Interviews Sample Clauses

Interviews. An applicant for a posted position with the Employer who is not on a leave of absence without pay and who has been called for an interview shall suffer no loss of basic earnings to attend. Should an employee require a leave of absence from duties for the interview, their supervisor shall be notified as soon as the requirement to appear for an interview is made known.
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Interviews. For the purposes of selection for regular faculty vacancies and/or qualified to teach interviews, regular faculty members who have been laid off, and who have recall rights, will be treated as internal candidates. Applications of internal candidates will be considered prior to consideration of external candidates. Internal candidates who meet the qualified to teach criteria will be considered qualified to teach the applicable courses within the DDP. Internal candidates who meet the criteria for selection will be awarded the position. Internal candidates who are recalled to a new DDP shall be required to fulfill a one (1) year probationary period. If no evaluation takes place, the candidates will be considered to have successfully passed probation. Internal candidates have the right to request that a representative of the Association be present during interviews arising out of this provision.
Interviews. Tenant agrees to allow City to interview any of Tenant’s employees to discuss any matters pertinent to Tenant’s use, occupancy, or operations at the Premises and the Airport.
Interviews. With prior notice, paid work time will be allowed for the purpose of interviewing for positions within state service, including positions at the College. If travel is required for an interview within state service, up to four (4) hours of paid work time will be allowed. Additional travel time will be granted through the use of paid leave, schedule adjustments, or leave-without pay.
Interviews. A. Positions with the University. With prior notice, paid release time will be granted for the purposes of taking an examination or interviewing for positions with the University. Employee-requested schedule changes may be granted in accordance with Article 7, Hours of Work, when taking an examination or interviewing.
Interviews. Employees called for interviews relating to other employment opportunities within the Universities shall be allowed a reasonable time away from their jobs to attend the interviews without the use of leave with or without pay. A reasonable amount of time is defined as the time necessary to travel to the interview location, complete the interview and return to the worksite, up to a maximum of two (2) hours. An employee who needs more than two (2) hours for an interview shall be allowed to use accrued leave and/or leave without pay for the balance of the interview in excess of two (2) hours.
Interviews. During the Review Period, Seller shall permit Buyer and its agents to interview, as part of its due diligence regarding the Property (and not in connection with employment), Seller’s employees and such other persons as reasonably requested by Buyer, provided, however, that (i) such interviews shall cause minimal disruption in Seller’s business and (ii) Buyer shall provide Seller with actual written facsimile notice, at 000-000-0000 no less than forty eight hours prior to the intended date of the interview. Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary, the General Manager and the Director of Sales (collectively, the “Retained Employees”) may be offered positions with Seller or its affiliates, and Buyer cannot interview or employ the Retained Employees without Seller’s written consent.
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Interviews. To ensure an effective investigation and accurate documentation of the investigation:
Interviews. The Employer shall conduct interviews with all applicants for any posted job vacancy who meet the job selection criteria referred to in this Article. Paid time off work for such purposes shall be granted by the Employer. This Clause 14.03(c) shall not apply where the job vacancy is filled by an Employee's return, in accordance with Clause 14.04(e)(i) below to a previously held position.
Interviews. A. Employees will receive leave of absence with pay for interviewing for positions within the employee’s college, if scheduled during an employee’s scheduled work time.
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