New Product definition

New Product means a Program that may include, as a component of such product, another Program or a portion thereof, but that has substantial additional features or functionalities that are not Enhancements, Revisions, Versions, rebundling or repackaging of pre-existing Programs, and is priced separately from a pre-existing Program.
New Product means a consumer product which incorporates a design, material or form of energy exchange which has not previously been used substantially in consumer products and as to which there exists a lack of adequate information to determine the quality and safety of such product if used by the consumers.

Examples of New Product in a sentence

  • Warranty Period (a) "Warranty Period": The warranty period commences on the purchase date is shown on the purchase receipt or invoice to be presented by Customer and ending at the day after the end of the Warranty Period for each New Product.

  • IDC Forecasts Shipments of Wearable Devices to Nearly Double by 2021 as Smart Watches and New Product Categories Gain Traction.

  • New Product" means the Synology-branded hardware product and Synology-branded accessories contained in the original packaging Customer bought from an authorized Synology distributor or reseller.

  • Comments on “A New Product Growth for Model Consumer Durables: The Bass Model.” Manage Sci.

  • You may see the Warranty Period for each New Product at Product Support Status.

More Definitions of New Product

New Product means (a) a product that (i) contains XXXXX and (ii) is to be developed by the parties under this Agreement with the goal of achieving the Target Product Profile, or (b) any other product agreed to in writing by the parties to serve as a substitute for the product described in subsection (a) above (in which case the product descried in subsection (a) shall cease to be a “New Product”), in each case including any XXXXX.
New Product means either an entirely new Software product or a major revision of Software released by iGrafx that is consistently designated by iGrafx as a "new product" rather than as an Upgrade. If a question arises as to whether a major revision product offering is an Upgrade or a new product, iGrafx's opinion will prevail, provided that iGrafx treats the major revision product offering the same for its customers generally.
New Product means (i) G2H7 (from and after the date of payment pursuant to Section 7.1(b)(i) of the Collaboration Agreement) and (ii) any Potential New Product for which IDEC has exercised an opt-in pursuant to Section 2.5 of the Collaboration Agreement (from and after the date of payment pursuant to Section 7.1(b)(ii), (iii) or (iv), as applicable, of the Collaboration Agreement). At the time a Potential New Product becomes a New Product, such New Product shall be defined to include [CONFIDENTIAL TREATMENT REQUESTED].
New Product means new malt beverage(s) that CBA wishes to add, through development or acquisition, to its beverage product line existing as of the Commencement Date.
New Product or "New Products" shall mean any product which is not an Enhanced Product or Existing Product but which is substantially similar to an of this Agreement, "New Product" or "New Products" shall mean any product which is not an Enhanced Product or 2 Existing Product but which is substantially similar to an Existing Product with respect to design and function and possesses reasonable performance improvements. If Company desires to purchase an Enhanced or New Product(s) from Supplier, Company shall so notify Supplier and provide Supplier the opportunity to manufacture such Enhanced or New Product(s), subject to the following conditions and procedures.
New Product shall have the meaning set forth in Section 6.11 hereof.