Copying Sample Clauses

Copying. The Employee agrees that copying or transferring Confidential Information (by any means) shall be done only as needed in furtherance of and for use in the Employer’s and its Affiliate’s business, and consistent with the Employee’s duties with the Employer. The Employee further agrees that copies of Confidential Information shall be treated with the same degree of confidentiality as the original information and shall be subject to all restrictions herein.
Copying of the server portion of the Software together with a copy of the Licensee’s data is allowed only for backup purposes. Using such a copy for other purposes is chargeable. Such usage includes but is not limited to:
Copying. The Content Protection System shall not enable copying or recording of protected content. Copying protected content as an encrypted file is permitted as long as playback is only enabled on the device to which the playback license was issued. EMBEDDED INFORMATION
Copying. Licensee shall not copy the Products, except that Licensee may make and maintain one (1) copy of the Products for back-up and archival purposes, provided such copy includes all Vital Images copyright, proprietary rights and other notices included on or in the Products.
Copying. Except as granted in 2.2. and 2.3., You may not copy the Font Software or allow third parties to copy the Font Software. Any (allowed) copy of the Font Soft- ware must contain the same copyright, trademark, and other proprietary information as the original.
Copying. Customer may make and distribute copies of Licensed Products for use by its end users as outlined in this agreement. Copies must be true and complete copies (including copyright and trademark notices) and be made from media or a network source acquired from or made available by a Microsoft approved fulfillment source for that Product. Customer may use a third party to make and install these copies, but agrees to be responsible for that third party's actions. Customer agrees to use reasonable efforts to ensure that its employees, agents, and other individuals understand that the Products are licensed from Microsoft and subject to the terms of this agreement. Customer must place an order for each copy of Products it used and not previously submitted an order.
Copying. Except for the passing of Type 2 Audio DT Data to permitted recording technologies of Section 3.3, Licensed Products shall be constructed such that Type 2 Audio DT Data received via their Sink Functions may not, once decrypted, be stored except as Transitory Audio Data.