New Product definition

New Product means (a) a product that (i) contains XXXXX and (ii) is to be developed by the parties under this Agreement with the goal of achieving the Target Product Profile, or (b) any other product agreed to in writing by the parties to serve as a substitute for the product described in subsection (a) above (in which case the product descried in subsection (a) shall cease to be a “New Product”), in each case including any XXXXX.
New Product means a Program that may include, as a component of such product, another Program or a portion thereof, but that has substantial additional features or functionalities that are not Enhancements, Revisions, Versions, rebundling or repackaging of pre-existing Programs, and is priced separately from a pre-existing Program.
New Product means a consumer product which incorporates a design, material or form of energy exchange which has not previously been used substantially in consumer products and as to which there exists a lack of adequate information to determine the quality and safety of such product if used by the consumers.

Examples of New Product in a sentence

New product evaluation procedures will include a review of product labels and ingredients; an evaluation of the nutritional value; taste tests and surveys; and any other evaluations to ensure the new product would enhance the program.

New product stewardship programs for these components of HHW will significantly reduce municipal waste management costs by increasing recycling of paint, preventing crime,3 drug abuse and accidental poisonings related to unused drugs, and ensuring appropriate management of toxic wastes.

Benefits derived as a result of above efforts: Increase in production, development of new products and cost reduction. Cost efficiency achieved with improvement in quality. New product introduced for suiting manufacturer.

New product /service development.Production processes, service operations.

New product will be reviewed for conflict minerals conformance during initial qualification.

More Definitions of New Product

New Product means a product that is sold, offered for sale, or installed for the first time and specifically includes floor models and demonstration units;
New Product means new malt beverage(s) that CBA wishes to add, through development or acquisition, to its beverage product line existing as of the Commencement Date.
New Product means either an entirely new Software product or a major revision of Software released by iGrafx that is consistently designated by iGrafx as a "new product" rather than as an Upgrade. If a question arises as to whether a major revision product offering is an Upgrade or a new product, iGrafx's opinion will prevail, provided that iGrafx treats the major revision product offering the same for its customers generally.
New Product means a software product which contains major new features or functionality and which Wink offers to its customers at a separate price, in each case as determined in Wink's sole and reasonable discretion as follows. A New Product shall be designated by a change in the digit or digits to the left of the decimal point in the version number.
New Product means a product made using a Licensed Process but excluding Licensed Products.
New Product means a product that:
New Product means a specified product which was not used, sold, or distributed in the state before July 2, 1998, or which has been reformulated so that it contains more of a listed metal.