Security Deposits Sample Clauses

Security Deposits. The Owner hereby grants the Agent power to collect security deposits from the tenants on the Property. Returning said security deposit shall be the responsibility of the: (check one) ☐ - Agent for returning to vacating tenants. ☐ - Owner for returning to vacating tenants.
Security Deposits. Borrower shall keep and hold all security deposits under Leases in accordance with applicable Legal Requirements and at a separately designated account under Borrower’s control at the Clearing Bank (or in another Eligible Account at an Eligible Institution) (and in the case of a letter of credit, assigned with full power of attorney and executed sight drafts to Lender) so that the security deposits shall not be commingled with any other funds of Borrower (such account, the “Security Deposit Account”). After the occurrence of an Event of Default, Borrower shall, upon Lender’s request, if permitted by applicable Legal Requirements, turn over to Lender the security deposits (and any interest theretofore earned thereon) under Leases, to be held by Lender in a Subaccount (the “Security Deposit Subaccount”) subject to the terms of the Leases. After the occurrence of an Event of Default, Borrower shall also deliver to Lender (for deposit into the Security Deposit Subaccount) all amounts drawn under any letters of credit held by Borrower in lieu of cash security deposits. Security deposits held in the Security Deposit Subaccount will be released by Lender upon notice from Borrower together with such evidence as Lender may reasonably request that such security deposit is required to be returned to a tenant pursuant to the terms of a Lease. Any funds in the Security Deposit Subaccount which Borrower is permitted to retain pursuant to the applicable provisions of any Lease which has expired or has been terminated, cancelled or surrendered shall be paid to Lender and transferred by Lender into the Rollover Reserve Subaccount, to be applied and disbursed in accordance with the provisions of Section 3.5 hereof. Any letter of credit or other instrument that Borrower receives in lieu of a cash security deposit under any Lease entered into after the date hereof shall (i) be maintained in full force and effect in the full amount unless replaced by a cash deposit as hereinabove described and (ii) if permitted pursuant to any Legal Requirements, name Lender as payee or mortgagee thereunder (or at Lender’s option, be fully assignable to Lender).
Security Deposits. In the event of a material adverse change in CLEC’s financial condition subsequent to the Effective Date of this Agreement, Qwest may request a security deposit. A “material adverse change in financial condition” means CLEC is a new CLEC with no established credit history, or is a CLEC that has not established satisfactory credit with Qwest, or the Party is repeatedly delinquent in making its payments, or is being reconnected after a disconnection of Service or discontinuance of the processing of orders by Qwest due to a previous failure to pay undisputed charges in a timely manner or due to the failure by CLEC to cure a breach of this Agreement in a timely manner. Qwest may require a deposit to be held as security for the payment of charges before the orders from CLEC will be provisioned and completed or before reconnection of Service. "Repeatedly Delinquent" means any payment of a material amount of total monthly Billing under this Agreement received after the Payment Due Date, three (3) or more times during the last twelve (12) month period. The deposit may not exceed the estimated total monthly charges for a two (2) month period based upon recent Billing. The deposit may be an irrevocable bank letter of credit, a letter of credit with terms and conditions acceptable to Qwest, or some other form of mutually acceptable security such as a cash deposit. The deposit may be adjusted by CLEC’s actual monthly average charges, payment history under this Agreement, or other relevant factors, but in no event will the security deposit exceed five million dollars ($5,000,000.00). Required deposits are due and payable within thirty (30) Days after demand and non-payment is subject to the terms and provisions of Section 8.2 and Section 8.3 of this Agreement.
Security Deposits. The total of the above deposits shall secure compliance with the terms and conditions of this agreement and shall be refunded to RESIDENT within days after the premises have been completely vacated less any amount necessary to pay OWNER; a) any unpaid rent, b) cleaning costs, c) key replacement costs, d) cost for repair of damages to premises and/or common areas above ordinary wear and tear, and e) any other amount legally allowable under the terms of this agreement. A written accounting of said charges shall be presented to RESIDENT within days of move-out. If deposits do not cover such costs and damages, the RESIDENT shall immediately pay said additional costs for damages to OWNER.
Security Deposits. All security or other deposits of Tenants of the Property shall be treated as trust funds and shall, if required by law or the applicable Lease not be commingled with any other funds of Borrower, and such deposits shall be deposited, upon receipt of the same by Borrower in a separate trust account maintained by Borrower expressly for such purpose. Within ten (10) Business Days after written request by Lender, Borrower shall furnish to Lender reasonably satisfactory evidence of compliance with this Section 8.7.5, together with a statement of all lease securities deposited with Borrower by the Tenants and the location and account number of the account in which such security deposits are held.
Security Deposits. Manager shall collect, deposit, hold, disburse and pay security deposits as required by applicable State law and all other applicable laws, and in accordance with the terms of each tenant’s lease. The amount of each security deposit will be specified in the tenant’s lease. Security deposits shall be deposited into a separate non-interest-bearing account unless otherwise required by law (the “Security Deposit Account”) at a Depository selected by Manager and approved by Owner. The Security Deposit Account shall be established in the name of Manager and held separate from all other of Manager’s funds and accounts, unless Owner informs Manager, in writing that it intends to hold the Security Deposit Account. If such account is held by Manager, only representatives of Manager will be signatories to this account. To the extent possible, the Security Deposit Account shall be fully insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Owner agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Manager, and Manager’s representatives, officers, directors and employees for any loss or liability with respect to any use by Owner of the tenant security deposits that is inconsistent with the terms of tenant leases and applicable laws.
Security Deposits. Attached hereto as Schedule 3.2(m) is a true and complete list of the security deposits (whether in the form of cash, letter of credit or otherwise) under the Leases being held by the Sellers, organized by Property and by Tenant.
Security Deposits. The Owner hereby grants the Agent power to collect security deposits from the tenants on the Property. Returning said security deposit shall be the responsibility of the: (check one) ☐ - Agent. ☐ - Owner.
Security Deposits. Borrower is in compliance in all material respects with all Legal Requirements relating to security deposits.
Security Deposits. In accordance with Section 5.1(d) of the Closed-End Servicing Agreement, on the Closed-End Exchange Note Payment Date related to the Closed-End EN Collection Period in which a Security Deposit becomes a Closed-End Exchange Note Collection with respect to the 20[ ]-[ ] Reference Pool, the Servicer shall deposit such amounts (including, as applicable, any Required Deposit Amount) in the Exchange Note Collection Account.