Dental Benefits Sample Clauses

Dental Benefits. The County offers dental and orthodontic benefits to full and part-time regular employees and their eligible dependent(s). Benefit provisions, co­ payments and deductibles are outlined in the Evidence of Coverage. The employee contribution is $13 per pay period ($28.26 per month). The County shall contribute to part-time eligible employees on a pro-rated basis, in accordance with Section 10.2.6.
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Dental Benefits. Subject to the applicable Deductible, Coinsurance or Copayments shown on the Schedule of Insurance and Premium rates, We cover the diagnostic, preventive, restorative, endodontic, periodontal, prosthodontic, oral and maxillofacial surgical, orthodontic and certain adjunctive services in the dental benefit package as described in this provision for Members through the end of the month in which the Member turns age 19 when services are provided by a [Network] provider. Dental services are available from birth with an age one dental visit encouraged. A second opinion is allowed. Emergency treatment is available without prior authorization. Emergency treatment includes, but may not be limited to treatment for: pain, acute or chronic infection, facial, oral or head and neck injury, laceration or trauma, facial, oral or head and neck swelling, extensive, abnormal bleeding, fractures of facial bones or dislocation of the mandible. Diagnostic and preventive services are linked to the provider, thus allowing a member to transfer to a different provider/practice and receive these services. The new provider is encouraged to request copies of diagnostic radiographs if recently provided. If they are not available radiographs needed to diagnose and treat will be allowed. Denials of services to the dentist shall include an explanation and identify the reviewer including their contact information. Services with a dental laboratory component that cannot be completed can be considered for prorated payment based on stage of completion. Unspecified services for which a specific procedure code does not exist can be considered with detailed documentation and diagnostic materials as needed by report. Services that are considered experimental in nature will not be considered. This Policy will not cover any charges for broken appointments.
Dental Benefits. The Company will pay the full cost of the Preferred Dental Plan, the Scheduled Dental Plan or Prepaid Dental Plan.
Dental Benefits. The University agrees to contribute the full cost per faculty member of a two-person plan premium for a defined dental plan for all participating full-time faculty members. Participation in the plan is optional for all full-time faculty members. The plan must maintain the level of participation of the faculty members on roll as determined by the carrier. The University will assume the administrative costs necessary to collect deductions, to submit payments to the carrier, to enroll faculty members, and to communicate with the carrier regarding administration of the plan.
Dental Benefits. The following provides a general description of the benefits available to you and your eligible dependents under this dental plan. A complete list of the specific procedures (and applicable limitations) can be found in the Master Contract held by your Employer. Payment for eligible benefits will be based on the monetary rates shown in the Dental Association Fee Guide applicable to your group plan. Refer to your Summary of Benefits for information regarding any deductible, co-payment or maximum benefit amounts. BENEFITS BASIC SERVICES Examinations - includes complete and recall oral examinations twice per calendar year for persons up to and including age 12 and once every 9 months for persons over age 12. Consultations - with patient or with a member of the profession Radiographs - includes complete series intra oral films once every 24 months, panoramic films, and bitewing films twice per calendar year for persons up to and including age 12 and once every 9 months for persons over age 12. Diagnostic Services - includes bacteriologic tests, biopsy and cytological tests Preventive Services - space maintainers (for dependent children); pit and fissure sealants; scaling; fluoride treatment; polishing (one unit of time twice per calendar year for persons up to and including age 12 and one unit of time every 9 months for persons over age 12). The following benefits are provided twice per calendar year for persons up to and including age 12 and once every 9 months for persons over age 12: preventive recall packages, oral hygiene instruction and reinstruction Fillings Extractions - includes root extractions Anesthesia Endodontic Services - includes root canal therapy, surgical and emergency services Periodontic Services - includes periodontal surgery, root planning and occlusal equilibration Denture Repairs, Adjustments, Relining/Rebasing Surgical Services - includes surgical incision/ excision and frenectomy In-office and Commercial Laboratory Charges - when applicable to the covered Benefits MAJOR SERVICES Complete and/or Partial Dentures - (once every 4 years) Restorative Services - includes post/core, crowns, inlays/ onlays Fixed Prosthodontic Services - (once every 5 years) - includes bridgework In-office and Commercial Laboratory Charges - when applicable to the covered benefits. ORTHODONTIC SERVICES (for dependent children to age 18) Orthodontic Services - includes observation, adjustments, orthodontic appliances and major orthodontic treatment In-office an...
Dental Benefits. 12.03 The City will provide for all employees by contract through an insurer selected by the City a Dental Plan which will provide dental benefits. The City shall pay one hundred per cent (100%) of the premiums. Eligible Expenses (Current ODA fee guide for general practitioners; other expenses to reasonable and customary charge; benefit year – January 1 – December 31) One hundred percent (100%) for:
Dental Benefits. Upon retirement from the District, a retiree, along with their spouse or registered domestic partner and their eligible dependents, may select a dental insurance plan at the retiree’s expense that mirrors the dental benefits plans for active employees. The retiree may select either to exhaust the 18 months of COBRA or go directly to the AB 528 rates offered through the District. If the retiree selects COBRA at the time of retirement, the District will send a notification letter to the retiree six months before COBRA benefits end to explain options available once COBRA is exhausted.
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Dental Benefits. 361. Employees who enroll in the Delta Dental PPO Plan shall pay the following premiums for the respective coverage levels: $5/month for employee-only, $10/month for employee + 1 dependent, or $15/month for employee + 2 or more dependents.
Dental Benefits i) Employees and their dependants eligible for coverage will be entitled to claim reimbursement for basic and major dental care combined up to a maximum of $1,500.00 per covered person per calendar year, after a deductible of $25.00/ single, $50.00/family per calendar year has been applied.
Dental Benefits. (a) There will be a one (1) year lag in the Ontario Dental Association (ODA) fee guide.
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