Separation Benefits Sample Clauses

Separation Benefits. Upon termination of your employment with Intuit for any reason, you will receive payment for all unpaid salary and vacation accrued to the date of your termination of employment; and your benefits will be continued under Intuit’s then existing benefit plans and policies for so long as provided under the terms of such plans and policies and as required by applicable law. Under certain circumstances and conditioned upon your execution of a release and waiver of claims against the Company, its officers and directors, you will also be entitled to receive severance benefits as set forth below, but you will not be entitled to any other compensation, award or damages with respect to your employment or termination.
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Separation Benefits. You shall be entitled to receive separation benefits upon termination of employment only as set forth in this Section 3; provided, however, that in the event you are entitled to any severance pay under a Company-sponsored severance pay plan, any such severance pay to which you are entitled under such severance pay plan shall reduce the amount of severance pay to which you are entitled pursuant to this Section 3. In all cases, upon termination of employment you will receive payment for all salary, earned bonus (if any) and unused vacation accrued as of the date of your termination of employment, and your benefits will be continued under the Company’s then existing benefit plans and policies in accordance with such plans and policies in effect on the date of termination and in accordance with applicable law. In furtherance of, and not in limitation of the foregoing, but without duplication, during the period wherein which you shall be receiving Separation Payments in accordance with the provisions of Section 3(d) hereof (the “Severance Period”), then the Company shall, at its election, either (i) continue to pay for your health benefits under the Company’s sponsored health care program in which you were enrolled and eligible to receive benefits prior to your termination of employment, or (ii) pay for your health coverage under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (“COBRA”), in each case, for the Severance Period, when such premiums are due and owing.
Separation Benefits. If this Agreement is terminated either by the Company without Cause in accordance with Section 6(c) (including the Company’s non-renewal of this Agreement) or by Employee resigning his employment for Good Reason in accordance with Section 6(d), the Company shall have no further obligation to Employee under this Agreement, except the Company shall provide the Accrued Obligations to Employee in accordance with Section 7(a) plus the following payments and benefits (collectively, the “Separation Benefits”) to Employee: (i) an amount equal to one times the sum of the Base Salary in effect immediately before the Termination Date plus the Annual Bonus received by Employee for the fiscal year preceding the Termination Date (or if Employee was employed for less than one full fiscal year prior to the Termination Date, the Annual Bonus for purposes of this Section 7 shall be the Annual Bonus payable during the current fiscal year at the target amount provided above) (together, the “Separation Pay”); and (ii) during the six-month period commencing on the Termination Date that Employee is eligible to elect and elects to continue coverage for himself and his eligible dependents under the Company’s group heath insurance plan pursuant to the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985, as amended (“COBRA”), or similar state law, the Company shall reimburse Employee on a monthly basis for the difference between the amount Employee pays to effect and continue such coverage under COBRA and the employee contribution amount that active employees of the Company pay for the same or similar coverage; provided, however, that Employee shall notify the Company in writing within five days after he becomes eligible after the Termination Date for group health insurance coverage, if any, through subsequent employment or otherwise and the Company shall have no further reimbursement obligation after Employee becomes eligible for group health insurance coverage due to subsequent employment or otherwise. The Separation Pay shall be paid to Employee in a lump sum within 60 days of the Termination Date; provided, however, that no Separation Pay shall be paid to Employee unless the Company receives, on or within 55 days after the Termination Date, an executed and fully effective copy of the Release (as defined below). Any COBRA reimbursements due under this Section shall be made by the last day of the month following the month in which the applicable premiums were paid by Employee. ...
Separation Benefits. In the event of any termination of employment during the Employment Term other than upon a Qualifying Event, Executive (or his estate, as the case may be) shall be entitled to the benefits set forth below (the “Separation Benefits”):
Separation Benefits. In consideration for the Employee’s execution, non-revocation of, and compliance with this Agreement, including the waiver and release of claims in Section 4, the Employer agrees to provide the following:
Separation Benefits. If Sucampo terminates Executive’s employment without meeting the conditions for “Termination for Cause” in Section H(1); if Executive resigns for Good Reason under the conditions set forth in Section H(2)(b), or due to the Executive’s “Death or Disability” under Section H(2)(c); and Executive (or the executor of Executive’s estate upon death or incapacity) signs and returns to Sucampo without revocation a release prepared by Sucampo of all legally waivable claims related to or arising from Executive’s employment with Sucampo and all other terms determined exclusively by Sucampo, then (i) Sucampo shall pay Executive (or the estate): (A) the amount of any COBRA continuation premium payments made by Executive during the 12-month period following the date of termination, or the period ending when Executive becomes eligible for comparable group medical benefits coverage from another source (whichever comes first); and (B) a lump sum payment equal to 12 months of Executive’s then-current annual Base Salary; and (ii) Executive’s Equity Incentive Awards shall vest as set forth in Section H(5)(a) (collectively, the “Separation Benefits”).
Separation Benefits. Except in situations where the employment of Executive is terminated For Cause, By Death or By Disability (as defined in Section IV below), in the event that the Company terminates Executive’s employment at any time, Executive will be eligible to receive the following benefits (collectively, “Separation Benefits”):
Separation Benefits. Executive shall be entitled to receive separation benefits upon such events and in such amounts as are set forth in this Section 6.
Separation Benefits. In the event the Company terminates Executive’s employment with the Company prior to the expiration of the Employment Period for any reason or in the event the Executive resigns from the Company voluntarily, then the Company shall pay to Executive the following: (i) Executive’s unpaid Annual Salary that has been earned through the termination date of Executive’s employment (the “Termination Date”); (ii) Executive’s accrued but unused vacation; (iii) any accrued but unpaid expenses pursuant to Section 4 above, (iv) such vested accrued benefits, and other benefits and/or payments, if any, as to which the Executive (and his eligible dependents) may be entitled under, and in accordance with the terms and conditions of, the employee benefit arrangements, plans and programs of the Company as of the Termination Date (including, for example, the presentment of the right to continue health benefit coverage under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (“COBRA”), as applicable), but not including any severance pay plan; and (v) any other payments as may be required under applicable law. The benefits provided under subsections (i) through (v) of this Section 5.1 are collectively referred to as the “Separation Benefits.”
Separation Benefits. For purposes of this Agreement, “Separation Benefits” shall mean: