Escrow Account Sample Clauses

Escrow Account. The Master Servicer may, from time to time, withdraw from the Escrow Account for the following purposes:
Escrow Account. The Master Servicer shall segregate and hold all funds collected and received pursuant to each Mortgage Loan which constitute Escrow Payments separate and apart from any of its own funds and general assets and shall establish and maintain in the name of the Trustee one or more accounts (such account or accounts, the "Escrow Account") held in trust for the benefit of the Certificateholders and the Trustee.
Escrow Account. Subject to the terms of the related Mortgage Notes and Security Instrument, and further subject to applicable law, any funds in any escrow account shall be invested in Eligible Investments that mature prior to the date on which payments have to be made out of the related escrow account and any such Eligible Investment shall not be sold or disposed of prior to its maturity; provided that, if any loss is incurred on any such investment, the Servicer shall cover such loss by making a deposit into the appropriate escrow account out of its own funds in the amount of such loss. Withdrawals from any escrow account may be made (to the extent amounts have been escrowed for such purpose and to the extent permitted by the related Security Instrument and Mortgage Note) only (i) to effect timely payment of Escrow Items in connection with the related Mortgage Loan, (ii) to reimburse the Master Servicer or Servicer out of related collections for advances with respect to Escrow Items, (iii) to refund to any mortgagors any sums determined to be overages, (iv) to pay interest, if any, owed to mortgagors on such account to the extent required by law, (v) for application to restoration or repair of the Mortgaged Property, (vi) to clear and terminate the escrow account on the termination of this Agreement or (vii) to remove funds placed in such escrow account in error. The Servicer shall be entitled to all investment income on any escrow account not required to be paid to mortgagors pursuant to the preceding sentence.
Escrow Account. The separate account or accounts created and maintained by the Servicer pursuant to Section 3.07.
Escrow Account. Upon the Effective Date, Contractor agrees to enter into an escrow agreement (“Escrow Agreement”) with a third party escrow agent to be mutually agreed upon by the Parties (“Escrow Agent”). Contractor shall be responsible for establishment, administration and cost of the escrow account. Upon execution of the Escrow Agreement, Contractor shall deliver to the Escrow Agent a copy of the Source Code for the Licensed Software, together with all supporting information, tools, notes and other information necessary and sufficient to allow a reasonably qualified person to support, maintain, modify and prepare derivative works of the Licensed Software and other related Deliverables (collectively the “Source Code Materials”).
Escrow Account. (1) At the Company's request, FCIC will allow the Company to establish an escrow account in the name of FCIC at a bank designated by the Company, and approved by FCIC, to reimburse the Company for payment of indemnities, prevented planting payments or replant payments to policyholders by the Company. The Company's bank shall pledge collateral as required by 31 C.F.R. § 202 in the amount determined by FCIC.
Escrow Account. (a) The Escrow Account will be established at Xxxxx Fargo & Company with such Bank serving as escrow agent (“Escrow Agent”) subject to escrow instructions mutually acceptable to Settlement Class Counsel and Fujikura, such escrow to be administered by the Escrow Agent under the Court’s continuing supervision and control.
Escrow Account. The separate escrow account (other than a Custodial Account) established and maintained by the Servicer pursuant to Section 4.02(f) of this Agreement.