VERSION Sample Clauses

VERSION. Each Quote will be governed under the version of this Agreement that is in place as of the “last updated” date indicated at the bottom of this document. For that reason, you should keep a copy of this document and make a note of the date indicated below when you accept a Quote.
VERSION. The Software configuration identified by a numeric representation, whether left or right of decimal place.
VERSION. (i) the Subservicer shall file a Uniform Commercial Code Financing Statement amendment continuing the effectiveness of each UCC Financing Statement filed with respect to each Mortgage Loan within six (6) months before (and not later than three (3) months before) the expiration of the five year period of effectiveness of such UCC Financing Statement, and shall deliver monthly reports of such UCC Financing Statement amendments to KRECM;
VERSION. Each Picture Master shall be originated from the version of each Included Program which was theatrically released by Licensor in the United States, or if unavailable, the version released on home video. All Picture Masters shall be in the 16:9 aspect ratio unless otherwise specified. If a closed-captioned version has been completed for such 16:9 Picture Masters, then Licensor shall make available the closed captioned version to Licensee at no cost to Licensee. If a closed-captioned version for such 16:9 Picture Master has not been completed by Licensor, but is nonetheless required by law (including that Licensee is required by law to exhibit a closed-captioned version), then Licensor shall create and make available to Licensee the closed-captioned version at no cost to Licensee, provided, that Licensee delivers the booking confirmation for the High Definition exhibition of such Included Program within 10 Business Days of receiving the availability notice therefor. Otherwise, Licensor shall make available to Licensee at no cost the materials necessary for Licensee to create such close-captioned version, if available (it being agreed and understood, however, that creating the closed-caption version from such materials shall be at Licensee’s sole cost and expense). In the event that no closed-caption materials are available for a Library PPV Program, Library VOD Program or a Library FOD Program, Licensor agrees to discuss with Licensee the substitution of a Library PPV Program, Library VOD Program or a Library FOD Program, as applicable, for which closed-captioned materials are available, although failure to provide such substitution shall not be a breach under the Agreement. If the Included Program is available in the original aspect ratio (i.e. letterbox/widescreen format), then Licensor shall make available to Licensee copies of such versions, if so requested by Licensee. If elements of teasers and trailers are available in separate component form (i.e. clean video, clean music, clean announce), then Licensor shall make available to Licensee copies of such versions, if so requested by Licensee.
VERSION. In addition, within ten (10) days after the release described in Section 6(f) has become effective and irrevocable in accordance with Section 6(f), (i) the Executive’s estate shall be paid a Pro rata Portion of the Executive’s Maximum Bonus (each as defined below) and (ii) all of the Executive’s outstanding options, restricted share awards and any other equity rights granted by the Company to the Executive shall continue to be governed by the applicable grant agreement and related plan.
VERSION. 12. Except as expressly provided in this Agreement or as necessary to effectuate the terms of this Agreement, the Employment Agreement shall not be otherwise amended but shall remain in full force and effect.
VERSION. (b) The financial statements (including any related notes) contained in the Maker SEC Documents: (i) complied as to form in all material respects with the published rules and regulations of the SEC applicable thereto; (ii) were prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles applied on a consistent basis throughout the periods covered (except as may be indicated in the notes to such financial statements or, in the case of unaudited statements, as permitted by Form 10-Q of the SEC, and except that the unaudited financial statements may not contain footnotes and are subject to normal and recurring year-end adjustments that will not, individually or in the aggregate, be material in amount), and (iii) fairly present the consolidated financial position of Maker and its consolidated subsidiaries as of the respective dates thereof and the consolidated results of operations and cash flows of Maker and its consolidated subsidiaries for the periods covered thereby.
VERSION. As provided in the Indenture and subject to certain limitations set forth therein and in this Note, the transfer of this Note may be registered on the Security register upon surrender of this Note for registration of transfer at the office or agency of the Company maintained for that purpose in any place where the principal of and interest on this Note are payable, duly endorsed by, or accompanied by a written instrument of transfer in form satisfactory to the Company and the Registrar duly executed by, the Holder hereof or by his attorney duly authorized in writing, and thereupon one or more new Notes of this series and of like tenor, of authorized denominations and for the same aggregate principal amount, will be issued to the designated transferee or transferees. The Notes are issuable only in registered form in the denominations of $25.00 or any integral multiple thereof. As provided in the Indenture and subject to certain limitations set forth in the Indenture, and in this Note, the Notes are exchangeable for a like aggregate principal amount of Notes of this series in different authorized denominations, as requested by the Holders surrendering the same. No service charge shall be made for any such registration of transfer or exchange, but the Company may require payment of a sum sufficient to cover any tax or other governmental charge payable in connection therewith, other than in certain cases provided in the Indenture. Prior to due presentment of this Note for registration of transfer, the Company, the Trustee and any agent of the Company or the Trustee may treat the Person in whose name this Note is registered as the owner hereof for all purposes, whether or not this Note be overdue, and none of the Company, the Trustee or any such agent shall be affected by notice to the contrary. The Indenture contains provisions whereby (i) the Company may be discharged from its obligations with respect to the Notes (subject to certain exceptions) or (ii) the Company may be released from its obligations under specified covenants and agreements in the Indenture, in each case if the Company irrevocably deposits with the Trustee money or U.S. Government Obligations, or a combination thereof, in an amount sufficient, without consideration of any reinvestment, to pay and discharge the entire indebtedness on all Notes of this series, and satisfies certain other conditions, all as more fully provided in the Indenture. This Note shall be governed by and construed in ac...
VERSION. This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New York, and the obligations, rights and remedies of the parties under this Agreement shall be determined in accordance with such laws.