OTHER INSTRUCTIONS. All representations and warranties of Borrower stated in the Loan and Security Agreement are true, correct and complete in all material respects as of the date of the telephone request for and Loan confirmed by this Loan Request; provided that those representations and warranties expressly referring to another date shall be true, correct and complete in all material respects as of such date.
OTHER INSTRUCTIONS. Other instructions regarding Processing: (Please add reference to, or list, instructions received from Sanoma, for example regarding agreed practices on storage, transfer, deletion, encryption or pseudonymization of data) Further instructions on Processing may also be communicated by email.
OTHER INSTRUCTIONS. In all cases, the Owner understands that cryonics generates extreme public scrutiny and that information about the Pet may leak to the public from a number of sources. In no case shall Oregon Cryonics be liable for any public disclosure of information.
OTHER INSTRUCTIONS. For further instructions, the vendor should visit the home-page of the portal xxxxx://xxx.xxxxxxxx.xxx.xx and go to the User-Guidance Center The help information provided through ‘ETS’ is available under “Help for Contractors”, “Bidder’s Manual Kit”. And there are various links are provided under these links. Important Note: It is strongly recommended that all authorized users of Supplier organizations should thoroughly peruse the information provided under the relevant links, and take appropriate action. This will prevent hiccups, and minimize teething problems during the use of ETS. The following ‘FOUR KEY INSTRUCTIONS for BIDDERS’ must be adhered to:
OTHER INSTRUCTIONS. 1. The Scrutinizer shall, immediately after the conclusion of voting at the EGM, first count the votes cast during the EGM, thereafter unblock the votes cast through remote e-voting and make, not later than 48 hours of conclusion of the EGM, a consolidated Scrutinizer's Report of the total votes cast in favour or against, if any, to the Chairman or a person authorised by him in writing, who shall countersign the same.
OTHER INSTRUCTIONS. A. The supervisor shall sign the performance evaluation form and obtain the signature of the employee at the time of the evaluation meeting.
OTHER INSTRUCTIONS. Escrow Agent shall deliver the Final Purchase Price, the Final Common Stock and/or the Warrant pursuant to (a) written instructions executed by each of Purchaser and Concentrax, or (b) any "final order" of a court of competent jurisdiction, any such order being deemed to be "final" if (i) such order has not been reserved, stayed, enjoined, set aside, annulled or suspended, (ii) no request for a stay, suspension or an injunction, petition for reconsideration or appeal, or sua sponte action with comparable effect is pending with respect to the order, and (iii) the time for filing any such request, petition or appeal or further taking of any such sua sponte action has expired.
OTHER INSTRUCTIONS. AUDITOR WORK PAPERS ON INTERNAL CONTROLS The subrecipient will obtain the internal control work papers from the auditor(s) performing its annual independent financial statement audit. The subrecipient will keep these work papers onsite as part of their financial records and will make these records available for review by DEO upon request. The subrecipient further agrees that, upon request, DEO will also be provided other audit work papers as needed. -End of Attachment II- DocuSign Envelope ID: 161549B1-9523-4783-A23D-CD2AC6A632DD DocuSign Envelope ID: 161549B1-9523-4783-A23D-CD2AC6A632DD Agreement No.:BCS03 (To Replace Agreement No.: BCS02) ATTACHMENT III Audit Compliance Certification Recipient Name: FEIN: Recipient’s Fiscal Year: Contact Person Name and Phone Number: Contact Person Email Address:
OTHER INSTRUCTIONS.  As closely as possible, follow the reportable time-frame. This will avoid the repetition of activities from year to year. If an activity takes place over several consecutive years, you may include it each year, but note the dates in parenthesis after the activity (e.g., a grant award over several years).  Attach one set of indexed support materials with this Report.  Date and list all activities. If list format is impossible, limit any written explanations to one paragraph on this report. Any additional explanation may be continued in the support material.  The examples under the headings below are not intended to be all inclusive, but to provide general guidelines.