Pricing Mechanism Sample Clauses

Pricing Mechanism. 2.1Subject to paragraph 3.2(a) of this Schedule 4, the daily rig rates which will apply to all Company owned and operated rigs (other than Managed Rigs) shall be equal to the Benchmark (as defined below) less the Pricing Discount (as defined below) (the Pricing Mechanism). The Pricing Mechanism will be used to determine the renewal rates on the execution of each Drilling Contract for Company owned and operated rigs (other than Managed Rigs) (the Renewal Rates).2.2Saudi Aramco and Rowan will develop a pricing benchmark (Benchmark) to be used as a basis to determine daily rig rates less a discount, reflecting the following principles:
Pricing Mechanism. The price per square foot of ERY TDRs to be sold shall be established pursuant to this pricing mechanism (“Pricing Mechanism”):
Pricing Mechanism 

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Adjustment Mechanism If an adjustment of the Exercise Price is required pursuant to this Section 6, the Holder shall be entitled to purchase such number of additional shares of Common Stock as will cause (i) the total number of shares of Common Stock Holder is entitled to purchase pursuant to this Warrant, multiplied by (ii) the adjusted Exercise Price per share, to equal (iii) the dollar amount of the total number of shares of Common Stock Holder is entitled to purchase before adjustment multiplied by the total Exercise Price before adjustment.
Purchase Mechanism If the Investors exercise their rights provided in this Section 6.4, the closing of the purchase of the New Securities with respect to which such rights have been exercised shall take place on a date specified by the Company that will be not less than ten nor more than thirty calendar days after the giving of notice of such exercise, which period of time shall be extended for a maximum of twenty days in order to comply with applicable laws and regulations (including receipt of any applicable regulatory or stockholder approvals). Each of the Company and the Investors agree to use their commercially reasonable efforts to secure any regulatory or stockholder approvals or other consents, and to comply with any law or regulation necessary in connection with the offer, sale and purchase of, such New Securities.
Closing Mechanics The Closing shall be held at a date and time designated by the Company and Paramount BioCapital, Inc. prior to 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on August 31, 2005 (subject to extension at the discretion of the Company and the Placement Agent without notice to the Subscriber of up to 60 days), which date shall be no later than five (5) Business Days after satisfaction or waiver of the closing conditions set forth in Article 4 hereof. The Closing shall occur at the offices of Paramount BioCapital, Inc., located at 787 Seventh Avenue, New York, New York 10019. Upon satisfaction or waiver of all conditions to the Closing, the Placement Agent and the Company shall instruct an escrow agent (the “Escrow Agent”) to release the proceeds of the Closing to the Company, less fees and expenses due to the Placement Agent. Interest, if any, that has accrued with respect to the Aggregate Purchase Price while in escrow shall also be distributed to the Company at the Closing and the Subscriber will have no right to such interest, even if there is no Closing.
Borrowing Mechanics Revolving Loans made on any Funding Date shall be in an aggregate minimum amount of $1,500,000. Whenever Company desires that Lenders make Revolving Loans it shall deliver to Administrative Agent a Notice of Borrowing no later than 12:00 Noon (New York time) at least three Business Days in advance of the proposed Funding Date (in the case of a Eurodollar Rate Loan) or at least one Business Day in advance of the proposed Funding Date (in the case of a Base Rate Loan). The Notice of Borrowing shall specify (i) the proposed Funding Date (which shall be a Business Day), (ii) the amount of Loans requested, (iii) whether such Loans shall be Base Rate Loans or Eurodollar Rate Loans, (iv) in the case of any Loans requested to be made as Eurodollar Rate Loans, the initial Interest Period requested therefor, (v) whether such Loans are for the purpose of the purchase or the modification of an Eligible Aircraft and (vi) the identification of the Related Aircraft. Revolving Loans and Term Loans may be continued as or converted into Base Rate Loans and Eurodollar Rate Loans in the manner provided in subsection 2.2D. In lieu of delivering the above-described Notice of Borrowing, Company may give Administrative Agent telephonic notice by the required time of any proposed borrowing under this subsection 2.1B; provided that such notice shall be promptly confirmed in writing by delivery of a Notice of Borrowing to Administrative Agent on or before the applicable Funding Date. Neither Administrative Agent nor any Lender shall incur any liability to Company in acting upon any telephonic notice referred to above that Administrative Agent believes in good faith to have been given by a duly authorized officer or other person authorized to borrow on behalf of Company or for otherwise acting in good faith under this subsection 2.1B, and upon funding of Loans by Lenders in accordance with this Agreement pursuant to any such telephonic notice Company shall have effected Loans hereunder. Company shall notify Administrative Agent prior to the funding of any Loans in the event that any of the matters to which Company is required to certify in the applicable Notice of Borrowing is no longer true and correct as of the applicable Funding Date, and the acceptance by Company of the proceeds of any Loans shall constitute a re-certification by Company, as of the applicable Funding Date, as to the matters to which Company is required to certify in the applicable Notice of Borrowing. Except as otherwise provided in subsections 2.6B, 2.6C and 2.6G, a Notice of Borrowing for a Eurodollar Rate Loan (or telephonic notice in lieu thereof) shall be irrevocable on and after the related Interest Rate Determination Date, and Company shall be bound to make a borrowing in accordance therewith.
Credit Support Amount shall not apply. For purposes of calculating any Delivery Amount or Return Amount for any Valuation Date, reference shall be made to the S&P Credit Support Amount, the Moody’s First Trigger Credit Support Amount, or the Moody’s Second Trigger Credit Support Amount, in each case for such Valuation Date, as provided in Paragraphs 13(b)(i)(A) and 13(b)(i)(B), above.
Payment Mechanics Company will make all fee, royalty, per diem, and expense reimbursement payments to Designer in U.S. dollars by check or by wire transfer in immediately available funds to the account specified in Exhibit A.
Collection Allocation Mechanism On the CAM Exchange Date, (a) the Commitments shall automatically and without further act be terminated as provided in Article VII, (b) each Lender shall become obligated to fund, within one Business Day, all participations in outstanding Swingline Loans held by it (it being agreed that the CAM Exchange shall not result in a reallocation of such funding obligations, but only of the funded participations resulting therefrom) and (c) the Lenders shall automatically and without further act be deemed to have made reciprocal purchases of interests in the Designated Obligations such that, in lieu of the interests of each Lender in the particular Designated Obligations that it shall own as of such date and immediately prior to the CAM Exchange, such Lender shall own an interest equal to such Lender’s CAM Percentage in each Designated Obligation. Each Lender, each person acquiring a participation from any Lender as contemplated by Section 11.04 and each Borrower hereby consents and agrees to the CAM Exchange. Each Borrower and each Lender agrees from time to time to execute and deliver to the Administrative Agent all such promissory notes and other instruments and documents as the Administrative Agent shall reasonably request to evidence and confirm the respective interests and obligations of the Lenders after giving effect to the CAM Exchange, and each Lender agrees to surrender any promissory notes originally received by it hereunder to the Administrative Agent against delivery of any promissory notes so executed and delivered; provided that the failure of any Borrower to execute or deliver or of any Lender to accept any such promissory note, instrument or document shall not affect the validity or effectiveness of the CAM Exchange.As a result of the CAM Exchange, on and after the CAM Exchange Date, each payment received by the Administrative Agent pursuant to any Loan Document in respect of the Designated Obligations shall be distributed to the Lenders pro rata in accordance with their respective CAM Percentages (to be redetermined as of each such date of payment or distribution to the extent required by the next paragraph), but giving effect to assignments after the CAM Exchange Date, it being understood that nothing herein shall be construed to prohibit the assignment of a proportionate part of all an assigning Lender’s rights and obligations in respect of a single Class of Commitments or Loans.In the event that, after the CAM Exchange, the aggregate amount of the Designated Obligations shall change as a result of the making of an LC Disbursement of either Tranche by an Issuing Bank that is not reimbursed by the applicable Borrower, then (a) each Lender of such Tranche shall, in accordance with Section 2.05(d), promptly purchase from the applicable Issuing Bank a participation in such LC Disbursement in the amount of such Lender’s Tranche One Percentage or Tranche Two Percentage, as the case may be, of such LC Disbursement (without giving effect to the CAM Exchange), (b) the Administrative Agent shall redetermine the CAM Percentages after giving effect to such LC Disbursement and the purchase of participations therein by the applicable Lenders, and the Lenders shall automatically and without further act be deemed to have made reciprocal purchases of interests in the Designated Obligations such that each Lender shall own an interest equal to such Lender’s CAM Percentage in each of the Designated Obligations and (c) in the event distributions shall have been made in accordance with the preceding paragraph, the Lenders shall make such payments to one another as shall be necessary in order that the amounts received by them shall be equal to the amounts they would have received had each LC Disbursement been outstanding immediately prior to the CAM Exchange. Each such redetermination shall be binding on each of the Lenders and their successors and assigns and shall be conclusive absent manifest error.
Supply Price All Product Manufactured by XOMA (or by Alexion, its Affiliate or a Third Party under Section 5.1) shall be supplied at a price equal to its COGS, as reviewed by the JMC and subject to verification as provided in Section 6.5. COGS for Product to be used prior to Regulatory Approval shall be included in Development Expenses and treated as such (including pursuant to Section 3.6). COGS for Product to be used following Regulatory Approval shall be included in Allowable Expenses and shall be payable by Alexion upon delivery of vialed Product to or on behalf of Alexion pursuant to firm orders under Section 5.3(b) or as otherwise requested for delivery by Alexion and agreed to by XOMA. All other Manufacturing cost shall be payable by Alexion (and included in Development Expenses or Commercialization Expenses, as applicable) when incurred.
Market Disruption If before close of business in London on the Quotation Day for the relevant Interest Period the Agent receives notifications from a Lender or Lenders (whose participations in the Loan exceed twenty per cent. (20%) of the Loan) that the cost to it of funding its participation in that Loan from whatever source it may reasonably select would be in excess of LIBOR then Clause 10.4 (Cost of funds) shall apply to that Loan for the relevant Interest Period.
Increased Cost of Hedging: Not Applicable Hedging Party: For all applicable Additional Disruption Events, Dealer. Determining Party: For all applicable Extraordinary Events, Dealer. Non-Reliance: Applicable. Agreements and Acknowledgments Regarding Hedging Activities: Applicable Additional Acknowledgments: Applicable