Business Partners definition

Business Partners means other organizations with which Xxxxxx has entered into reseller agreements to sell, and support certain Software and Services.
Business Partners means third parties through which Distributor distributes the Services to Users, subject to the terms of this Agreement.
Business Partners means any individual, corporation, limited liability company, partnership, joint venture, association, or other entity, regardless of form, that is or has been in a commercial or business relationship with ADP (excluding Clients and Vendors), including, without limitation, (i) referral partners, resellers, brokers, distributors, licensees, franchisees and marketing partners, (ii) implementation, integration and development partners, (iii) co-investors and joint venture partners, and (iv) any other individual or entity whose products or services ADP purchases, acquires or licenses for use with, or redistribution to, a third party (including Clients).

Examples of Business Partners in a sentence

  • Consequently, and after having been made aware that FME is mandated to ensure that all its Business Partners conform to the principles embodied in Fresenius Medical Care Business Ethics and Principles for Business Partners, Healthcare Provider and/or Healthcare Organization hereby agrees to be bound by the Fresenius Medical Care Anti-Corruption Annex, a copy of which is attached hereto as Annex 2 and made as an integral part hereof.

  • Financial Institutions as Business Partners ● MHFG will support financial institutions in solving manage- ment problems.

More Definitions of Business Partners

Business Partners means an individual in a legally defined business arrangement or partnership.
Business Partners means the classes of third party entities (which is not a Sunway Entity) described in the Privacy Notice.
Business Partners means all third parties including but not limited to suppliers, contractors, consultants, and authorized service and/or solution providers Entek cooperates with in certain business models or project development, and all representatives and so on that are acting on behalf of Entek.
Business Partners means: (1) Cummins’ First-Tier Customer; and
Business Partners means authorized service and/or solution provider third parties, all kinds of suppliers, representatives, subcontractors and consultants acting on behalf and account of the company with whom Entek acts in cooperation, including but not limited to certain business models or project development.
Business Partners means all brokers, finders, dealers, resellers, distributors, bankers, insurers, service providers, teaming partners, joint venture partners, contractors, suppliers, consultants, agents, intermediaries and any other third party with whom or through whom Oando does business.
Business Partners means the Company’s supplier or vendor or another legal entity that is selected by the fairness system, made an agreement between businesses with the company.