Agreements Reached Sample Clauses

Agreements Reached. To the extent that tentative agreement is reached on the issues in dispute as a result of such fact-finding, the ratification procedures set forth in Article 4.4 below shall apply.
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Agreements Reached. All agreements reached under the Grievance Procedure between the representatives of the Institute and the representatives of the Union will be final and binding upon the Institute and Union and the employees.
Agreements Reached 

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  • Inconsistencies with Other Documents; Independent Effect of Covenants (a) In the event there is a conflict or inconsistency between this Agreement and any other Loan Document, the terms of this Agreement shall control.

  • Agreements and Conditions On or before the Closing Date, Seller shall have complied with and duly performed and satisfied in all material respects all agreements and conditions on its part to be complied with and performed by such date pursuant to this Agreement.

  • Agreements, Etc Other than the Leases, the Seller has not entered into any contract or agreement with respect to the Property which will be binding on the Purchaser after the Closing other than contracts and agreements being assumed by the Purchaser or which are terminable upon thirty (30) days notice without payment of premium or penalty.

  • Confidentiality Agreements The parties hereto agree that this Agreement supersedes any provision of the Confidentiality Agreements that could be interpreted to preclude the exercise of any rights or the fulfillment of any obligations under this Agreement, and that none of the provisions included in the Confidentiality Agreements will act to preclude Holder from exercising the Option or exercising any other rights under this Agreement or act to preclude Issuer from fulfilling any of its obligations under this Agreement.

  • Covenants and Continuing Agreements So long as any amount owing in respect of the Obligations (whether or not due) shall remain unpaid, Borrower covenants that, unless otherwise consented to by Lender in writing, it shall:

  • Parties to Lock-Up Agreements The Company has furnished to the Underwriters a letter agreement in the form attached hereto as Exhibit A (the “Lock-up Agreement”) from each of the persons listed on Exhibit B. Such Exhibit B lists under an appropriate caption the directors and executive officers of the Company. If any additional persons shall become directors or executive officers of the Company prior to the end of the Company Lock-up Period (as defined below), the Company shall cause each such person, prior to or contemporaneously with their appointment or election as a director or executive officer of the Company, to execute and deliver to the Representatives a Lock-up Agreement.

  • Agreements and Acknowledgements Regarding Hedging Counterparty understands, acknowledges and agrees that: (A) at any time on and prior to the Expiration Date, Dealer and its affiliates may buy or sell Shares or other securities or buy or sell options or futures contracts or enter into swaps or other derivative securities in order to adjust its hedge position with respect to the Transaction; (B) Dealer and its affiliates also may be active in the market for Shares other than in connection with hedging activities in relation to the Transaction; (C) Dealer shall make its own determination as to whether, when or in what manner any hedging or market activities in securities of Issuer shall be conducted and shall do so in a manner that it deems appropriate to hedge its price and market risk with respect to the Relevant Prices; and (D) any market activities of Dealer and its affiliates with respect to Shares may affect the market price and volatility of Shares, as well as the Relevant Prices, each in a manner that may be adverse to Counterparty.

  • Relationship with Other Agreements The implementation of this Treaty shall not prejudice obligations undertaken by States Parties with regard to existing international agreements, to which they are party, where those obligations are consistent with the Treaty.

  • Letter Agreements The Company shall not take any action or omit to take any action which would cause a breach of any of the Letter Agreements executed and will not allow any amendments to, or waivers of, such Letter Agreements without the prior written consent of the Representative.

  • Compliance with Laws and Agreements; No Default Except where the failure to do so, individually or in the aggregate, could not reasonably be expected to result in a Material Adverse Effect, each Loan Party and each Subsidiary is in compliance with (i) all Requirement of Law applicable to it or its property and (ii) all indentures, agreements and other instruments binding upon it or its property. No Default has occurred and is continuing.