Creative Sample Clauses

Creative. Through the Service, Customer will provide all creative and substantive materials (“Creative”) required for delivering the Customer Campaign. Customer is solely responsible for the Creative and all substantive content of such Creative. LinkedIn is not liable for errors of any kind in the Creative, as provided by Customer.
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Creative. Company will provide creative services required to fulfill Deliverables as needed which may include; landing page, IAB standard display ad units, placements within various social media outlets and email composition. In addition, company will spend a reasonable amount of time in design consultation, development, edits and changes. Services include one (1) round of revisions per design and a creative refresh every two (2) months. Additional design services will be available at an additional cost.
Creative. The DISCOVERY team will produce one (1) creative ad per year for use in print, digital and/or social channels; broadcast not included. DISCOVERY will work with OCWR on messaging, creative copy and brand design.
Creative. All creative formats and units must: Feature the appropriate upper and lower case treatment of the company name (e.g. xxx., and, xxc.) Feature the xxx. logo Feature the xxx-line (which will be translated by the global brand agency into the appropriate language for each county in a way that is mutually agreeable so that it mutually satisfies the requirements of both the brand and country's cultural environment.) Feature the appropriate XXX (Uniform Resource Locator) for the country involved (e.g., xxtoxxxxx.xx, xxtoxxxxx.xx, xxc.) reflect the highest level of moral and ethical standards within the community to which the commercial's message is to be conveyed reflect the brand's recommended look and feel (e.g. color palettes, typefaces, imagery, etc.) of which examples will be provided in the look book.
Creative. Customer shall be solely responsible with respect to the Advertising Materials and any other instructions provided to Viber. Customer shall provide accurate information regarding any Campaign. Customer shall be liable to, and Viber shall not have any liability, with respect to Advertising Materials and/or with respect to any other aspect of Customer’s specifications and Campaign instructions, including but not limited to the Ad form or content, to errors (including without limitation typographic errors of any kind) in Ad contents, texts, graphics, position or placement, links, availability, interactivity or connectivity, breach of applicable laws by the Ad or its publishing, infringement of any Third Party’s Intellectual Property or other Third Party rights resulting from or related to the Ad or promotion and/or publication thereof, provided that Viber materially conformed with Customer’s guidelines and specifications. Without derogating from the above, Xxxxx has the right, but not the obligation, to review, reject or remove any Ad or discontinue any Campaign, at its sole discretion. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Customer shall comply with Xxxxx’s Ad Policy xxxxx:// Customer may not change or modify any Ad or other advertising material provided to Viber, without the prior consent of Viber. Viber reserves the right (but shall have no obligation) to reject, discontinue, or omit any Ad or any part thereof, at any time, including before or after Ad submission by – Customer or after having published the Ad initially.
Creative. Digital River will upload all banners, text links and other such links used by Affiliates for marketing Symantec’s Products, subject to review and prior written approval by Symantec.
Creative. The below outlines the creative that is expected for use during the Activation Timeline. Crowd Reactive agrees to provide: ● One (1) starting image ● One (1) final image ● One (1) promotional slide ● One (1) exported final grid of images Client agrees to provide: ● All/any Brand Guidelines, Logo(s) in high resolution or vector format, Font(s) in .otf or .ttf format, Color Palettes, Hashtags, Reference Artwork or Required Graphics in high resolution or vector format, Screen Resolutions, or the like that are needed to create the creative elements
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Creative. The Regional Skills Assessment illustrates that there is a higher proportion of businesses in the creative industries in Ayrshire compared to Scotland, with a corresponding contribution to the growth of the region’s economy. Recognising that this sector is formed primarily of self-employed people and micro businesses we will integrate business and entrepreneurship skills into our courses in partnership with Bridge to Business to ensure our graduates are equipped for business start-up in the sector. In partnership with South Ayrshire Arts Partnership we will deliver short courses to those already in the creative sector to support business growth through social media channels. Over the next three years, we aim to develop and implement new access provision that will lead onto existing full-time college courses. This will open up creative industries to school pupils from senior phase portfolio preparation to new National Progression Awards delivered with schools and in partnership with industry. Supporting the apprenticeship family The college works well with employers across the region to support a range of models to deliver Modern Apprenticeships (MAs). Figures from Skills Development Scotland show that there were 2,065 MA starts across the region in 2015-16, a modest increase on the previous year. The college delivered 261 of these, in partnership with trade bodies, representing 13% of the regional total. Typically, we deliver a larger percentage of apprenticeships at higher SCQF levels than the regional and national average. For example, in 2015-16, 89% of our apprentices in training and 76% of new starts were studying at SCQF Level 6 or above. Although the vast majority of apprenticeships delivered by the College support 16-24 year olds and are higher level apprenticeships, this is not consistent across Ayrshire. While the Scottish Government prioritises Modern Apprenticeships for 16-24 year-olds, the 2016 Regional Skills Assessment for Ayrshire showed that 26% of apprenticeship starts in 2015-16 were aged 25 or over, significantly higher than the Scotland figure of 20%. This compares to 9% of Ayrshire College starts in the same time period. Figure 4: Modern Apprenticeships delivered by age, 2015-16 In the period 2017-20, we will continue to encourage an increasing number of businesses to recruit modern apprentices. The focus of our apprenticeship activity will continue to reflect the main economic sectors we support in Ayrshire - primarily engineering, c...
Creative. Licensee shall, in the form of an Annual Plan submit in writing or in such other appropriate tangible or intangible form, all Creative related to Licensor Product for any new product to Licensor for Approval (which must either be approved or rejected within [———-]19. The parties acknowledge that Approval of the Creative for the Initial Launch shall be determined by a separate schedule as agreed between the parties.
Creative. All images, graphics, advertisements, links, copy or other creative material used by VENDOR: (a) in connection with the Lead generation activities hereunder must be approved by NWMS in writing prior to being utilized in connection with any campaign and must comply with the terms of the Agreement (“Lead Creative”); and (b) in connection with the Data-generation Services (“Data Creative,” and together with the Lead Creative, the “Creative”) and Lead-generation Services must comply with all Applicable Law. VENDOR shall be fully responsible for all aspects of the Creative. NWMS may reject any Lead Creative with or without cause, even after such Lead Creative was previously approved by NWMS. In the event that NWMS desires to cancel the use of any Lead Creative for any reason, VENDOR shall cease the distribution and use of same to, and/or in connection with, the VENDOR Media no more than two (2) business days following NWMS’s written request.
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