide analysis and corrective plans regarding same to BUYER; and (e) provide regular performance feedback to vendors, with a copy to BUYER. SUPPLIER will not use components procured for BUYER in any other customer products without advance written approval from BUYER.
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Material Management. WCI will provide material for the work, unless otherwise stated in the Project Conditions. Contractor shall not borrow or use materials designated by WCI for other work in nearby sites. If Contractor believes the material supplied by WCI to be insufficient for the work, Contractor shall immediately notify WCI before beginning work. If Contractor misuses the material and requires additional material to complete the work, such additional material shall be obtained at the expense of Contractor. Unused material remaining after completion of the work is the property of WCI, and shall not be removed from the site by Contractor.
Material Management. Bxxxxx will procure components from Bioheart approved manufacturers or suppliers in accordance with Bioheart’s component Specifications. Bxxxxx will be responsible for all procurement, quality acceptance, inventory management, and supplier certification/qualification of components required for the manufacture of each Product. Bxxxxx will be responsible for developing and maintaining agreements (addressing component price, support and end-of-life material management) with suppliers. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein contained, Bxxxxx does not independently warrant any components it obtains from any supplier. Bxxxxx’x sole warranty under this Agreement is set forth in Section 8.1.
Material Management. Solectron will, at a minimum, comply with the following obligations to ensure good component material management for the Products, including: (a) [*] ---------------- * Certain information on this page has been omitted and filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Confidential treatment has been requested with respect to the omitted portions. Brocade Manufacturing Agreement BROCADE CONFIDENTIAL component level failure analysis or [*] by the Brocade Vendor; (b) [*] component returns, failure analysis and corrective actions regarding defective components with the Brocade Vendors and promptly communicate this information to Brocade; (c) work with Brocade Vendors to [*] component leadtimes and costs; (d) provide regular performance feedback to Brocade Vendors, with a copy to Brocade; (e) ensure that all component materials used by Solectron to produce the Products meet the Specifications; and (f) calculate for Brocade and provide documentation of the country of origin of each of the Products and FRUs in accordance with US law. As between Solectron and Brocade, [*] will be solely responsible for all costs relating to the collection and replacement of Products and FRUs due to Solectron's use of component materials that [*].
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