Business Partners definition

Business Partners means third parties through which Distributor distributes the Services to Users, subject to the terms of this Agreement.
Business Partners means any supplier or commercial partner of any Group Company (excluding Customers and Potential Customers); Copyright Laws means the UK – Copyright Designs and Patents Xxx 0000; Customer shall mean any person, firm or company who at the Termination Date or at any time during the twelve months immediately prior to the Termination Date was a customer of any Group Company with whom you had business dealings at any time during the twelve months immediately prior to the Termination Date or where in relation to the Group Company’s relationship with such person, firm or company you are as at the Termination Date in possession of confidential information;

Examples of Business Partners in a sentence

  • Accordingly, I understand that this Restrictive Covenant Agreement is meant to limit reasonably and fairly my competition following the end of my employment, and to define the corresponding obligations between me and ADP regarding: (1) unfair competition, (2) the solicitation of Clients, Business Partners or Vendors for or on behalf of ADP’s competitors, (3) the solicitation of ADP’s employees, and (4) the treatment of proprietary information, Confidential Information, and trade secrets.

  • Your Board takes this opportunity to place on record our deep appreciation to our Shareholders, Customers, Business Partners, Vendors, Bankers, Financial Institutions, Stock Exchange, Regulatory and Government Authorities and other Stakeholders at large for all support rendered during the year under review.

  • Therefore, consistent with our core values, the Company prohibits its Dealers & Business Partners from engaging in bribery, which also violates many Anti-Corruption and Bribery laws.

  • This Code holds our Business Partners the same high standards to which we hold ourselves & is part of our standard PO Terms & conditions as well.

  • While these current and prospective Clients, Business Partners, and/or Vendors may be secured or serviced by ADP associates, including me, I acknowledge that such individuals or entities remain at all times those of ADP and that the goodwill engendered by the relationships is intended to inure only to the benefit of ADP; the goodwill is owned by ADP; and ADP shall be the sole beneficiary of such goodwill during and after the termination of my employment with ADP.

More Definitions of Business Partners

Business Partners means any individual with whom BorgWarner does busi- ness, including, without limitation, representatives and employees of customers, sup- pliers, service providers and competitors. The purpose of this letter is to inform pro- spective and current Business Partners in Europe about the processing of their per- sonal data by BorgWarner. BorgWarner is obligated under the GDPR to provide this information.
Business Partners means the Company’s supplier or vendor or another legal entity that is selected by the fairness system, made an agreement between businesses with the company.
Business Partners means the Company’s and its Affiliatesvendors, suppliers, customers, investors, business partners, and others with whom it or they have a business relationship.
Business Partners has the meaning ascribed to it in Section 3.15(e).
Business Partners. - means all brokers, finders, dealers, resellers, distributors, teaming partners, joint venture partners, contractors, suppliers, consultants, agents and any other third party with whom or through whom Oando Plc does business.