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PURPOSES OF THIS AGREEMENT. Employee understands that the Company is engaged in a continuous program of research, development, production and marketing in connection with the Company’s business and that it is critical for the Company to preserve and protect the Company’s Proprietary Information (as defined in this Agreement), the Company’s rights in Inventions (as defined in this Agreement) and all related intellectual property rights of the Company. Accordingly, Employee is entering into this Agreement as a condition of Employee’s employment with the Company, whether or not Employee is expected to, or does, create Inventions (as defined in this Agreement) of value for the Company. Employee understands and agrees that the Company’s remedies for Employee’s breach of this Agreement include, without limitation, termination of Employee’s employment with the Company. The parties acknowledge and agree that a breach of this Agreement does not and shall not nullify this Agreement.
PURPOSES OF THIS AGREEMENT. (1) The DHB and the Provider have entered into this Agreement to:
PURPOSES OF THIS AGREEMENT. 1.01 The Parties acknowledge that those objectives and purposes of the University, as an institution of higher and applied learning, which are relevant to their relationship, are the attainment of high standards of academic achievement, the advancement of learning, and the pursuit, dissemination and application of knowledge. The Parties and the individuals whom they represent recognize and agree that they each, collectively and individually, have a responsibility to encourage within the University a climate of intellectual freedom, responsibility, and mutual respect which is conducive to the achievement of these objectives and purposes.
PURPOSES OF THIS AGREEMENT. The purposes of this Data Management Agreement (the "Agreement") are the following:
PURPOSES OF THIS AGREEMENT. The purposes of this Agreement are (a) to insure the retention of the Optionee as Chief Operating Officer of the Company and (b) to provide incentive to the Optionee to devote his utmost effort and skill to the advancement and betterment of the Company, by permitting him to participate in the ownership of the Company and, thereby, in the success and increased value of the Company that he has helped to produce. It is intended that the option issued pursuant to this Agreement shall not constitute an incentive stock option within the meaning of Section 422A of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as now or hereafter amended (the "Code"); rather, the Option is intended to constitute a nonqualified stock option.
PURPOSES OF THIS AGREEMENT a. To define an agreed upon process for ensuring proper identification of 340B drugs dispensed to PHC beneficiaries to the State of California, so as to ensure compliance with DHCS and HRSA policy and federal law.
PURPOSES OF THIS AGREEMENT. The Customer hereby requests MBKE, and MBKE hereby agrees to provide the following services (the “Services”):