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Payment for Services. The Settlement System Administrator shall be entitled to recover from the Pool Members and Parties charges in accordance with and pursuant to the Appendix hereto.
Payment for Services means payment made for services in or incidental to harvesting, hauling or chipping wood, and does not involve transfer of title to the wood. [PL 1983, c. 804, §2 (NEW).]
Payment for Services. ISF Importer will pay compensation to SEKO for the services, per ISF transaction and per amendment. at an agreed to price. TERM/TERMINATION: This agreement may be terminated by either party upon written notice to the other party.

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  • Payment for Services provided as of the date of termination must be made in accordance with the Section 13 of this Subcontract.

  • Payment for Services and any goods shall not constitute acceptance.

  • Payment for Services completed to the date of notification shall be made to Vendor except that no payment shall be made or due to Vendor under this Agreement beyond those amounts appropriated and budgeted by the Board to fund payments under this Agreement.

  • So long as Contractor has provided University with its current and accurate Federal Tax Identification Number in writing,] University will pay Contractor for the performance of Work in accordance with Exhibit C, Payment for Services.

  • Payment for Services You agree to pay all fees and charges in accordance with your chosen payment plan and payment method specified in Sections D and E above.

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Payment for Services. All shamanic rituals as well as any follow-up integrative wellness sessions that may be desired are offered on a sliding scale fee structure from $120-$175 per session. You get to decide which amount within this range fits best for you at the intersection of the value you feel you have received and your current available financial resources. The rituals themselves are all done in person at The Healing House (000 Xxxxxx Xxxxxx) or on-site if the ritual is related to a piece of land or a home. Follow-up sessions are currently available via phone, video (Zoom or Facetime) or in person (only on certain days of the week). I accept cash, check, VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express as forms of payment. A $25 service fee will be charged in the event of a returned check. If two incidences of returned checks occur, then only cash or credit will be accepted from that point forward. Cancellation and missed appointments policy: Please notify me at least 24-hours in advance if you need to cancel a scheduled ritual. Late notifications unrelated to an emergent health or childcare issue and all missed appointments (without any prior notification) for scheduled rituals will be charged a late cancellation fee of $120. The fee may be paid before or at your rescheduled appointment. Please initial here: My signature affirms the following:
Payment for Services. The SCSC will provide Contractor payments for services provided utilizing the Fee and Invoice Schedules below. The compensation provided by the SCSC under this Contract shall serve as compensation for the Contractor’s time and effort as well as payment for all related travel expenses incurred as a result of this Contract. The Contractor shall not be entitled to any other travel reimbursement from the SCSC for services provided under this Contract. The maximum amount that can be paid by the SCSC to the Contractor under this Contract shall be [Contract Amount with Contingencies] ($) unless the Contract is amended in writing under the provisions of this Contract. The SCSC shall have the right to withhold or deduct payments in the event of the Contractor's nonperformance. The SCSC will provide the Contractor compensation for the audit services provided under this contract utilizing the fee proposal outlined in Contractor’s final response as accepted by the SCSC as described below. The Base Fee for services provided under this contract shall be: [List of Base Fee] In the event the Contractor identifies unforeseen circumstances while providing services to an Engaged School that will require additional time and expense of the Contractor, the Contractor may request an amendment to the Fee Schedule. Any request to amend the Fee Schedule must be made in writing to the SCSC Executive Director and shall state the reasons for the amendment. The SCSC Executive Director may approve amendments to the Fee Schedule of no more than (Per School Contingency Amount) per Engaged School and the total of such amendments shall not exceed (Overall Contingency Amount) under this contract. The determination to amend the Fee Schedule is in the sole discretion of the SCSC Executive Director. In the event unforeseen circumstances arise that exceed the scope of this Contract and the fees outlined herein, the parties agree to negotiate additional services and fees in good faith. In the event the Contractor identifies that an Engaged School that requires a Single Audit pursuant to 2 C.F.R. § 200.501, the SCSC Executive Director may approve a Single Audit Fee of no more than $3,500 per major program tested. The total of such fees shall not exceed $35,000 under this contract. In the event the Contractor does not provide a final audit report to the governing board of an Engaged School by November 1, 2017, the SCSC will reduce the total fee the Contractor would have received for that Engaged Sc...
Payment for Services. I understand that Xxxxx Xxxxxxx may bill my health plan for the care I receive. I agree that payments from my health plan may go directly to Xxxxx Xxxxxxx. If I should receive the payments, I understand that I will be responsible for paying Xxxxx Xxxxxxx. I assign the benefits payable for health care services to the physicians and/or organizations furnishing the services. I authorize direct payment to Xxxxx Xxxxxxx and all other providers of service to me, of any insurance, personal injury or other benefits otherwise payable to me or the patient. I acknowledge the financial responsibility for any coinsurance, deductible or other sum not received by the hospital from any third party source for the care and services rendered to me or the patient. I assign my right to appeal a denial of payment to Xxxxx Xxxxxxx for services rendered to me. I understand that Xxxxx Xxxxxxx may be treated as an out of network provider by my health plan for services rendered at Xxxxx Xxxxxxx. In such case, my copay or deductible may be greater than if services were rendered at an in network facility or lab. This means that your insurance may cover less than expected depending upon your health plan. I understand that I must pay any co-payment or other part of the bill that my health plan says I must pay including a higher deductible or copay as a result of out of network benefits. I know that I may need to pay this before I am treated. Patients seen in a clinic or outpatient setting may receive multiple bills. The hospital is permitted to bill a fee for outpatient visits, commonly referred to as a “facility fee”, for the use of hospital facilities or space, clinics, supplies, tests, procedures, equipment, and non-physician services, including but not limited to the services of non-physician clinicians. I understand that all professional services of physicians are billed separately from the hospital bill. I understand that I am responsible for the charges of all physicians and ancillary services involved in my treatment. I understand that hospital rates for hospitals located in the State of Maryland are subject to change without notice during the course of my outpatient treatment. This does not apply to Xxxxxx Memorial Hospital, a hospital located in the District of Columbia. This does not apply to Xxxxx Xxxxxxx All Children’s Hospital and Pediatric Physician Services, Inc. and West Coast Neonatology Inc. located in Florida. I understand that at Maryland hospitals I am entitled to ...
Payment for Services. ISF Importer will pay compensation to Dependable Global Express for the services based on $35.00 per Filing, including 3 Harmonized Tariff Schedule classifications, three manufacturers, three stuffing locations, three ultimate consignees and three ship to parties, $3.00 each after. $15.00 per amendment.
Payment for Services. For the Services set forth in Article 1.1, Client shall pay to Designer the amount of $ _ . Payment shall be made as follows: Within 5 days following the Effective Date, Client shall pay to Designer a non-refundable initial payment of $ (50% of the total amount due). Upon Designers notification to Client of the completion of the Services, Client shall pay to Designer $ _. Such fee is due and payable prior to Designer’s delivery of the completed Services. OR
Payment for Services. Fees for the Services provided hereunder are based on the commercial terms set forth in the applicable Agreement. Client will reimburse GRPR for actual expenses incurred by it in connection with the provision of Services as set forth on any invoices submitted to Client. Any invoice not paid in full by the tenth (10th) day of the month following the date of the statement is considered past due and may incur a late payment fee of two (2) percent of the unpaid balance for each month or portion of month in which it remains unpaid. Services may be halted on any overdue account and will resume upon payment, subject to the provisions in the Agreement. Taxes on the Purchase of Services: Client will reimburse GRPR, pay directly to the appropriate tax authority, or timely file a valid tax exemption certificate for all transaction taxes including sales, use, value added, or similar taxes legally imposed upon the transactions arising hereunder. All such taxes become due when billed by GRPR to Client, or when assessed, levied, or billed by the appropriate taxing authority, even if such billing occurs subsequent to the expiration of this Agreement. Client Data: GRPR will rely on the accuracy and completeness of any information, representations, and books and records (“Client Data”) provided to it by Client; GRPR has not been engaged to audit or verify Client Data and will not provide any assurances concerning the reliability, accuracy or completeness of such information. GRPR will be given sufficient access to the books, records, reports, and personnel of Client to perform the Services. Unless specifically so engaged, the Services are not intended to be relied upon to disclose errors, irregularities, or illegal acts, including fraud or defalcations that may exist; GRPR will, however, inform Client of any such matters that come to its attention. GRPR is not responsible either for updating nor for monitoring the use of the Services once they are completed.
Payment for Services. The compensation for the Services is set forth in Appendix A to this Addendum. PAYMENT TERMS: Payment terms will be as per Section (11) of the EDC Agreement to which this is an Addendum. FORCE MAJEURE: Fire, flood, epidemic or other causes beyond the reasonable control of the parties which prevent either party from performing any obligation hereunder or PORTAL from receiving or using the Services will suspend the effected party’s obligation to perform such obligation (or receive or use the Services, in the case of PORTAL) during the period required to remove such cause. The party suffering such event will promptly notify the other party and if the period of suspension lasts for longer than two weeks, then the non-suffering party may at any time thereafter terminate all or any part of this Addendum with immediate effect. ADDENDUM PRECEDENCE: In the event of any conflict between this Addendum and any purchase order form, site-level execution addendums or other addendums which may be entered into by the parties and/or their affiliates *** Confidential Treatment Requested governing the same matters set forth herein, this Addendum will take precedence, unless such subsequent addendum specifically refers to this Addendum and indicates that such subsequent addendum will take precedence over this Addendum. SERVICE CHANGES: Apar will obtain PORTAL’s written consent prior to making any significant changes to the manner in which the Services are provided to PORTAL. The parties agree that, with the exception of the foregoing changes, all of the terms and conditions of the EDC Agreement remain in full force and effect.