Leases definition

Leases means all present and future leases, subleases, licenses, concessions or grants or other possessory interests now or hereafter in force, whether oral or written, covering or affecting the Mortgaged Property, or any portion of the Mortgaged Property (including proprietary leases or occupancy agreements if Borrower is a cooperative housing corporation), and all modifications, extensions or renewals.
Leases means any and all leases, subleases, concessions, licenses and other similar agreements (whether written or oral) in connection with the occupancy or use of real property, including all amendments, modifications, extensions, renewals, guaranties and other agreements with respect thereto.
Leases means all leases, subleases, licenses, concessions and other agreements (written or oral) pursuant to which the Company or any Company Subsidiary holds any Leased Real Property, including the right to all security deposits and other amounts and instruments deposited by or on behalf of the Company or any Company Subsidiary thereunder.

Examples of Leases in a sentence

  • The giving of this assignment of Rents and Leases is by way of additional and collateral security for all monies secured by this Mortgage and not in substitution for any other security and will not in any way diminish, novate or otherwise affect any other security and such other security will not diminish, novate or otherwise affect this assignment of Rents and Leases.

  • Any right or remedy under this assignment of Rents and Leases may be taken either independently or in conjunction with any other rights or remedies of the Lender under this Mortgage.

  • The Ground Leases and this Agreement represent the entire Agreement between the Parties in respect to the issues contained herein related to the Multi-Use Campus and it and shall not be amended or altered in any way other than by an amending agreement in writing duly executed by the Parties and expressly and by its terms referable to this Agreement and the provisions so amended.

  • This Agreement as and from its effective date supercedes and extinguishes all prior agreements (other than the Ground Leases) between the Parties in relation to the Multi-Use Campus.

  • The Borrower shall not grant or permit any Leases with respect to the Lands or any part thereof without the written consent of the Lender.

More Definitions of Leases

Leases has the meaning set forth in Section 3.14(b).
Leases has the meaning set forth in Section 4.10(b).
Leases means any and all leases, subleases, tenancies, options, concession agreements, rental agreements, occupancy agreements, franchise agreements, access agreements and any other agreements (including all amendments, extensions, replacements, renewals, modifications and/or guarantees thereof), whether or not of record and whether now in existence or hereafter entered into, affecting the use or occupancy of all or any portion of any Real Property.
Leases means all leases, franchises, licenses, occupancy agreements, “trade-out” agreements, advance bookings, convention reservations, or other agreements demising space in, providing for the use or occupancy of, or otherwise similarly affecting or relating to the use or occupancy of, the Improvements or Land, together with all amendments, modifications, renewals and extensions thereof, and all guaranties by third parties of the obligations of the tenants, licensees, franchisees, concessionaires or other entities thereunder.
Leases means all leases, licenses or other documents providing for the use or occupancy of any portion of any Property, including all amendments, extensions, renewals, supplements, modifications, sublets and assignments thereof and all separate letters or separate agreements relating thereto.
Leases means, with respect to any Person, all of those leasehold estates in real property of such Person, as lessee, as such may be amended, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time.
Leases means all leases, licenses and other occupancy agreements, for all or any portion of the Properties and all amendments, modifications, extensions and other agreements pertaining thereto.