Investigations Sample Clauses

Investigations. A. If the Employer places an employee on administrative leave for investigatory purposes, the Employer will notify the employee prior to the onset of the leave of the subject of the investigation. At the conclusion of an investigation, where the Employer elects not to take corrective action, the employee will be provided with a notification that the investigation is completed and that no corrective action will be imposed.
Investigations. 22.1 (a) The parties to this License shall cooperate fully and faithfully with any investigation, audit or inquiry conducted by a State of New York (hereinafter “State”) or City governmental agency or authority that is empowered directly or by designation to compel the attendance of witnesses and to examine witnesses under oath, or conducted by the Inspector General of a governmental agency that is a party in interest to the transaction, submitted bid, submitted proposal, contract, lease, permit, or license that is the subject of the investigation, audit or inquiry.
Investigations. To the extent permitted by applicable Law, the Reinsurer shall promptly notify the Ceding Company, in writing, of any and all investigations of the Reinsurer conducted by any Governmental Entity commencing after the date hereof, other than routine State insurance department examinations that do not relate to the business reinsured pursuant to this Agreement or would not otherwise reasonably be expected to adversely affect the performance by the Reinsurer of its obligations under this Agreement.
Investigations. (a) In the event of an Incident, an Investigation into the Incident in the circumstances set out in Schedule 8 must be commenced as soon as practicable unless otherwise agreed between the Parties and must be conducted in the manner and by the persons prescribed in Schedule 8.
Investigations. If a Default occurs pursuant to this Agreement or any other Loan Document, the Lender or its designee shall have the right, upon reasonable notice to the Borrower, to enter upon the Improvements and conduct such tests, investigation and sampling, including, but not limited to, installation of monitoring wells, as shall be reasonably necessary for the Lender to determine whether any disposal of Hazardous Substances has occurred on, at or near the Improvements. The costs of all such tests, investigations and samplings shall be considered as additional Obligations secured by the Collateral and shall become immediately due and payable without notice and with interest thereon at the highest rate then borne by any of the Obligations.
Investigations. Promptly, and in any event within ten Business Days after receipt thereof by any Loan Party or any Subsidiary thereof, copies of each notice or other correspondence received from the SEC (or comparable agency in any applicable non-U.S. jurisdiction) concerning any investigation or possible investigation or other inquiry by such agency regarding financial or other operational results of any Loan Party or any Subsidiary thereof;