Dues Deductions Sample Clauses

Dues Deductions. The Employer agrees to deduct Union dues and initiation fees, or comparable enrollment and service fees for employees electing not to become Union members, from the wages of employees who voluntarily provide the Employer with a written authorization to make such deductions. The written authorization shall be irrevocable for a period of more than one (1) year or beyond the termination date of this Agreement, whichever occurs sooner. Deductions shall be made from the wages of employees in the first (1st) pay period of the month in which the payment is due. Withheld amounts will be forwarded to the Union by the tenth (10th) day of the month following the actual withholding, together with a record of the amount, social security number, and name of those for whom such deductions have been made. In the event that no wages are due the employee or that they are insufficient to cover the required deduction, the deduction for such month will nevertheless be made from the first wages of adequate amount next due the employee and will thereupon be transmitted to the Union. The Union agrees to refund promptly any dues found to have been improperly deducted and transmitted to the Union. The Union will also send copies to the Employer of the various warning notices sent to the member pursuant to its present practice so that the Employer may take steps designed to keep the employee in good standing. If the employee does not remain in good standing, as defined above, the Employer shall terminate the employee within three (3) days of written notice to do so from the Union.
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Dues Deductions. Upon receipt of a completed and signed authorization from any of its employees covered by this Agreement, the Employer agrees to deduct from the pay due such employee those dues required as the employee's membership in the Union.Such authorization shall be effective only as to membership dues becoming due after the delivery date of such authorization to the Personnel Office of the employee's Appointing Authority. New individual authorizations will be submitted on or before the 9th day of any pay period for deduction the following pay period. Deductions shall be made only when the employee has sufficient earnings to cover same after deductions for Federal Social Security (FICA); individually authorized deferred compensation; Federal Income Tax; state income tax, local or city income tax; other legally required deductions; individually authorized participation in state programs; and enrolled employee's share of insurance premiums, if any. Membership dues deductions shall be in such amount as shall be certified to the Employer in writing by the authorized representative of the Union.Such authorizations of employees transferred within the Bargaining Unit from one payroll office to another within the Department, or from one Department to another, shall not be canceled as a result of such transfer within the Bargaining Unit. When an employee returns from a leave of absence, layoff of less than 180 days, or temporary promotion, the authorization shall be reactivated without further action on the part of the employee. An authorization of an employee who is permanently appointed to a position outside the Bargaining Unit shall be canceled and no longer honored upon the effective date of such movement outside the Bargaining Unit.Upon written notification and documentation provided by the Union, the Employer will collect any delinquent dues or voluntary representation fees in accordance with any payment schedule that may have been agreed upon by the employee and the Union.
Dues Deductions. 60. Dues deductions, once initiated, shall continue until the authorization is revoked in writing by the employee. For the administrative convenience of the City and the Unions, an employee may only revoke a dues authorization by delivering the notice of revocation to the Controller during the two week period prior to the expiration of this Agreement. The revocation notice shall be delivered to the Controller either in person at the Controller's office or by depositing it in the U.S. Mail addressed to the Payroll/Personnel Services Division, Office of the Controller, One South Van Ness Ave., 8th Floor875 Stevenson, Room 235, San Francisco, CA 94103; Attention: Dues Deduction. The City shall deliver a copy of the notices of revocation of dues deductions authorizations to the Union within two (2) weeks of receipt.
Dues Deductions. On the first pay period of each month, the Department shall deduct from the wages of employees in the bargaining unit who are members of the Union and who have requested such deductions pursuant to ORS 292.055 a sum equal to Union dues. This deduction shall begin on the first payroll period following such authorization and shall continue from month to month for the life of this Agreement.
Dues Deductions. The District shall deduct from the paycheck of each employee who so authorizes, on an authorization form provided by the Union, the regular Union dues, fees, and contributions. Authorized dues, fees, and contributions shall be withheld from the first pay period of each month and shall be transmitted monthly, at a time convenient to the District, but no later than the last day of the month, to the Union on behalf of the employee involved.
Dues Deductions. On or before August 25 of each school year, the Association shall give written notice to the District of the dollar amount of dues and assessments of the Association which are to be deducted in the coming school year under all payroll deduction. The total for these deductions shall not be subject to change during the school year. The District shall also deduct donations to WEA-PAC and NEA-FCPE authorized by the employee. The deductions authorized above shall be made in twelve (12) equal amounts from each paycheck beginning the pay period in September. Employees who commence employment after September or terminate employment before June shall have their deductions prorated. The District agrees to promptly remit directly to the agency designated by the Washington Education Association (WEA) all monies so deducted, accompanied by a list of employees from whom the deduction has been made. The Association agrees to reimburse the District or any employee from whose pay dues and assessments were deducted those sums in excess of the total amount due to the Association at that time, provided the Association or its affiliate actually received the excessive amount. Membership Deductions. Within ten (10) days of their commencement of employment, employees may sign and deliver to the District an Assignment of Wages Form, which Form shall authorize deduction of membership dues and assessments of the Association. Such authorization shall continue in effect from year to year unless a request of revocation is submitted to the District and the Association, signed by the employee, and received before August 31 preceding the designated school year for which revocation is to take effect. Each month during the school year, the Association agrees to provide the District with the names of those employees who have joined the Association and paid its dues and assessments by means other than through payroll deductions.Representation Fees. (Reference RCW 41.59.100) No employee will be required to join the Association; however, those employees who are not Association members are members of the bargaining unit and will be required to pay a representation fee to the Association. The amount of the representation fee will be determined by the Association and transmitted to the Business Office in writing. The representation fee shall be an amount less than the regular dues for the Association membership in that non-members shall be neither required nor allowed to make a political (WEAPAC o...
Dues Deductions. At the time that Income Tax (T-4) slips are made available, the Employer shall include the amount of Union dues paid by each Union member in the previous year.
Dues Deductions. The parties agree that for good consideration, the County will provide payroll deduction to the Association on the following terms:
Dues Deductions. Any unit member who is a member of the Association, or who applies for membership, may sign and deliver to the Board an assignment authorizing deduction of unified membership dues and such other mutually-agreed payroll deductions as may be offered by the Association. Such authorization shall continue from year to year, unless revoked by the individual. Pursuant to such authorization, the District shall deduct one-tenth (1/10) of such dues from the pay warrant of the unit member each month for ten (10) months.
Dues Deductions. Any bargaining unit member who is a member of the Association or who has applied for membership may sign and deliver to the Board an assignment authorizing deduction of dues, assessments and contributions to the Association as established by the Association. Such authorization shall continue in effect from year to year unless revoked according to the procedure outlined in the Michigan Education Association (MEA) Constitution, Bylaws and Administrative Procedures. Pursuant to such authorization, the Board shall deduct one-twentieth (1/20) of such dues, assessments and contributions from the regular salary check of the bargaining unit member twice monthly for ten (10) months, beginning in September and ending in June of each year.