Section 3.5 Sample Clauses

Section 3.5. 29 Neither the District, nor the Association, shall discriminate against any employee subject to this 30 Agreement on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, religion, age or marital status or because of a 31 disability with respect to a position, the duties of which may be performed efficiently by an individual 32 without danger to the health or safety of the disabled person or others.
Section 3.5. Section 3.5 of the Agreement is hereby deleted in its entirety and the following is inserted in lieu thereof:
Section 3.5. 29 The District shall maintain a single personnel file which shall be kept in the Personnel Office and 30 which shall be controlled by the Superintendent or designee. 32 Building administrators or supervisors may keep or maintain “working filesrelative to those 34 employee’s personnel file, are subject to review upon request by the employee, and are not of use 35 within the disciplinary/grievance procedure unless formalized. 37 In an effort to address problem areas prior to formalization into personnel files, the following steps will 38 be taken:
Section 3.5 of H.R. 2898.
Section 3.5. 1 Upon receipt of a written employee Dues Deduction Authorization form from an 21 employee, as defined under the “Recognition” section, the District will make the appropriate payroll 22 deduction as certified by the president of the Association and transmit the monthly dues as designated 23 by the Association, provided that no additional authorization over what has been provided previously 24 will be required of employees hired before the effective date of this Agreement. Any requested change 25 in the annual rate of membership dues as requested by the Association will require notification to the 26 payroll department no later than September 10th of each year, such rate to be irrevocable for the term 27 of one (1) year. 28 29 Section 3.5.2 Dues deduction authorization by an employee shall be on a form provided by the 30 Association, which form shall authorize deduction of membership dues and assessments (including 31 WEA, NEA, or any Association-connected political action committee). A copy of said form shall be 32 provided to the District no later than October 1 of each school year. 33