Written demand definition

Written demand means any written demand for wages or compensation from or on behalf of an employee, including a notice of complaint, mailed or delivered to the employer's correct address.
Written demand. Written Direction”, “Written Election”, “Written Notice”, “Written Order”, “Written Request” and “Written Requisition” of the Issuer or the Borrower shall mean, respectively, a written consent, demand, direction, election, notice, order, request or requisition signed on behalf of the Issuer by an Authorized Issuer Representative, or on behalf of the Borrower by an Authorized Borrower Representative.
Written demand. Written Direction”, “Written Election”,

Examples of Written demand in a sentence

  • Written demand as described in paragraph (c) of this section shall be made promptly upon a debtor of VA in terms that inform the debtor of the consequences of failing to cooperate with VA to resolve the debt.

  • Written demand to be served upon taxpayers delinquent in the payment of personal property taxes.

  • Written demand or written assertion by one Party seeking adjustment of the Contract, payment of money, extension of time, or other relief under the Contract.

  • Written demand for arbitration shall be filed within twenty (20) days from the conclusion of grievance mediation.

  • Written demand as described in paragraph (b) of this section shall be made promptly upon a debtor of the United States in terms that inform the debtor of the consequences of failing to cooperate with the agency to resolve the debt.

  • Written demand under this subpart may be preceded by other appropriate actions under this part and or the FCCS, including but not limited to actions taken under the procedures applicable to administrative offset, in- cluding salary offset.

  • Written demand may be preceded by other appropriate action, including immediate referral to DOJ for litiga- tion, when such action is necessary to protect the Government’s interest.

  • Written demand for return of the property was provided to defendant and [if defendant is not a municipality] also on the Department of Financial Services at least 90 days prior to the filing of this Complaint.

  • Written demand under this subpart may be preceded by other appropriate actions under this part and or the FCCS, including but not limited to actions taken under the procedures applicable to administra- tive offset, including salary offset.

  • If even a single receivable of the Seller from the Customer has fallen due and has not been paid, all the Seller’s receivables from the Customer shall become due to be paid immediately after a Written demand to that effect issued by the Seller, regardless of the agreed due dates or due dates shown on the invoices.

More Definitions of Written demand

Written demand means a writing that must be issued or delivered in any one of the following manners: personally delivered, delivered via any reputable overnight delivery service, sent via email to the party's email specified below or mailed by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the other party at the address written in this contract, and with a copy that party's attorney as indicated below. Notices may also be served by facsimile to the fax number indicated below, with notice effective upon confirmed facsimile transmission. XX XXX XXXXXXXX 00 Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxxxx XX 00000 Fax #000-000-0000 Email address: xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx WITH A COPY TO: Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxxx, Esq. Xxxxxxx Price Xxxxx & Xxxx, LLP 00 Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx (for delivery) XX Xxx 000 (for cert mail rrr) Morristown NJ 00000 0000 Fax # 000 000 0000 Email address: xxx@xxxx.xxx XXXXXXX RADIO CORP 0 Xxxxx Xxxx Parsippany NJ 07054 Attn: General Counsel Fax #000-000-0000 Email address: xxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx WITH A COPY TO: Xxxx X. Xxxxxxxx, Esq. Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx, PC 00 Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Roseland, NJ 07068 Fax# 000-000-0000 Email address: xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxx.xxx
Written demand means any Claim that is a written demand or request as described in Section 2. Claim Definition & Related Claims, A.1 or 5.
Written demand means any written demand for
Written demand means a request in writing for payment and/or
Written demand means a written demand made under subrule (2).
Written demand means any claim thats is written demand or request as descriped in Section 2 Definition, B.1 or 5

Related to Written demand

  • Underwritten Demand shall have the meaning given in subsection 2.1.3 of this Agreement.

  • on demand means a system where a user, subscriber or viewer is enabled to access, at a time chosen by such user, any content in electronic form, which is transmitted over a computer resource and is selected by the user;

  • Peak Demand means the maximum Metered Demand in the last 12 months;

  • Video-On-Demand or “VOD” means a programming system for transmission and retransmission of a single motion picture or programme (or series of related programs) delivered by means of a telecommunications or other technical system from a digital storage devise or presented in any form that permits Exhibition of such motion picture or programs in a non-linear form at the discretion of the viewer.

  • Billing Demand means the metered demand or connected load after necessary adjustments have been made for power factor, intermittent rating, transformer losses and minimum billing. A measurement in kiloWatts (kW) of the maximum rate at which electricity is consumed during a billing period;

  • Written certification means a statement signed by a treating physician or referral physician that

  • Contract Demand means, the Load in kW, kVA or HP, as the case may be, agreed to be supplied by the licensee and contracted by the consumer and specified in the agreement (where 1HP = 0.746 KW).

  • daily firm demand means the peak aggregate daily demand for gas by the Licensee's consumers from time to time which might reasonably be expected after the Licensee had interrupted or reduced the supply of gas toeach consumer to the extent that (otherwise than

  • Maximum Demand means the highest load measured in kVA or kW at the point of supply of a consumer during consecutive period of 30 minutes or as laid down by the Commission, during the month;

  • Notice of Default means a written notice of the kind specified in Section 501(4).

  • Written or “in writing” means handwritten in ink or any form of electronic or mechanical writing.

  • Joint Written Direction means a written direction executed by the Investor and the Company directing Escrow Agent to disburse all or a portion of the Escrow Funds or to take or refrain from taking any action pursuant to this Agreement.

  • Certificate of Termination Demand means a certificate substantially in the form of Annex C to the Series 2019-3 Letters of Credit.

  • Request means a request from the Client to the Company given to obtain a Quote. Such a Request does not constitute an obligation to make a Transaction.

  • Written application or "written election" means a written instrument, required by statute or the

  • Issuance Request means a Letter of Credit request and certificate duly executed by an Authorized Officer of the Borrower, substantially in the form of Exhibit B-2 hereto.

  • Advance Request means a request for an Advance submitted by Borrower to Lender in substantially the form of Exhibit A.

  • Instruction means a notification communicated to the issuer of an uncertificated security which directs that the transfer of the security be registered or that the security be redeemed.

  • Written directive means an authorized user’s written order for the administration of radioactive material or radiation from radioactive material to a specific patient or human research subject, as specified in 420-3-26-.07(23).

  • written statement means the written statement that the owner of the protected site is required to give to the occupier by section 1(2) of this Act.”

  • Replacement Notice is defined in Section 4.11.

  • Written Request means a request made, in writing, by the Insured to us. All pronouns include either gender unless the context indicates otherwise.

  • Demand has the meaning set forth in Section 2.1(a).

  • written law has the same meaning as is given to that term in the Interpretation Xxx 0000.

  • Issuer Order and “Issuer Request” means a written order or request of the Issuer signed in the name of the Issuer by any one of its Authorized Officers and delivered to the Indenture Trustee.