Section 7.6 Sample Clauses

Section 7.6. 33 Five (5) vacation days currently due but unused by the new accrual date each year may be carried over 34 for one (1) year following the accrual date. No vacation may be carried over for more than one (1) year 35 beyond the date on which it became due; provided, however, no employee shall be denied accrued 36 vacation benefits due to District employment needs.
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Section 7.6. 18 Regular part-time qualified personnel from within the same kitchen shall be given preference in filling 19 a casual substitute vacancy in any classification.
Section 7.6. 7 Employees will be paid their regular hourly rate for the actual time spent in meetings required by the 8 District, one-half (1/2) hour will constitute the minimum payment for attending.
Section 7.6. 34 Employees requested to work a shift regularly filled by a higher classification employee shall receive 35 compensation equal to that normally received by the employee in the higher classification, provided 36 that such an employee has worked one (1) day or more in the higher classification position. 37 Subsequent times filling the same higher classification position by the same employee will be 38 compensated at the higher rate for the entire time worked.
Section 7.6. 43 When the District determines that a higher paid position needs to be filled in the absence of a regular 44 employee, the employee who works the shift will receive the higher rate from the first (1st) day of the 45 assignment.
Section 7.6. 20 Employees requested to work a shift regularly filled by a higher classification employee shall receive 21 compensation at their seniority step level and at the rate of pay of the position for which they are 22 subbing. If asked to substitute, during their regular work shift, for a classification that is lower, the 23 employee shall receive their normal rate of pay.
Section 7.6. 3 Employees required to work through their regular lunch periods will be given time to eat at a time agreed 4 upon by the employee and his supervisor. In the event the District requires an employee to forego his 5 lunch period and the employee works his entire shift, including the lunch period, he shall be compensated 6 for the foregone lunch period. 10 A R T I C L E V I I I 12 OVERTIME
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Section 7.6. 10 Recognizing that personnel in the transportation classification present special shift problems, the 11 parties agree that shifts shall be established in that classification in relation to routes and driving times
Section 7.6. 2 All bus drivers shall receive pay for bus pre-trip and post-trip time as outlined in the table below. This
Section 7.6. 30 In the event of an unusual school closure due to inclement weather, plant in-operation, or the like, the 31 District will make every effort to notify each employee to refrain from coming to work. Employees 32 reporting to work shall receive a minimum of two (2) hour's pay at base rate in the event of such a closure; 33 provided, however, no employee shall be entitled to any such compensation in the event of actual 34 notification by the District of the closure prior to leaving home for work.
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