Seller and Buyer Sample Clauses

Seller and Buyer. May Affirm or Terminate Without limiting any other right or remedy of the parties including those under this contract or any right at law or in equity, if the Seller or Buyer, as the case may be, fails to comply with an Essential Term, or makes a fundamental breach of an intermediate term, the Seller (in the case of the Buyer’s default) or the Buyer (in the case of the Seller’s default) may affirm or terminate this contract.
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Seller and Buyer shall promptly prepare an appropriate application for the FCC Consent and shall file the application with the FCC within ten (10) business days of the execution of this Agreement. The parties shall prosecute the application with all reasonable diligence and otherwise use their best efforts to obtain a grant of the application as expeditiously as practicable. Each party agrees to comply with any condition imposed on it by the FCC Consent, except that no party shall be required to comply with a condition if (1) the condition was imposed on it as the result of a circumstance the existence of which does not constitute a breach by the party of any of its representations, warranties, or covenants under this Agreement, and (2) compliance with the condition would have a material adverse effect upon it. Buyer and Seller shall oppose any requests for reconsideration or judicial review of the FCC Consent. If the Closing shall not have occurred for any reason within the original effective period of the FCC Consent, and neither party shall have terminated this Agreement under Section 9, the parties shall jointly request an extension of the effective period of the FCC Consent. No extension of the FCC Consent shall limit the exercise by either party of its rights under Section 9.
Seller and Buyer each (a) has agreed to permit the use from time to time, where appropriate, of telecopy signatures in order to expedite the transaction contemplated by this Agreement, (b) intends to be bound by its respective telecopy signature, (c) is aware that the other will rely on the telecopied signature, and (d) acknowledges such reliance and waives any defenses to the enforcement of this Agreement and the documents affecting the transaction contemplated by this Agreement based on the fact that a signature was sent by telecopy only.
Seller and Buyer acknowledge Buyer intends to assign Buyer's interest in this Agreement before Closing to a third party. Buyer may assign this Agreement and the rights, duties, interests, and obligations of Buyer hereunder to a third party (the "Assignee") on the Closing Date without the consent of Seller. Buyer shall provide Seller with notice of any assignment by Buyer. Upon execution of an assignment and assumption agreement between Buyer and Assignee which provides for Assignee's assumption of Buyer's rights, obligations, and duties under this Agreement, Seller shall fully release and discharge Buyer as named on page 1 of this Agreement (for purposes of this Section 18, the "Named Buyer") from all obligations, duties, liabilities, claims and responsibilities of Buyer under this Agreement and in connection with the Property. After any such assignment, Seller will look solely to Assignee for the performance and discharge of all the duties, obligations, liabilities and responsibilities of Buyer under this Agreement, as if Assignee had been the original Buyer under this Agreement. Upon the assignment and assumption, Assignee shall become the "Buyer" under this Agreement, with all rights, duties, interests, liabilities and obligations of Buyer hereunder. If such assignment shall be made, then the sale of the Property contemplated by this Agreement shall be consummated in the name of the Assignee or its assignee. Seller shall not assign this Agreement to any person or entity, and any such assignment or attempted assignment shall be void and of no force or effect. The provisions of this Section 18 shall survive Closing.
Seller and Buyer acknowledge that all references to the “Agreement” in the Agreement and in any related agreements or documents shall refer to the Agreement as amended by the First Amendment, the Second Amendment and this Third Amendment.
Seller and Buyer singularly and plurally, warrant and agree that each shall use its best efforts to take or cause to be taken all such action as may be necessary to consummate and make effective the transaction as set forth in this Agreement and to assure that it will not be under any material corporate, legal or contractual restriction that would prohibit or delay the timely consummation of such transaction.
Seller and Buyer expressly agree and acknowledge that the Transferred Assets will not include any assets of any kind, nature, character or description (whether real, personal or mixed, whether tangible or intangible, whether ​ absolute, accrued, contingent, fixed or otherwise, and wherever situated) that is not expressly included in the definition of “Transferred Assets” in Section 2.2(a). For clarity, the “Transferred Assets” do not include the following assets, rights or interests of Seller collectively, the “Excluded Assets”):
Seller and Buyer. Group (i) shall be bound by the Allocation, and any amendments thereto, (ii) shall prepare and file all Tax Returns (including, without limitation, Federal Form 8594) and financial statements in a manner consistent with the Allocation, and any amendments thereto, and (iii) shall take no position, and shall cause its affiliates to take no position, inconsistent with the Allocation, or any amendment thereto, on any Tax Return, in any proceeding before any taxing authority or otherwise. In the event that the Allocation, or any amendment thereto, is disputed by any taxing authority, the party receiving notice of such dispute shall promptly notify and consult with the other party concerning resolution of such dispute.
Seller and Buyer. If Buyer exercises its right for the Extension Term, Buyer shall designate the amount of Committed Capacity in its notice of exercise for the Extension Term.