Dialogue Sample Clauses

Dialogue. The Parties shall examine any difficulties that might arise in their trade in agricultural products and shall endeavour to seek appropriate solutions through dialogue and consultations.
Dialogue. Unless Executive otherwise consents by the execution of an instrument in writing that specifically refers to Section 12.11 of this Agreement, no claim or dispute arising out of or related to this Agreement or any other agreement, policy, plan, program or arrangement, including without limitation, any qualified or nonqualified retirement plan, stock option plan or agreement, or any other equity incentive plan in which Executive participated prior to his termination, shall be subject to the Company’s Dialogue Dispute Resolution Program.
Dialogue. 1. The Parties agree to enhance their regular dialogue in all areas covered by this Agreement with a view to fulfilling its purpose.
Dialogue. An important base for the development of the employees and the company’s aggregate skills is a dialogue between manager and subordinate. It is in this dialogue that awareness of the company’s development programme and the implementation thereof may be disseminated. The dialogue may also serve as a compass for the individual employee’s commitment, thinking and plans. The dialogue is created through, for example, day-to-day planning and development discussions. Furthermore it is important for work teams to discuss and plan for change. Experience shows that well-functioning dialogue requires input from the company, such as training of managers and co-workers in communication, goal- setting, follow-up of results etc. The dialogue shall be conducted in a positive spirit and aim at sound development by the employees and the company. Co-operation It is the partiesopinion that implementation of dialogue and continuing education in companies and support for individual employees’ initiatives for their own development, should be adapted to the situation of each individual company and be based on the company’s business idea and long-term visions The forms of dialogue with the employees, as well as the planning, implementation and follow-up of various development measures, should be discussed and agreed between the local parties. Wage formation The continuing education of individual employees should be an important aspect of wage formation at the company. Order of contract: Order number: 6516 1005 Almega’s web shop, www.almega.se info@ontime.se
Dialogue. In the event of a “Dispute,” the parties shall through confidential dialogue and communication, including, as appropriate, fact to face personal discussions, attempt to achieve an amicable and mutually satisfactory resolution of such claim, dispute or controversy. In this regard an officer, as may be designated in writing by the Company, will represent the Company.
Dialogue. To activate and develop a virtuous relationship between a firm and a bank, in the interest of continuity the agreement confirms global advisory services through the further improvement of dialogue tools and advisory support initiated in prior agreements. Moreover, to better evaluate a firm’s creditworthiness for access to credit or alternative forms of financing, the agreement authorizes the start of a joint Intesa Sanpaolo– Piccola Industria Confindustria Table. Beginning with the analysis of successful enterprises, its task will be to identify new qualitative criteria for measuring a firm’s development potential. EXPO 2015 Through the agreement and in relation to projects initiated by the Bank as Expo 2015 Global Banking Partner, Intesa Sanpaolo’s business customers will have access to business opportunities and commercial contacts throughout the event. Other credit lines dedicated to the sector offer with regard to Expo 2015 (agri-food, made in Italy) will be available to firms for implementing specific entrepreneurial initiatives and projects. At local level, the national agreement will be pursued throughout 2015 and involve the Confindustria and Intesa Sanpaolo organizations in the territory. Prior agreements The agreement signed today is the fifth stage of a path that Piccola Industria Confindustria and Intesa Sanpaolo have taken since 2009. Through agreements with Piccola Industria Confindustria, from 2009 to 2014 Intesa Sanpaolo has made 45 billion euros available for associated firms. Giorgio Squinzi, chairman of Confindustria: “Investing in firms and their development is the key to overcoming the crisis. But firms can neither grow nor generate value without adequate funds. This is why the agreement with Intesa Sanpaolo, the fifth of a profitable collaboration that began in 2009, has strategic value for coping with a credit emergency that is still extensive, especially for SMEs. Confindustria will continue to work with determination, as we did recently with the Agenda per il Credito, in order to have the tools that enhance firms’ strong points in terms of quality, and enable them to aim for growth, innovation and internationalization. It is particularly significant that this year the agreement has devoted considerable attention to Expo 2015 with dedicated credit lines, and fosters enterprise capitalization and access to financial channels other than the banking channel.” Alberto Baban, chairman of Piccola Industria Confindustria: “With the support...
Dialogue. Community engagement is part of a dialogue between residents and service providers and dialogue between and within sectors is essential to deliver the best outcomes. • Planning and sustaining: All sectors are committed to planning and sustaining community involvement that maximises ongoing quality and effectiveness, and avoids duplication. Community Involvement Compact undertakings – supporting and sustaining successful community involvement Joint undertakings All partners to the Compact agree to: • Work across sectors and with stakeholders whenever possible to encourage the active participation of all Islington residents and groups in community activities, consultations and in shaping local services. • Work together to identify and remove barriers that might stop people becoming involved in the local community. • Plan and co-ordinate consultation and involvement exercises across different organisations and with stakeholders whenever possible in order to make the best use of resources. • Plan exercises that will reach all of the intended audience to secure results that are representative of the groups concerned. • Plan consultations so: - they are undertaken at an early stage in the development of proposals - it is clear when they are to take place - they avoid the major holiday periods • Whenever possible allow at least eight weeks for consultations that involve a large number of stakeholders and significant changes to policy or service provision. • Publicise upcoming consultations and community involvement activities. • Communicate the purpose of each exercise and the scope for change. Be clear about how inputs from the community will be considered and reviewed, and how they will inform decisions. • Be clear about confidentiality and about what will be done with the information. Keep views confidential if requested to do so (within Freedom of Information regulations). • Evaluate consultation and involvement activities. Provide feedback, publicise the results and take account of the findings in future exercises. Publicise local examples of how community participation has affected change. • Support the Islington Community Network in its role of enabling the third sector to be represented and to participate in partnership activity. • Work together to build skills in user- involvement and public participation. Statutory sector partners will • Acknowledge that participating in or organising involvement and consultation exercises, and representing the third sector...
Dialogue. There will be at least one formal meeting a year between Mentamálaráðið and Shetland Islands Council to deal with the agenda items. The venue will alternate between the Faroe Islands and Shetland. Exchange scheme An exchange scheme shall promote opportunities for all people involved in cultural activities in the Faroe Islands and Shetland, and enable them to share knowledge and experience and learn from each other. Access to education and research institutions The agreement seeks positively to promote and encourage access to each other’s educational and research institutions. Project support Economic support may be given to projects that are encompassed by the chosen objectives, and that will benefit the realisation of the exchange scheme. Financial support for Cooperation Mentamálaráðið and Shetland Islands Council respectively shall set aside from their annual budgets a special allowance for the fulfilment of this agreement. The respective authorities shall, at the earliest stage possible in the budget process, brief each other on proposals involving changes compared to allocations in previous years. Implementation This agreement shall commence on 1st January 2004.