One unit definition

One unit means a minimum of one hundred twenty hours of course instruction, except that for a laboratory course, "one unit" means a minimum of one hundred fifty hours of course instruction.
One unit means 3 hours or less per day;
One unit means the amount of money equivalent to one Special Drawing Right pursuant to the Special Drawing Right prescribed in Article 3, paragraph (1) of the International Monetary Fund Agreement;

Examples of One unit in a sentence

  • One unit of credit for each 75 hours worked per semester, with a maximum of four units per semester, may be earned by students with jobs related to their academic or occupational majors or goals.

  • One unit of outreach is one hour dedicated to conducting formal outreach efforts and/or providing services to engage consumers.

  • One unit, incorporating the changes, may be required to be resubmitted for testing and evaluation for approval.

  • Request must indicate specific medical diagnosis and clinical appearance.• One unit equals 15 minutes of additional time• Utilization thresholds are based on place of service as follows.

  • One unit was 17 years and two were 15 years old, which are nearing the end of their expected useful life.

  • One unit or two one-half units of any other social studies, which may include civics, civilization, geography and history, multicultural studies, North Dakota studies, psychology, sociology, and world history; 5.

  • One unit of released time may be used during the summer term at a rate of 12.5% of the employee’s nine-month salary and shall be considered the equivalent of one summer term course’s FTE for instructional employees.

  • One unit operation in the manufacturing process of the active substance including the resulting in-process controls and/or test procedures.

  • One unit per school has been designated for coordinating the wellness program.

  • One unit equals 15 minutes of additional time Utilization thresholds are based on place of service as follows.

More Definitions of One unit

One unit means a minimum of one hundred twenty hours 18
One unit means a minimum of one hundred twenty hours of 5
One unit means a minimum of one hundred twenty hours 10

Related to One unit

  • Service Unit means a standardized measure of consumption, use, generation, or discharge attributable to an individual unit of development calculated in accordance with generally accepted engineering or planning standards for a particular category of capital improvements.

  • Partnership Unit means a fractional, undivided share of the Partnership Interests of all Partners issued pursuant to Sections 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3 and includes any classes or series of Partnership Units established after the date hereof. The number of Partnership Units outstanding and the Percentage Interests in the Partnership represented by such Partnership Units are set forth in Exhibit A, as such Exhibit may be amended from time to time. The ownership of Partnership Units shall be evidenced by such form of certificate for Partnership Units as the General Partner adopts from time to time unless the General Partner determines that the Partnership Units shall be uncertificated securities.

  • GP Unit means a Partnership Unit which is designated as a GP Unit of the Partnership.

  • Designated Unit means information technology devices (e.g., hard disks or central processing units) identified by Customer pursuant to the Agreement that have been officially made known to the public as appropriate for Use or interoperation with the Software.

  • Share Unit means a unit credited by means of an entry on the books of the Corporation to a Participant pursuant to the Plan, representing the right to receive, subject to and in accordance with the Plan, for each Vested Share Unit one Share, at the time, in the manner, and subject to the terms, set forth in the Plan and the applicable Grant Agreement;

  • Dividend Equivalent Unit means the right to receive a payment, in cash or Shares, equal to the cash dividends or other cash distributions paid with respect to a Share.

  • Stock Unit means a bookkeeping entry representing the equivalent of one Share, as awarded under the Plan.

  • Performance Unit means an Award which may be earned in whole or in part upon attainment of performance goals or other vesting criteria as the Administrator may determine and which may be settled for cash, Shares or other securities or a combination of the foregoing pursuant to Section 10.

  • Time-share unit means a condominium unit in which a time-share estate or a time-share license exists.

  • Membership Unit means an outstanding common membership unit of the LLC.

  • LTIP Unit means a Limited Partnership Interest which is designated as an LTIP Unit and which has the rights, preferences and other privileges designated in Section 4.4 hereof and elsewhere in this Agreement in respect of holders of LTIP Units. The allocation of LTIP Units among the Partners shall be set forth on Exhibit A, as may be amended from time to time.

  • Restricted Unit means a Unit granted under the Plan that is subject to a Restricted Period.

  • Deferred Share Unit or “DSU” means a unit equivalent in value to a Share, credited by means of a bookkeeping entry in the books of the Corporation in accordance with Article 7;

  • Restricted Share Unit means the right granted to a Participant pursuant to Article 7 to receive a Share at a future date.

  • sub-unit means, with respect to any currency other than euro, the lowest amount of such currency that is available as legal tender in the country of such currency and, with respect to euro, means one cent.

  • Performance Share means an Award denominated in Shares which may be earned in whole or in part upon attainment of performance goals or other vesting criteria as the Administrator may determine pursuant to Section 10.

  • Class B Unit means a Partnership Unit that is specifically designated by the General Partner as being a Class B Unit.

  • Administrative unit - means the Department of Education and Children’s Services in which persons are employed in accordance with the Public Sector Act 2009.

  • Animal Unit means a unit of measure used to compare differences in the production of animal manure and set forth in Minn. R. 7020.0300, subp. 5.

  • Phantom Share means a right, pursuant to the Plan, of the Grantee to payment of the Phantom Share Value.

  • Performance Share Unit means a hypothetical investment equivalent equal to one share of Stock granted in connection with an Award made under Section 9 of the Plan.

  • Deferred Share means a Share which by its terms of issue is a deferred share as defined in the Statutes and includes a permanent interest bearing share and a Core Capital Deferred Share;

  • Class C Unit means a Partnership Security representing a fractional part of the Partnership Interests of all Limited Partners and Assignees, and having the rights and obligations specified with respect to the Class C Units in this Agreement. The term “Class C Unit” does not refer to a Common Unit until such Class C Unit has converted into a Common Unit pursuant to the terms hereof.

  • Phantom Stock Unit means the right to receive the value of one (1) share of the Company’s Common Stock, subject to the provisions of Section 8.4 of the Plan.

  • Phantom Unit means a notional interest granted under the Plan that, to the extent vested, entitles the Participant to receive a Unit or an amount of cash equal to the Fair Market Value of a Unit, as determined by the Committee in its discretion.