Investigations Sample Clauses

Investigations. The respective representations and warranties of the Parties contained in this Agreement or any certificate or other document delivered by any Party at or prior to the Closing and the rights to indemnification set forth in Article XI shall not be deemed waived or otherwise affected by any investigation made, or knowledge acquired, by a Party.
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Investigations. A. If the Employer places an employee on administrative leave for investigatory purposes, the Employer will notify the employee prior to the onset of the leave of the subject of the investigation. At the conclusion of an investigation, where the Employer elects not to take corrective action, the employee will be provided with a notification that the investigation is completed and that no corrective action will be imposed.
Investigations. The process for investigations of any Non-Conformance shall be handled in accordance with the Clinical Quality Agreement.
Investigations. Any and all representations, warranties, covenants and agreements made in this Mortgage (and/or in other Loan Documents) shall survive any investigation or inspection made by or on behalf of Mortgagee.
Investigations. The Parties agree to work collaboratively on any investigation relating to the School that may involve each other’s employees to the extent necessary to promptly and accurately complete any such investigation.
Investigations. (a) In the event of an Incident, an Investigation into the Incident in the circumstances set out in Schedule 8 must be commenced as soon as practicable unless otherwise agreed between the Parties and must be conducted in the manner and by the persons prescribed in Schedule 8.
Investigations. The Xxxxxxx, when requested by one or a number of employees whom that Xxxxxxx represents, may investigate the basis for any dispute arising under this Agreement and may, at any stage, assist the employee(s) in seeking resolution of such dispute through the grievance procedure provided herein. A staff representative of the Association may substitute in place of the Xxxxxxx at the third step (Agency Head) or sooner if the agency is represented by other than the supervisor or intermediate supervisor. The Association may substitute an Association staff person in place of the Xxxxxxx if the Xxxxxxx is not available.
Investigations. No action taken pursuant to this Agreement, including, without limitation, any investigation by or on behalf of any party, shall be deemed to constitute a waiver by the party taking such action of compliance with any representations, warranties, covenants or agreements contained in this Agreement.
Investigations. You agree to cooperate with us in our investigation of any unusual, improper, unauthorized, suspicious or fraudulent activities relating to the transmission of Deposit Items or the use of the Mobile Remote Deposit Services. You also agree to provide reasonable assistance to us in our investigation of any poor quality transmissions or resolution of other customer claims relating to the Mobile Remote Deposit Services.
Investigations. 22.1 (a) The parties to this License shall cooperate fully and faithfully with any investigation, audit or inquiry conducted by a State of New York (hereinafter “State”) or City governmental agency or authority that is empowered directly or by designation to compel the attendance of witnesses and to examine witnesses under oath, or conducted by the Inspector General of a governmental agency that is a party in interest to the transaction, submitted bid, submitted proposal, contract, lease, permit, or license that is the subject of the investigation, audit or inquiry.