Engineering Sample Clauses

Engineering. The technical application of the dimensioning rules and results thereof in order to provide network resources to meet specified Grade of Service (GOS).
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Engineering. Delta will make engineering resources reasonably available to Aircell on an agreed-upon schedule to assist with technical A/C and cabin surveys and provide information on existing A/C systems and design-for-maintenance knowledge.
Engineering. Engineering services include the preparation of project reports, development of utility plans (sewer, water (storm water, domestic and fire protection), electrical and telecommunications), grading, drainage, water quality management plans and hydrology studies. Engineering expertise may also be required on roads, drainage courses, parking areas, slopes, and water features (lakes, creeks and channels).
Engineering. The technical application of the dimensioning rules and results thereof in order to provide the specified GRADE OF SERVICE (G.O.S.) or to meet specified standard.
Engineering. American Engineering commitments will include: American assistance on aircraft surveys, data and information on existing aircraft systems (that are not restricted intellectual property) and design-for-maintenance knowledge, as required by Supplier. American engineering will also work with Aircell to develop, and must approve, all installation designs and systems operational characteristics, to ensure they meet all airworthiness and American operational requirements
Engineering. Sizing and configuration of CIT database
Engineering. Engineering and general oil field operations including, but not limited to, evaluation of outside proposals for exploration and exploitation of oil and gas properties, reserve evaluations and production forecasting, AFE costs, joint interest billings, and invoices, preparation and fling of regulatory reports, monitoring of allowables, monitoring of well profitability, and pursuit of opportunities for enhancement of existing oil and gas production;
Engineering. All construction shall be performed according to the recommendations contained in Geotechnical Investigation and other engineering reports specific to the site, and in accordance with good engineering and design practices.
Engineering. American will endeavor to deliver all engineering for an aircraft while in check during the given span time of the check unless an inspection finding and engineering requirements drive the redelivery of the aircraft beyond this requirement. Upon discovery of any item that will cause a delay in the engineering data, the Customer will be notified as soon as practicable. Engineering projects that fall outside an aircraft check, the start time and duration of the project will be scheduled and agreed to by both parties prior to starting the project. On-call engineering will be provided as needed. American will respond to such requests with reasonable urgency to resolve the Customer request in a timely manner. Allegiant to provide support information as needed, including but not limited to, the following:
Engineering. City shall set the necessary boundary stakes on the Leased Premises and shall provide any surveys required for the design of the area paving. Any material deviation from the approved Plans and Specification must have prior approval by the Authority (subject to the limitations set forth above) and any required governmental agency.