Leases Sample Clauses

Leases. Each Loan Party and its Subsidiaries enjoy peaceful and undisturbed possession under all leases material to their business and to which they are parties or under which they are operating, and, subject to Permitted Protests, all of such material leases are valid and subsisting and no material default by the applicable Loan Party or its Subsidiaries exists under any of them.
Leases. Borrower has delivered (i) a true, correct and complete schedule (the “Rent Roll”) of all Leases affecting the Property as of the date hereof, which accurately and completely sets forth in all material respects for each such Lease, the following: the name of the Tenant, the Lease expiration date, extension and renewal provisions, the base rent payable, the security deposit held thereunder and any other material provisions of such Lease and (ii) true, correct and complete copies of all Leases described in the Rent Roll. Each Lease constitutes the legal, valid and binding obligation of Borrower and, to the best of Borrower’s knowledge and belief, is enforceable against the Tenant thereof. No default exists, or with the passing of time or the giving of notice or both would exist, under any Lease which would, in the aggregate, have a material adverse effect on Borrower or the Property. No Tenant under any Lease has, as of the date hereof, paid rent more than thirty (30) days in advance, and the rents under such Leases have not been waived, released, or otherwise discharged or compromised. All security deposits required under such Leases have been fully funded and are held by Borrower as permitted by applicable law. All work to be performed by Borrower under the Leases has been substantially performed, all contributions to be made by Borrower to the Tenants thereunder have been made and all other conditions precedent to each such Tenant’s obligations thereunder have been satisfied. Each Tenant under a Lease has entered into occupancy of the demised premises. To the best of Borrower’s knowledge and belief, each Tenant is free from bankruptcy, reorganization or arrangement proceedings or a general assignment for the benefit of creditors. No Lease provides any party with the right to obtain a lien or encumbrance upon the Property superior to the lien of this Mortgage.
Leases. (a) The Operating Leases (together with any certificates and notifications entered into in connection therewith) and the Operating Lease Guaranty provided to Lender on the Original Closing Date (or, with respect to those Operating Leases relating to Swap Properties, on the Closing Date) are true, correct, accurate and complete copies of such documents and constitute the entire agreement between the parties thereto with respect to the subject matter therein and there are no written agreements modifying, amending, supplementing or restating such documents. Except as set forth on Schedule X, the Properties are not subject to any space Leases other than the Operating Lease and space Leases providing for occupancy of less than one hundred (100) square feet. Each Operating Lease is a “true lease” for all purposes of the Bankruptcy Code (including Section 365(d) and 502(b)(6) thereof) and applicable Legal Requirements, and no Operating Lease constitutes a financing or conveys any interest in the Properties other than the leasehold interest therein demised thereby. Mortgage Borrower is the owner and lessor of landlord’s interest in the Operating Lease and the Operating Lease Guaranty. Currently, no Person has any possessory interest in any Individual Property or right to occupy the same except under and pursuant to the provisions of the Operating Lease, any other space Leases listed on Schedule X and, with respect to a right to occupancy only (and not a possessory interest), hotel guests. Each Operating Lease and Operating Lease Guaranty is in full force and effect and there are no material events of default thereunder by any party thereto and there are no conditions that, with the passage of time or the giving of notice, or both, would constitute a default thereunder. No Rent under any Operating Lease has been paid more than one (1) month in advance of its due date and no Rents or charges under the Operating Lease have been waived, released or otherwise discharged or compromised. There has been no prior sale, transfer or assignment, hypothecation or pledge of any Operating Lease, any Operating Lease Guaranty or of the Rents. No Operating Company has assigned the Operating Lease or sublet all or any portion of any Individual Property except pursuant to the Operating Lease and the terms hereof. (b) The Properties are not subject to any space Leases other than the Leases described in Schedule X attached hereto. Operating Company is the owner and lessor of landlord’s...
Leases. Enter as lessee into any lease arrangement for real or personal property (unless capitalized and permitted under Section 7.6 hereof) if after giving effect thereto, aggregate annual rental payments for all leased property would exceed $2,000,000 in any one fiscal year in the aggregate for all Borrowers.
Leases. Pay when due all rents and other amounts payable under any leases to which any Borrower is a party or by which any Borrower's properties and assets are bound, unless such payments are the subject of a Permitted Protest.
Leases. Schedule 1.8 attached hereto, contains an accurate and complete list and description of the terms of all leases to which the Company is a party (as lessee or lessor). Each lease set forth on Schedule 1.8 (or required to be set forth on Schedule 1.8) is in full force and effect; all rents and additional rents due to date on each such lease have been paid; in each case, the lessee has been in peaceable possession since the commencement of the original term of such lease and is not in default thereunder and no waiver, indulgence or postponement of the lessee's obligations thereunder has been granted by the lessor; and there exists no event of default or event, occurrence, condition or act (including the consummation of the transactions contemplated hereby) which, with the giving of notice, the lapse of time or the happening of any further event or condition, would become a default under such lease. The Company has not violated any of the terms or conditions under any such lease in any material respect. The property leased by the Company is in a state of good maintenance and repair and is adequate and suitable for the purposes for which it is presently being used.
Leases. (a) Each Borrower or Operating Lessee is the sole owner of the entire lessor’s interest in the Leases; (b) the Leases are the valid, binding and enforceable obligations of the applicable Borrowers or Operating Lessee and the applicable tenant or lessee thereunder; (c) the terms of all alterations, modifications and amendments to the Leases are reflected in the certified rent roll statement delivered to and approved by Lender; (d) no Rents reserved in any Leases have been assigned or otherwise pledged or hypothecated; (e) no Rents have been collected for more than one (1) month in advance; (f) the premises demised under the Leases have been completed and the tenants under the Leases have accepted the same and have taken possession of the same on a rent-paying basis; (g) there exists no offset or defense to the payment of any portion of any Rents; (h) no Lease contains an option to purchase, right of first refusal to purchase, expansion right, or any other similar provision; and (i) no Person has any possessory interest in, or right to occupy, any Individual Property except under and pursuant to a Lease.
Leases. Pay when due all rents and other amounts payable under any leases to which Borrower is a party or by which Borrower's properties and assets are bound, unless such payments are the subject of a Permitted Protest. To the extent that Borrower fails timely to make payment of such rents and other amounts payable when due under its leases, Foothill shall be entitled, in its discretion, to reserve an amount equal to such unpaid amounts against the Borrowing Base.
Leases. Seller has delivered to Buyer a complete and true copy of each Lease to which Seller is a party or by which Seller is bound, all of which are listed in Schedule 2.1(d). All Leases are in full force and effect, valid and binding in accordance with their respective terms and, to the best of Seller's knowledge, there are no existing defaults or events that, with notice or lapse of time or both, would constitute a default under any Lease. To the best of Seller's knowledge, no party to any Lease has repudiated any provision thereof. There are no disputes, oral agreements or forbearance agreements in effect as to any premises affected by any Lease. Seller has not assigned, transferred, conveyed, mortgaged, pledged, deeded in trust or encumbered any interest of Seller in any of the Leases or the estates covered therein. The execution of this Agreement and the sale of the Purchased Assets to Buyer will not constitute a default or breach of any Lease, except as specifically indicated in Schedule 2.1(d) as requiring the consent to the assignment of such Lease. Seller does not have any obligations as tenant, lessee, subtenant, sublessee or licensee under any Lease which have accrued and which have not been fully performed, nor has it received notice of any claimed default with respect to any such Lease.
Leases. Become, or permit any of its Subsidiaries to become, a lessee under any operating lease (other than a lease under which such Borrower or such Subsidiary is lessor) of Property if the aggregate Rentals payable during any current or future period of twelve (12) consecutive months under the lease in question and all other leases under which any Borrowers or any of its Subsidiaries is then lessee would exceed $6,000,000. The term “Rentals” means, as of the date of determination, all payments which the lessee is required to make by the terms of any lease.