Escrow Sample Clauses

Escrow. Escrow shall be opened by Seller and funds deposited in escrow upon acceptance of this Agreement by both parties. The escrow holder will be a nationally-recognized escrow company selected by Seller. A copy of this Agreement will be delivered to the escrow holder and will serve as escrow instructions together with the escrow holder's standard instructions and any additional instructions required by the escrow holder to clarify its rights and duties (and the parties agree to sign these additional instructions). If there is any conflict between these other instructions and this Agreement, this Agreement will control.
Escrow. The Participant shall, upon the execution of this Agreement, execute Joint Escrow Instructions in the form attached to this Agreement as Exhibit A. The Joint Escrow Instructions shall be delivered to the Secretary of the Company, as escrow agent thereunder. The Participant shall deliver to such escrow agent a stock assignment duly endorsed in blank, in the form attached to this Agreement as Exhibit B, and hereby instructs the Company to deliver to such escrow agent, on behalf of the Participant, the certificate(s) evidencing the Shares issued hereunder. Such materials shall be held by such escrow agent pursuant to the terms of such Joint Escrow Instructions.
Escrow. As security for Manager's faithful performance of this Agreement, Manager agrees, immediately upon receipt of the stock certificate(s) evidencing the Shares, to deliver such certificate(s), together with the Stock Powers executed by Manager and by Manager's spouse, if any (with the date and number of Shares left blank), to the Secretary of the Company or other designee of the Company ("Escrow Holder"), who is hereby appointed to hold such certificate(s) and Stock Powers in escrow and to take all such actions and to effectuate all such transfers and/or releases of such Shares as are in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. Manager and the Company agree that Escrow Holder will not be liable to any party to this Agreement (or to any other party) for any actions or omissions unless Escrow Holder is grossly negligent or intentionally fraudulent in carrying out the duties of Escrow Holder under this Section. Escrow Holder may rely upon any letter, notice or other document executed by any signature purported to be genuine and may rely on the advice of counsel and obey any order of any court with respect to the transactions contemplated by this Agreement. Shares will be released from escrow upon termination of the period during which such Shares are subject to forfeiture pursuant to Section 3.
Escrow. The escrow agent is not (i) a party to this contract and does not have liability for the performance or nonperformance of any party to this contract, (ii) liable for interest on the xxxxxxx money and (iii) liable for the loss of any xxxxxxx money caused by the failure of any financial institution in which the xxxxxxx money has been deposited unless the financial institution is acting as escrow agent.
Escrow. The certificates representing all Granted Shares acquired by the Participant hereunder which from time to time are subject to the Lapsing Repurchase Right shall be delivered to the Company and the Company shall hold such Granted Shares in escrow as provided in this Subsection 2.1(f). The Company shall promptly release from escrow and deliver to the Participant a certificate for the whole number of Granted Shares, if any, as to which the Company’s Lapsing Repurchase Right has lapsed as the Participant’s ownership of such Granted Shares becomes vested from time to time. In the event of a repurchase by the Company of Granted Shares subject to the Lapsing Repurchase Right, the Company shall release from escrow and cancel a certificate for the number of Granted Shares so repurchased. Any securities distributed in respect of the Granted Shares held in escrow, including, without limitation, shares issued as a result of stock splits, stock dividends or other recapitalizations, shall also be held in escrow in the same manner as the Granted Shares.
Escrow. On the Closing Date, the Parent shall deliver to the Escrow Agent a certificate (issued in the name of the Escrow Agent or its nominee) representing the Escrow Shares, as described in Section 1.5, for the purpose of securing the indemnification obligations of the Indemnifying Stockholders set forth in this Agreement. The Escrow Shares shall be held by the Escrow Agent pursuant to the Escrow Agreement, in substantially the form set forth in Exhibit B attached hereto. The Escrow Shares shall be held as a trust fund and shall not be subject to any lien, attachment, trustee process or any other judicial process of any creditor of any Party, and shall be held and disbursed solely for the purposes and in accordance with the terms of the Escrow Agreement.
Escrow. As security for his faithful performance of the terms of this Agreement and to ensure the availability for delivery of the Stock upon exercise of the Unvested Share Repurchase Option and the Right of First Refusal herein provided for, the Founder agrees to deliver to and deposit with Kxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx LLP (the “Escrow Agent”), as Escrow Agent in this transaction, two Stock Assignments duly endorsed (with date and number of shares blank) in the form attached hereto as Exhibit B together with the certificate or certificates evidencing the Stock. Such documents shall be held by the Escrow Agent pursuant to the Joint Escrow Instructions of the Company and the Founder set forth in Exhibit C attached hereto and incorporated by this reference, which instructions shall also be delivered to the Escrow Agent at the closing hereunder.
Escrow. In order to carry out the provisions of Sections 8, 9 and 11 of this Agreement more effectively, the Company shall hold any Issued Shares of Stock in escrow together with separate stock powers executed by the Optionee in blank for transfer, and any Permitted Transferee shall, as an additional condition to any transfer of Issued Shares of Stock, execute a like stock power as to such Issued Shares of Stock. The Company shall not dispose of the Issued Shares of Stock except as otherwise provided in this Agreement. In the event of any repurchase by the Company (or any of its assigns), the Company is hereby authorized by the Optionee and any Permitted Transferee, as the Optionee’s and each such Permitted Transferee’s attorney-in-fact, to date and complete the stock powers necessary for the transfer of the Issued Shares of Stock being purchased and to transfer such Issued Shares of Stock in accordance with the terms hereof. At such time as any Issued Shares of Stock are no longer subject to the Company’s repurchase and drag along rights, the Company shall, at the written request of the Optionee, deliver to the Optionee (or the relevant Permitted Transferee) a certificate representing such Issued Shares of Stock with the balance of the Issued Shares of Stock to be held in escrow pursuant to this Section 10.
Escrow. The Corporation shall have the right to hold the Purchased Shares in escrow until those shares have vested in accordance with the Vesting Schedule.
Escrow. At the discretion of the Administrator, the certificates representing the granted Shares may, upon issuance, be deposited in escrow with the Company to be held in accordance with the provisions of this Stock Award Agreement. If the granted Shares are held in escrow, as provided in this subsection, any new, substituted or additional securities or other property described in Section 2.4(D) above shall immediately be delivered to the Company to be held in escrow, but only to the extent the granted Shares are at the time Restricted Shares. All regular cash dividends on Restricted Shares (or other securities) at the time held in escrow shall be paid directly to the Awardee and shall not be held in escrow. Restricted Shares, together with any other assets or securities held in escrow hereunder, shall be (i) surrendered to the Company for cancellation upon forfeiture thereof; or (ii) released to the Awardee upon request, but only to the extent that the granted Shares are no longer Restricted Shares.