The truth definition

The truth means that respecting the being and power of God afterwards specified. — Ed.

Examples of The truth in a sentence

  • The truth and accuracy of each "Whereas" clause set forth above is acknowledged by the parties.

  • The truth must lie on this spectrum, but where on the spectrum is now being discussed ad infinitum by those in Congress, the American Medical Association (AMA), individual health care providers, insurance companies, and consumers.

  • The truth is, on a good, sunny day, you’ll receive about 50-75% of your solar panel’s rated wattage, and this is how the engineers at GOAL ZERO calculate the solar recharge times you see on our packaging.

  • The truth and accuracy of such representations and warranties are continuing obligations of Eligible Entity.

  • The truth, completeness, accuracy and authenticity of all copy letters, resolutions, certificates, permissions, minutes, authorisations and all other documents of any kind submitted to us as originals or copies of originals, and (in the case of copies) conformity to the originals of copy documents, the genuineness of all signatures, stamps and seals thereon, that any signatures are the signatures of the persons who they purport to be and that each original was executed in the manner appearing on the copy.

  • The truth of any statement made in the proposed product label or in the permit application.

  • The truth about the drug companies: how they deceive us and what to do about it.

  • The truth is that part of the award given to the appellant settled the respondent’s counter-claim.

  • The truth and accuracy of each “Whereas” clause set forth above is acknowledged by the parties.

  • The following are conditions precedent to the liability of the Insurer: – The truth of any information in connection with this insurance supplied by or on behalf of the Insured which shall be the basis of and incorporated in this contract.

Related to The truth

  • the Trustees means the directors of the Academy Trust (and “Trustee” means any one of those directors), subject to the definition of this term at Article 6.9 (e) in relation to Articles 6.2-6.9;

  • Representation means any representation as to fact or law, including a representation as to the state of mind of—

  • Company Representations means the representations and warranties of the Company expressly and specifically set forth in Article IV of this Agreement, as qualified by the Schedules. For the avoidance of doubt, the Company Representations are solely made by the Company.

  • Repeating Representations means the representations which are deemed to be repeated under Clause 16.23 (Times for making representations and warranties).

  • Major Representation means any of the following representations contained in this Agreement:

  • Schedule of Representations means the Schedule of Representations and Warranties attached hereto as Schedule B.

  • Security Held or to be Acquired by the Corporation means: (i) any Covered Security which, within the most recent 15 days: (A) is or has been held by the Corporation; or (B) is being or has been considered by the Corporation or the Adviser for purchase by the Corporation; and (ii) any option to purchase or sell, and any security convertible into or exchangeable for, a Covered Security described in Section II (K)(i).

  • Express warranty means any material statement, affirmation of fact, promise or description relating to a product or service warranting that it conforms to such material statement, affirmation, promise or description and includes any sample or model of a product warranting that the whole of such product conforms to such sample or model;

  • the Trusts means the Macfarlane Trust, the Macfarlane (Special Payments) Trust and the Macfarlane (Special Payments) (No. 2) Trust;

  • Representations means the written Representations and Warranties provided by Borrower to Silicon referred to in the Schedule.

  • Seller Fundamental Representations has the meaning set forth in Section 8.01.

  • Representations and Warranties The energy service under this Agreement will meet the applicable LDU’s standards and may be supplied from a variety of sources. Tomorrow Energy makes no representations or warranties other than those expressly set forth in this Agreement, and Tomorrow Energy expressly disclaims all other warranties, express or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

  • Responsible individual means an individual who is employed by a licensee and has principal managerial authority over the provision of money services by the licensee in this state.

  • Buyer Fundamental Representations has the meaning set forth in Section 8.3(a)(i).

  • Additional Representation has the meaning specified in Section 3.

  • Fundamental Representations and Warranties means the representations and warranties contained in Sections 3.1, 3.2, 3.6, 4.1 and 4.3.

  • 6.-(1) In this Act an earlier trade mark” means -

  • Security Held or to be Acquired by a Fund means (1) any Covered Security that within the most recent 15 days (a) is or has been held by one of the Funds or a mutual fund sub-advised by MCM; or (b) is being or has been considered by a Fund or MCM for purchase by the Fund or a mutual fund sub-advised by MCM; and (2) any option to purchase or sell, and any security convertible into or exchangeable for, such a Covered Security.

  • Specified Representations means the representations and warranties set forth in the Term Sheets and made by the Loan Parties in the Facilities Documentation solely relating to: incorporation or formation of Holdings and the Lead Borrower; organizational power and authority of the Loan Parties to execute, deliver and perform under the Facilities Documentation; due authorization, execution, delivery and enforceability of the Facilities Documentation; solvency of Holdings and its subsidiaries on a consolidated basis after giving effect to the Transactions (to be determined in a manner consistent with the solvency certificate in the form attached as Annex I to the Conditions Exhibit); no conflicts of the Facilities Documentation (limited to the execution, delivery and performance of the applicable Facilities Documentation, incurrence of the debt thereunder and the granting of guarantees and, if applicable, security interests in respect thereof) with charter documents of the Loan Parties; not violating Federal Reserve margin regulations and the Investment Company Act; use of proceeds of the Facilities not violating PATRIOT Act, FCPA and OFAC; and, if applicable, the creation, validity and perfection of the security interests granted in UCC Article 9 collateral to be perfected on the Closing Date (subject in all respects to customary permitted liens and the foregoing provisions of this Section). Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, if any of the Closing Date Representations is qualified or subject to “material adverse effect”, the definition of “Company Material Adverse Effect” in the Acquisition Agreement shall apply for the purposes of any representations and warranties made, or to be made, on or as of the Closing Date.

  • Company Fundamental Representations means the representations and warranties of the Company set forth in Sections 2.1 (Due Organization; Subsidiaries), 2.3 (Authority; Binding Nature of Agreement), 2.6(a) and (c) (Capitalization) and 2.20 (No Financial Advisors).

  • Condition of the Company means the assets, business, properties, operations or condition (financial or otherwise) of the Company and its Subsidiaries, taken as a whole.

  • the Trust Fund means the Bond(s) referred to in the First Schedule to the Declaration of Trust and the property from time to time representing the same (and also includes any other property which may become Trust Property as a result of any loan to the Trustees or any addition by way of gift or any accumulation of income).

  • AML/CFT means anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism;

  • the Trust means the Trust hereby established and which shall be called the Law Society Public Purposes Trust Fund;

  • Place of public accommodation means any building or structure in which goods are supplied or services performed, or in which the trade of the general public is solicited.

  • Warranty Xxxx of Sale means the warranty (as to title) xxxx of sale covering the Aircraft executed by Manufacturer or an affiliate of Manufacturer in favor of Company and specifically referring to each Engine, as well as the Airframe, constituting a part of the Aircraft.