Leases definition

Leases means all present and future leases, subleases, licenses, concessions or grants or other possessory interests now or hereafter in force, whether oral or written, covering or affecting the Mortgaged Property, or any portion of the Mortgaged Property (including proprietary leases or occupancy agreements if Borrower is a cooperative housing corporation), and all modifications, extensions or renewals.
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Leases means any and all leases, subleases, tenancies, options, concession agreements, rental agreements, occupancy agreements, franchise agreements, access agreements and any other agreements (including all amendments, extensions, replacements, renewals, modifications and/or guarantees thereof), whether or not of record and whether now in existence or hereafter entered into, affecting the use or occupancy of all or any portion of any Real Property.
Leases means all leases, subleases, licenses, concessions and other agreements (written or oral), including all amendments, extensions, renewals, guaranties and other agreements with respect thereto, pursuant to which any Person holds any Leased Real Property.

Examples of Leases in a sentence

Any other factor or characteristic of the Leases that would be material to the likelihood that the issuer of the Notes will pay interest and principal in accordance with applicable terms and conditions.

There are no leases, subleases, licenses, occupancy agreements or other agreements (other than the Real Property Leases) by, through or under the Target Company or the Transferred Subsidiary or, to the Target Company’s Knowledge, otherwise granting to any other Person the right of use or occupancy of any Leased Real Property.

There is no pledge or security interest granted in any of the Real Property Leases (other than Permitted Encumbrances).

Accordingly, we make no representation and express no opinion or conclusion as to (a) the existence of the Leases, (b) questions of legal or tax interpretation and (c) the accuracy, completeness or reasonableness of any instructions, assumptions and methodologies provided to us by GMF, on behalf of the Sponsor, that are described in this report.

The Company has delivered to Parent complete and accurate copies of (i) all Leases relating to the Leased Real Property, and in the case of any oral Lease, a summary of the material terms of such Lease, and (ii) all title reports, surveys and title policies in the possession or control of the Company with respect to the Leased Real Property.

More Definitions of Leases

Leases means all leases, subleases, licenses, concessions and other agreements (written or oral), including all amendments, extensions, renewals, guarantees and other agreements with respect thereto, pursuant to which any Group Company holds any Leased Real Property, including the right to all security deposits and other amounts and instruments deposited by or on behalf of any Group Company.
Leases means all leases, franchises, licenses, occupancy agreements, “trade-out” agreements, advance bookings, convention reservations, or other agreements demising space in, providing for the use or occupancy of, or otherwise similarly affecting or relating to the use or occupancy of, the Improvements or Land, together with all amendments, modifications, renewals and extensions thereof, and all guaranties by third parties of the obligations of the tenants, licensees, franchisees, concessionaires or other entities thereunder.
Leases means, with respect to any Person, all of those leasehold estates in real property of such Person, as lessee, as such may be amended, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time.
Leases means all leases, licenses or other documents providing for the use or occupancy of any portion of any Property, including all amendments, extensions, renewals, supplements, modifications, sublets and assignments thereof and all separate letters or separate agreements relating thereto.
Leases means all oil and gas leases, oil, gas and mineral leases, oil, gas and casinghead gas leases or any other instruments, agreements, or conveyances under and pursuant to which the owner thereof has or obtains the right to enter upon lands and explore for, drill, and develop such lands for the production of Hydrocarbons.
Leases means all leases, license agreements and other occupancy or use agreements (whether oral or written), now or hereafter existing, which cover or relate to the Property or any part thereof, together with all options therefor, amendments thereto and renewals, modifications and guaranties thereof, including any cash or security deposited under the Leases to secure performance by the tenants of their obligations under the Leases, whether such cash or security is to be held until the expiration of the terms of the Leases or applied to one or more of the installments of rent coming due thereunder.
Leases means any tenancy agreement, agreement to lease (if applicable), lease, sublease, or licence to occupy in respect of the property, and includes any receipt or other evidence of payment of any bond and any formal or informal document or letter evidencing any variation, renewal, extension, review, or assignment.