Engineering Sample Clauses

Engineering. Forest Service completed survey and design for Specified Roads prior to timber sale advertisement, unless otherwise shown in A8 or Purchaser survey and design are specified in A7. On those roads for which Forest Service completes the design during the contract, the design quantities shall be used as the basis for revising estimated costs stated in the Schedule of Items and adjusting Timber Sale Account. Forest Service engineering shall be completed according to the schedule in A8. Should Forest Service be unable to perform the designated survey and design by the completion date or other agreed to time, upon written agreement, Purchaser shall assume responsibility for such work. In such event, Contracting Officer shall revise:
Engineering. The technical application of the dimensioning rules and results thereof in order to provide network resources to meet specified Grade of Service (GOS).
Engineering. Network engineering handles the technical aspects of the project, resolution of problems escalated by the NOC, planning for future network expansion, and improving performance and process. Engineering interacts directly with AOL and the NOC.
Engineering. 1) The Sub-Recipient shall submit to the Division an official letter stating that the project is 100% complete and ready for the Division’s Final Inspection of the project.
Engineering. Copies of employee work hours charged to the railroad and/or highway account code for the project.
Engineering. (a) General Review Seller will review the following items as Seller deems appropriate; switching Products (Products and Software); transmission Products (Products and Software); power/energy equipment hardware; engineering drawings; site survey; grounding of the switch; appliance outlets; front and rear aisle lighting as required; timing cables; distributing frame engineering and equipment; cable rack and hardware; stanchions; end guards auxiliary framing; existing cable holes; fiber cable protection systems.
Engineering. Design engineering including all aspects of the Project (public involvement, agency involvement, preliminary/final design etc.), surveying, mapping, construction engineering, construction management, construction inspection and all related materials testing, including the cost of County and City staff time for these purposes, shall be split based on the County’s and City’s share of the final construction costs.
Engineering. The Offeror shall demonstrate his understanding of the engineering support requirements (e.g., working drawings, tech/system manuals, selected record plans, inclining requirements, Trim and Stability booklet, and docking and undocking calculation if required) of the work package. Identify completely the extent of engineering services that you plan to provide for this Work Package. Describe the methodology to be used for resolving technical engineering problems, including engineering/production interfaces. Describe the liaison between production and any engineering or design subcontractors (e.g. whether or not specifically dedicated in-house individuals will be assigned liaison). Describe how regulatory approvals will be obtained for applicable engineering drawings (i.e. use of Professional Engineer review, use of ABS review for ABS approval). Submit brief but concise resumes of engineering personnel (in-house and subcontractor) assigned to this project. Subfactor 1.4 Material Availability Identify materials/sources of materials for any item whose material cost exceeds 25% of the total estimated work item cost. Identify materials and sources for material costs that exceed $10,000.00 for any single item. Do not list normal stock materials such as fasteners, gaskets, weld rod, etc. Provide a separate listing of all brand name or equal items pursuant to the Brand Name or Equal provision of this solicitation (FAR 52.211-6). List should identify the product or material by work item number.
Engineering. A nonrecurring charge will apply for the planning and engineering associated with placing POTS Splitters in the Central Office, either in a bay, on the IDF, or on the MDF/COSMIC™.