Pursuant to A Sample Clauses

Pursuant to A. R.S. § 12-1518, disputes under this Contract shall be resolved through the use of arbitration when the case or lawsuit is subject to mandatory arbitration pursuant to rules adopted under A.R.S. § 12 -133.
Pursuant to A. R.S. § 38-504, a current or former public officer or employee within the last twelve (12) months shall not represent another organization before the City on any matter for which the officer or employee was directly concerned and personally participated in during their service or employment or over which they had a substantial or material administrative discretion. Further, while employed by the City and for two (2) years thereafter, public officers or employees are prohibited from disclosing or using, without appropriate authorization, any confidential information acquired by such personnel in the course of his or her official duties at the City.
Pursuant to A. R.S. §§ 35-391.06 and 35-393.06, each Party certifies that it does not have a scrutinized business operation, as defined in A.R.S. §§ 35-391 and 35-393, in either Sudan or Iran.
Pursuant to A. R.S. §§ 1-501 and 1-502, the City of Phoenix is prohibited from awarding a contract to any natural person who cannot establish that such person is lawfully present in the United States. To establish lawful presence, a person must produce qualifying identification and sign a City-provided affidavit affirming that the identification provided is genuine. This requirement will be imposed at the time of contract award. This requirement does not apply to business organizations such as corporations, partnerships or limited liability companies.
Pursuant to A. A.C. R14-2-1612.K.11, the Company shall retain ownership of Current Transformers (CT's) and Potential Transformers (PT's) for those customers taking service at voltage levels of more than 25kV. For customers whose metering services are provided by an ESP, a monthly facilities charge will be billed, in addition to all other applicable charges shown above, as determined in the service contract based upon the Company's cost of CT and PT ownership, maintenance and operation. DETERMINATION OF KW The kW used for billing purposes shall be the average kW supplied during the 15-minute period of maximum use during the month, as determined from readings of the delivery meter.
Pursuant to A. R.S. Section 15-1105 et seq., User agrees to procure, at its expense, and maintain during the term hereof, a policy of general liability insurance, against claims for bodily injury, death, and property damage occurring in connection with User’s use of any portion of Facility and/or Facility’s contents, which insurance shall name District as an additional insured and be primary and noncontributing to any coverage maintained by or on behalf of District. Such insurance shall have minimum limits of one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) per occurrence and shall not exclude claims and legal actions arising from communicable diseases. User shall provide District with a certificate evidencing such insurance coverage is in effect. This provision may be waived, at the discretion of the District, for certain school-related groups who fall under the District’s insurance coverage Uncompensated Use
Pursuant to A. R.S. §23-1022(D), for the purposes of workerscompensation coverage, all employees of each Party covered by this Agreement shall be deemed to be an employee of all Parties. The agency which regularly employs an employee entitled to workers’ compensation arising out of work associated with this Agreement shall be the agency solely liable for payment of all workers’ compensation and related benefits.