Creative Sample Clauses

Creative. Through the Service, Customer will provide all creative and substantive materials (“Creative”) required for delivering the Customer Campaign. Customer is solely responsible for the Creative and all substantive content of such Creative. LinkedIn is not liable for errors of any kind in the Creative, as provided by Customer.
Creative. All creative formats and units must: Feature the appropriate upper and lower case treatment of the company name (e.g. inc., and, etc.) Feature the inc. logo Feature the tag-line (which will be translated by the global brand agency into the appropriate language for each county in a way that is mutually agreeable so that it mutually satisfies the requirements of both the brand and country's cultural environment.) Feature the appropriate URL (Uniform Resource Locator) for the country involved (e.g.,,, etc.) reflect the highest level of moral and ethical standards within the community to which the commercial's message is to be conveyed reflect the brand's recommended look and feel (e.g. color palettes, typefaces, imagery, etc.) of which examples will be provided in the look book.
Creative. Digital River will upload all banners, text links and other such links used by Affiliates for marketing Symantec’s Products, subject to review and prior written approval by Symantec.
Creative. Amex senior management will determine which agency senior staff members will be on retainer and for what % of their time, on a 12 monthly basis or other periods of time that are deemed appropriate * Note: Standard year is assumed to be 1,600 hours ** Retainer definition: Under normal circumstances, only senior agency staff that are involved in strategic counseling capacity will be considered to be on retainer. The concept of retainer is to buy out a % of agency senior strategic thinkers' time to work on the overall Amex strategy which are not "project" based. In most situations, only account management / marketing or strategy function people are on retainer. Typically, no supervisors' time should be on retainer because their time are covered by ratecards or projects priced using hourly rates. A typical situation where supervisor time might be considered to be on retainer is when there is little or no execution outputs for the period but Amex marketing still requires Agency supervisor to be dedicated to Amex.
Creative. Take action in preventing, identifying and responding to workplace health and safety risks. Ensure Zero Harm to clients, families, and colleagues by assessing and mitigating risks. Escalate actual or potential risks and exercise decision making, with the knowledge of the complete circumstance and situation of the client and family. Raise concerns, provide open and honest feedback and offer suggestions and ideas for improvement. Be open to new ways to do old things. Genuine Adopt a professional approach at all times including dress standards and in all communication with others. Perform any duties in an honest and consistent manner. Develop relationships with clients which enable them to have better control over choice and decision making Xavier’s values (cont.) Ask if you don’t know how.
Creative. Creative will be provided by SpartanForex. SpartanForex will provide Affiliate Partner with copies of or access to Creative. The Creative is provided “AS IS” AND WITHOUT WARRANTY of any kind. In the event that Affiliate Partner uses its own Creative, it must first seek SpartanForex’s approval for the use thereof.
Creative. SSAI will provide direction and input to REC on matters pertaining to branding, image and sell-through of each event. This includes photo selection, taglines, copy points and concepts of the creative campaign for each year of this agreement. SSAI will write all broadcast media tags with final approval from event GMs; SSAI will coordinate all elements of broadcast edit sessions including securing logos, copy points and talent; SSAI will write radio and TV scripts as needed; SSAI will coordinate duping of all spots; SSAI will coordinate print ad production for each event; SSAI will ensure that all GMs see approval dubs and draft print ad layouts before production is officially completed; SSAI will write traffic instructions for broadcast campaign and send them to the media representatives of each station included in the Plan. These traffic instructions will also be forwarded to the site marketing directors for the stations included in their trade and/or public relations campaign. SSAI will approve logo placement on the event posters; SSAI will consult on all collateral materials including the brochures, posters, rack cards, and website to ensure that they are synergetic with each event's brand.
Creative. 4.1.1. Assets - All Client assets and information must be provided at least ten (10) business days prior to the Activation Timeline. For activations involving hardware branding, all Client the assets and information must be provided at least twenty (20) business days prior to the Activation Timeline.