Dues Deductions Sample Clauses

Dues Deductions. 70. Dues deductions, once initiated, shall continue until the authorization is revoked in writing by the employee. For the administrative convenience of the City and the Union, an employee may only revoke a dues authorization by delivering the notice of revocation to the Controller during the two-week period prior to the expiration of this Agreement. The revocation notice shall be delivered to the Controller either in person at the Controller's office or by depositing it in the U.S. Mail addressed to the Payroll/Personnel Services Division, Office of the Controller, Xxx Xxxxx Xxx Xxxx Xxxxxx, 8th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103; Attention: Dues Deduction. The City shall deliver a copy of the notices of revocation of dues deductions authorizations to the Union within two (2) weeks of receipt.
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Dues Deductions. Prior to the preparation of the first payroll of the school year, the Association shall indicate to the District, in writing, the dollar amounts of individual dues and assessments of the Southside Education Association, National Education Association, Washington Education Association and Olympic UniServ Council, to be deducted during the school year to follow. These total deductions shall remain unchanged during the school year. The deductions, as indicated above, shall be deducted in twelve (12) equal amounts in paychecks to begin in September and continue through August; provided that the District has received a written authorization form from any such employee who desires to make said deductions; teachers who work less than a full year shall have their deductions pro-rated at one- twelfth (1/12th), of the total amount, for each month they are employed. Amounts may be prorated by the amount of FTE worked as agreed upon and presented in writing by the Southside Education Association. The District shall promptly remit all monies so collected directly to the Washington Education Association with a list of teachers from whom deductions have been made. The District shall notify the Association of any changes in said list due to teachers entering or leaving the employment of the District; such notification shall be before the monthly pay period. If the Association receives an amount for a teacher in excess of the proper amount to be deducted, the Association shall reimburse that teacher for any overcharge in dues. The Association will indemnify, defend and hold the District harmless against any claims, suits, orders, and/or judgments against the District on account of any check-off of Association dues. This dues deduction system is only for the collection of dues and shall not be used for the collection of any Association imposed fines, penalties, or assessments, nor will it be used for the collection of initiation fees or any other type of Association collection of monies. Employees who wish to revoke this deduction authorization may do so upon written notice to the District and the Association. The employee shall provide written notice to the Association and to the District of his/her wish to no longer have dues withheld from his/her paycheck. Teachers who decide to join the Association and currently have no deductions for dues may do so by signing and delivering, by the fifteenth of any month, a payroll deduction or revocation authorization form to the Dist...
Dues Deductions. 5.01 During the term of this Agreement the Employer shall deduct regular monthly Union dues from the wages of those employees who have voluntarily signed dues deductions authorization forms permitting said deductions. The dues deductions shall be made from the first paycheck of each month. If the employee's pay for that period is insufficient to cover the amount to be deducted, the Employer will make the deduction from the next paycheck, providing the employee's check is sufficient to cover the deduction.
Dues Deductions. In instances where a dues deduction is not taken from an employee who has a valid authorization form on file, the missed deduction(s) will be taken from a subsequent salary payment and remitted to the Union.
Dues Deductions. The Lodge and Labor Council will notify the City in writing of the dues it charges and its current membership, and will update this information as needed to be accurate. The Labor Council shall provide at least thirty (30) days written notice to the Director of Finance of the amount of Labor Council dues and /or representation fee to be deducted from the wage of employees in accordance with this section. Any change in the amount determined will be provided to the Director of Finance at least thirty (30) days prior to its implementation. Said change is to be made only by proper written notice from the Labor Council and shall not be made more than twice a calendar year. Exceptions may be made upon written requests from the Labor Council and the written approval by the City Manager. The Lodge/Labor Council shall obtain from the employee a completed check-off authorization form which shall conform to the respective state and federal laws concerning that subject, or any interpretation made thereof. The City’s Director of Finance may return an incomplete or incorrectly completed form to the Labor Council and no check-off shall be made until such deficiency is corrected. The Director of Finance will withhold the Labor Council membership dues of any Labor Council member from the available wages earned by such Labor Council member bi-monthly, and transmit the same to the Labor Council, 000 Xxxx Xxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx, Xxxx, 00000, within thirty (30) days after the last deduction for the month, upon presentation of written authorization from the Labor Council member (Appendix "A" is a current example). The Director of Finance will withhold the Lodge membership dues of any Lodge member from the available wages earned by such Lodge member bi-monthly, and transmit the same to the designated lodge official within thirty (30) days after the last deduction for the month, upon presentation of written authorization from the lodge member. The City shall check off only obligations which become due at the time of check-off and will make check-off deductions only if the employee has enough pay due to cover such obligation, and will not be responsible to the employee if the employee has duplicated a check-off deduction by direct payment to the Labor Council. The City's remittance will be deemed correct if the Lodge/Labor Council does not give notice, in writing, to the Director of Finance within four (4) weeks after a remittance is sent, with reasons stated therefore, that the re...
Dues Deductions. The parties agree that for good consideration, the County will provide payroll deduction to the Association on the following terms:
Dues Deductions. A. Payroll deductions for membership dues of the Association shall be authorized pursuant to applicable laws of the Commonwealth.
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Dues Deductions. The Employer agrees to deduct monthly membership dues from the pay of those individuals who request such deductions in writing. The amount to be deducted shall be certified to the Agency HR Manager by the Union, and the aggregate deductions shall be remitted monthly, together with an itemized statement, to the treasurer of the Union.
Dues Deductions. The District shall deduct from the paycheck of each employee who so authorizes, on an authorization form provided by the Union, the regular Union dues, fees, and contributions. Authorized dues, fees, and contributions shall be withheld from the first pay period of each month and shall be transmitted monthly, at a time convenient to the District, but no later than the last day of the month, to the Union on behalf of the employee involved.
Dues Deductions. 10.01 The employer shall deduct from the wages of each employee and shall remit to the Union by the tenth (10) day of the month following the deduction such Union dues and assessments as may be prescribed from time to time by the Union.
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